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Welcome Home, Chip & Joanna!

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Image result for Martha Stewart Home Collection

Home collections are just one of many product trends these days.  Whether it is sets of plates or bedding sheets, people enjoy purchasing home products from notable brands.  Some brands are basing their strategy around a particular celebrity.  For example, Martha Stewart collaborated with Macy’s to launch her Martha Stewart Home Collection for her audience.  The audiences that enjoy watching Martha Stewart will follow her brand and that includes purchasing goods from the Martha Stewart Home Collection catalog.

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But it isn’t just Macy’s that is collaborating with celebrities for product launches.  Businesses such as Walmart, Home Depot, Petco Store, Kmart, and even Target are working alongside with celebrities for their marketing strategy.  This marketing tactic is useful for two reasons – one is that it raises more awareness of the brands and two is that it increases their daily profits.  What’s also interesting about this strategy is how the two types of brands are flourishing in the long run (Martha Stewart’s collection brings awareness and raises profits for Macy’s and vice-versa!).  Martha Stewart is helping to bring more attention towards Macy’s department stores while Macy’s is drawing consumer’s attention towards Stewart’s brand.

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Image result for Department Store Closing

It’s this kind of idea that help department stores thrive in the 21st century.  Department stores are losing hundreds of thousands of dollars and most brands are losing their business to the point where they have to declare bankruptcy.  With more consumers of the millennial generation shopping online and as retail shopping becomes an idea of the past, department stores are scouting for any game plan to drive in more business.  Target’s newest marketing strategy involves two celebrities from HGTV.

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Fixer-Upper stars Chip and Joanna Gaines are collaborating with Target to launch their new product line called Hearth & Hand with Magnolia.  The and Hearth & Hand collection will feature over 300 products designed by the home-flipping duo.  Some notable items featured include tables, gifts, pitchers, vases, and other common household items.  Chip and Joanna’s newest home collection will release on November 5th.

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Image result for HGTV Fixer-Upper

Image result for HGTV Fixer-Upper

Chip and Joanna Gaines star in HGTV’s Fixer-Upper, a real-estate series where the duo ‘flip’ undesired homes into beautiful pieces of art.  Joanna acts as lead designer of the process while Chip manages the realty and construction aspect of the company.  With their powers combined, Chip and Joanna salvage undesired homes and showcasing them as how they always intended to be.  These flips help revitalize whole neighborhoods within the area.  The duo operates under their company Magnolia Homes, a design and remodeling business in Waco, Texas.

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Hearth & Hand with Magnolia is another perfect case study where celebrities are utilized to further the company’s business agenda.  Target is driving more consumers into their stores by working alongside with Chip and Joanna Gaines to create a profitable home collection.  This home collection will definitely be more affordable (especially for millennials!) than their competitors are offering.

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I thought this HGTV+Target home collection collaboration was a fantastic idea!  I always liked the concept of businesses working with celebrities about endorsement deals.  Celebrities bring about tons of attention from the audience and they can certainly steer them towards another particular brand.  Target is definitely on the right path as far as driving more business goes.

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While I don’t watch Fixer-Upper too much, I do think Target is working with an intriguing marketing strategy for their business.  Consumers are much more different now than they were in the 20th century now that social media came into play.  Social media sites introduced consumers into a whole new way of conducting business.  For example, the concept of delivery services only applied to pizza places; nowadays, you can get all kinds of products delivered right to your door (including cannabis!).

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We’ve entered the digital age, with the brick-and-mortar concept slowly dying off.  Retail shopping is becoming a thing of the past and department stores are now being replaced by online sites.  It’s marketing strategies like Target’s collaboration with HGTV that shine the light of hope for the brick-and-mortar concept in this digital world.


Bong Appetit’s Toasted Touchdown

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One of my favorite things about the fall are the football Sunday events I do with my family.  I love hanging out with my family to watch the Patriots while snacking on wings, chips, potato skins, and other tasty game day snacks.  Nothing like spending your day off watching your favorite football team in action!

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After seeing the Patriots win against the Saints, it occurred to me that I haven’t checked out the season premiere of Bong Appetit!  With that in mind, I clicked right onto the On-Demand section for the episode titled ‘Ganja Game Day’.  I sat through the season premiere and…WOW.  What a ‘ganja game day’ indeed!




This special episode featured typical game day appetizers infused with the finest cannabis products.  The menu featured Gochujang-whiskey glazed chicken wings, sweet potato skins, and peanut-butter chocolate footballs (all infused with cannabis, of course!).  Definitely a great way to kick-off another baked meal during the beginning of football season!





The guests included NFL pros Todd Herremans (Philadelphia Eagles), Eugene Monroe (Jacksonville Jaguars & Baltimore Ravens), and Eben Britton (Jacksonville Jaguars & Chicago Bears).  All players are currently retired and are now playing their part in the expanding cannabis industry.  Does the name ‘Eugene Monroe’ sound familiar to any Viceland fans?  It should, because Monroe appeared in season 2 episode 2 of Weediquette titled ‘Gridiron Ganja’!  Monroe returns to the silver screen advocating for cannabis use yet again, but this time he joins other NFL players as they munch through cannabis-infused appetizers.


What made the episode so intriguing (other than the delicious appetizers!) was the strong advocacy for medical cannabis.  Three former NFL players from various teams joined together in one house to discuss medical cannabis use among other players.  Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, also known as CTE, is the controversial topic flying around the sports community.  With more retirees being diagnosed with CTE every year, there is a growing amount of scrutiny behind the disease.  There are no final results written up about how to combat this illness, but cannabis advocates like Todd or Eugene are out to prove that cannabis provides better treatment.

Who knew it took three retired NFL players to come together under the Bong Appetit house to discuss CTE?  Whatever the case may be, it’s something that needs to be talked about more as the years go on.




After enjoying some cannabis-infused game day appetizers, the boys lit up a ‘super bowl’ for some after-dinner entertainment (the NFL pros deserve the SUPER BOWL for working so hard to try to make it to the Super Bowl!).  It was quite a ‘super bowl’ that lit up, with tons of cannabis packed onto the pipe.  The ‘Super Bowl’ was the perfect ending to a special football-themed episode of Bong Appetit.

That was just only the first episode of the newest season.  Check back each Thursday night at 10:30 PM to see what the Bong Appetit crew has in stores next.

2017 Emmy Awards!

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Afternoon folks!  Another weekend flew by in the middle of September with Autumn starting in just FOUR days.  I certainly enjoyed munching on game day appetizers while watching the Pats kick ass yesterday (36-20 baby!).  Other than watching my favorite football team, I also checked out the 69th Prime-time Emmy Awards.

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Image result for 69th primetime emmy awards

Ah yes, the Primetime Emmy Awards – a glitzy and glamorous night celebrating the very best in television.  It’s the one night where all the trending series battle it out for the Emmy Award.  27 categories were featured in last night’s event, with awards ranging from outstanding writing to outstanding lead actor.

Here were some of the major winners of the 69th Primetime Emmy Awards:

The Handmaid’s Tale

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Image result for 69th primetime emmy awards Elisabeth Moss

Image result for 69th primetime emmy awards Elisabeth Moss

Racking up five Emmy wins was Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale.  Elizabeth Moss (Peggy Olson in Mad Men!) won for lead actress in a drama series while Ann Dowd won for supporting actress for her role as Aunt Lydia.  Not only did The Handmaid’s Tale win awards for outstanding writing and directing for a drama series, but it also won for overall drama series as well.  It’s interesting to note that The Handmaid’s Tale was on Hulu, a popular streaming service among television viewers.  Hulu is one of few streaming services that is slowly dominating the list of Emmy nominations.

Big Little Lies

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Image result for 69th primetime emmy awards Big Little Lies

Another major winner was HBO’s Big Little Lies.  The limited series dominated their competition with five Emmy wins (even beating Feud: Betty and Joan, which racked up ten Emmy nominations!).  Nicole Kidman and Laura Dern took home awards for their roles as well as Alexander Skarsgård for lead actor.  HBO’s newest show even took home the award for outstanding limited series.  Even as streaming services like Netflix continue to climb up the ladder, HBO continues to be the most dominating network to win the most awards.

Feud: Betty and Joan

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Image result for feud bette and joan gif

Even though Feud: Betty and Joan didn’t take home any awards this year, it’s interesting to point out that the limited series received ten nominations.  FX series did take home Emmys in the past (for American Horror Story and American Crime Story: The People vs. O.J. Simpson), but they were up against some heavy hitters up there.  Hopefully Ryan Murphy’s next series will stand out more towards its competition for the next award show.

Black Mirror: San Junipero

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Image result for netflix black mirror san junipero

Going back to the subject of streaming services, Netflix snagged some Emmys as well.  The fourth episode of Black Mirror titled ‘San Junipero’ won two awards – outstanding writing for a limited series and outstanding television movie.  As dark as Black Mirror can be, ‘San Junipero’ was one of the more optimistic episodes that featured a beautiful love story between Yorkie and Kelly.  It was one of the most praised episodes of the season and now it took home Emmy awards.  This is just another instance where streaming services (Netflix, Amazon, Hulu) are dominating the list.

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That’s the highlight for some of the biggest winners/nominations for the 69th Primetime Emmy Awards.  Netflix and Hulu are gaining more recognition for their popular series, yet primetime networks like HBO continue to dominate the competition.  We’ll definitely have to keep watch of what surprises the streaming services have in store for us next year.

Who knows, Netflix and Hulu could become the dominating TV networks in the future!

Death Note(Anime) Vs. Death Note(Film)

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Netflix released some crazy-good TV series as well as some interesting flicks to check out.  A lot of movies, both old and new, pop up in the digital slot within the Netflix library.  I’ve already seen most of these movies before and it’s hard to keep up with the new indie flicks that come up (most of them were INTERESTING, to say the least!).

Image result for Netflix Death Note

Image result for Netflix Death Note

A lot of movies seemed to be a miss for me, but there was one film that I was on the fence about for a while.  Based off the infamous manga series, Netflix released a live action film of Death Note.

Image result for Death Note

Image result for Death Note

Before I start this review, I have to admit that I didn’t know what to expect with this film.  I absolutely LOVED the Death Note anime series, so hearing of a live-action film idea made me wince in pain.  Death Note was one of few anime I watched over and over because it was just so brilliantly done.  Last night I decided to check it out (with a perfect ramen dish I made for dinner!).

Image result for Death Note

Image result for Death Note

Selecting this film, I thought this would actually be somewhat decent…but WOW…it was just that ridiculous from start to finish.  I laughed, I winced in pain, I rolled my eyes, and I even face-palmed through this embarrassment of a live-action film.  Death Note fans should definitely avoid checking out this movie.  No amount of Blue Kush helped me enjoy this nightmare of a god-awful live adaptation stemming from one of my favorite anime of all time.

Now that I stopped cringing, it’s time to discuss what’s so horrid about the Death Note film:

Severed Storyline

Image result for Death Note Light Yagami

Image result for Death Note Light Yagami

Image result for Death Note Light vs L

Let’s start with the storylines: The Death Note anime revolves around Light Yagami, a brilliant high school student who discovers the Death Note.  He picks up the notebook from the Shinigami Ryuk who explains that any name written on the notebook shall die.  All the user needs are a name and face in mind for the person.  Light Yagami attempts to create a world where he cleanses all the evil off of the earth, acting as a ‘God’ while using the notebook.  His god-like plans are continually thwarted by L, igniting a psychological cat-and-mouse game with his adversary.

Image result for Death Note Light Turner

Image result for Death Note Light Turner

Now here’s the movie’s plot – Light Turner discovers a notebook from the Shinigami Ryuk, who bullys him into writing a name on the notebook.  After experimenting with a few criminals (most importantly, the man who killed his mother), he teams up with classmate Mia Sutton to rid the world of evil.  The duo team up in this vengeful scheme when L comes into the picture.

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Image result for death Note Light Turner

So yeah, the storyline completely differs from the original manga series.  Rather than stick with the same storyline, they changed it around to become some vengeful romance story between Light and Mia.  I do give them credit for how Ryuk came out in the film.  Either way, it doesn’t work at all and turns the audience off from the film.  Death Note has a beautiful psychological thriller concept and there was barely any advanced psychological tactics featured.  They didn’t even showcase the notorious potato chip scene (out of ALL of best scenes, they don’t even have the freakin potato-chip montage!).

            Light Turner/Light Yagami

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Image result for death note evil Light gif

Light Yagami is a gifted high-school student who was bored with his normal life.  He utilized the Death Note to create this whole new life free of crime.  His madness progressed throughout each episode as he climbs higher and higher into his ultimate goal.

Image result for death Note Light Turner

Image result for death Note Light Turner

On the other hand, Light Turner was this whiny high school douchebag that had no clue how to strategize his plan.  Light kept looking for ways out, freaked out about the number of rules featured within the Death Note, and pretty much couldn’t handle the pressure at all.  He was not gifted at all nor was he successful with his so-called vengeance.

It’s safe to say that Light Yagami was a lot more interesting to watch than Light Turner.  Turner has NOTHING on Yagami!

            L as Antagonist

Image result for death Note L gif

Image result for death Note L gif

Within the anime series, L is one of the smartest detectives around who has many strange quirks (eating lots of candy, squatting).  He is a very logical person that analyzes many aspects of his cases.  L is very cautious about how he approaches Light, keeping his enemy close in his mind games.

Image result for death Note film 2017 L

Image result for death Note film 2017 L

In the film, L is sloppy in his detective work.  He doesn’t keep his emotions intact and acts in a hasty fashion when things go wrong.  It’s gets so sloppy that he starts chasing after Light with his gun (FYI, L doesn’t EVER use guns in the anime!).

Image result for death Note L

Image result for death Note L 2017

Between the two, L in the anime series was a much better antagonist to watch.  The other L was just an humiliating imposter that acted way too quickly on his impulses.  It was just sad to see this dumbed-down version of L presented to the audience (as a matter of fact, ALL of the characters were dumbed down in the live-action film version!).

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Image result for death Note Anime

            At this point, I can conclude that this film is definitely worth avoiding.  This water-down version was so humiliating to watch that I cringed almost every minute of the film.  A severed storyline and characters dumbed-down to become almost idiotic made Death Note a serious miss for me.  If anything, I would definitely re-watch the Death Note anime.  This beautifully-crafted psychological thriller anime featured one of the best cat-and-mouse mind games I ever had the pleasure of watching.

Image result for death Note Light

And with that, just skip the Death Note live-action film and watch the original Death Note anime series instead.

AHS Season 7 Episode 1

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Happy Wednesday!  It’s the first full week of September and the new TV series and seasons are making their splash on the silver screen.  This may be the first full week of September, but that’s not the only amazing thing that happened.  Last night FX premiered the seventh season of – wait for it – AMERICAN HORROR STORY!

Image result for AHS Cult

Image result for AHS Cult

Ah yes, American Horror Story — my all-time favorite horror series on TV.  Even with many nights flipping through shows on Netflix, I still turn on the cable network to watch the latest episode of the anthology series.  Every twist and turns that chapter provides has me on the edge of my seat.  It’s the perfect combination of horror, darkness, shock, and even downright bizarre.

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Image result for AHS Cult

Last year I cranked out various posts showcasing what’s occurring on American Horror Story: Roanoke.  Since I enjoyed the idea so much, I decided to bring back this event this year.  Get ready for a whole new year of American Horror Story craziness!


Let’s start with the list of cast and characters that will be featured this season:


  • Evan Peters as Kai Anderson
  • Sarah Paulson as Ally Mayfair-Richards
  • Billie Lourd as Winter Anderson
  • Cheyenne Jackson as Dr. Rudy Vincent
  • Alison Pill as Ivy Mayfair-Richards


  • Adina Porter as Beverly Hope
  • Colton Haynes as Detective Samuels
  • Leslie Grossman as Meadow Wilton
  • Billy Eichner as Harrison Wilton
  • Emma Roberts as Serina Belinda
  • Lena Dunham as Valerie Solanas
  • Chaz Bono as Gary Longstreet
  • John Carroll Lynch as Twisty the Clown (TWISTY’S BACK!)


Introduction Scene

Image result for Hillary and Donald Trump Campaign

Image result for AHS Cult

Image result for AHS Cult

Image result for AHS Cult Winter

We start with scenes from Hillary and Trump’s election campaign (taken from REAL news fottage).  Newsclips, footage of protests, and other discussions flickered around for a few seconds until it faded to the series title screen.  Kai Anderson (Evan Peter’s character is the energetic Trump supporter while Ally Mayfair-Richards (Sarah Paulson) supports Hillary.  It gets even more freaky when Evan spreads cheese dust over his face, resembling a bizarre Trump copycat.

Twisty the Clown

Image result for Twisty the Clown GIF

Image result for Twisty the Clown Comic

Twisty the Clown is BACK… in a comic book series, that is!  A reenactment of the scene from American Horror Story: Freakshow is played out in a modern version.  The couple encounter the clown, only for the guy to get beaten by Twisty.  While running from the clown, the woman runs into an old rusty bus in the woods (same one from Freak Show!).  We find out in a bit that Twisty was made into a comic book series.  This scene also introduces us to Ally’s phobia of clowns.  Ally sees a therapist to help shed her irrational fears (FUN FACT: The doctor is played by Cheyenne Jackson, a AHS veteran who appeared on American Horror Story: Hotel and American Horror Story: Roanoke).

Clown Chaos in the Supermarket

Image result for AHS Cult Ally

Image result for AHS Cult Winter

Ally enters the supermarket for what would become one trippy scene.  It starts with two clown children appearing in the mirror.  She wanders away, only to run into two clowns doing it (clowns are creepy enough, but two horror clowns dry humping is DISTURBING!).  Multiple clowns surround Ally while she runs into her car, where another clown awaited her.  We find out after commercial (in true AHS fashion) that it was all a horrific hallucination.

Winter’s Babysitting Interview

Image result for AHS Cult Winter

Winter Anderson (Kai’s brother) is interviewed by Ally and Ivy about babysitting their kid.  It isn’t until a few minutes later that Winter is introducing their kid to some of the most horrific content featured on the dark web.  She mentions that it is like taking a vaccination whereas you watch what scares you the most in order to feel less afraid.

Kai’s Shenanigans

Image result for AHS Cult Kai

While everyone is shrouded in fear over the election, Kai is out on his regular shenanigans.  He is slobbering drunk, looking to cause more trouble amongst the Trump opponents.  His latest scheme involves pissing in a condom and launching into a group of Mexicans, only to be beaten up by the gang (while someone filmed the whole event).

Restaurant Hallucinations (More Clowns!)

Image result for AHS Ally and Ivy

Image result for Irregular holes gif

More bizarre hallucinations appear when Ally is having her meal.  She opens up the dinner plate only to see her food filled holes (which triggered her trypophobia, her fear of irregular holes).  As she looks away, she finds another creepy clown casually beating it in the kitchen.  These hallucinations are building up to a point where Ally is going insane.

Clown Burglary

Image result for AHS Cult Clowns

Image result for AHS Cult Clowns

Ivy and Ally’s son Oz notices an ice cream truck parked across the street.  The clowns exit from the ice cream truck and break into Tom and Marilyn Chang’s house.  Oz peaks at the windows only to see the Changs being murdered by the clown gang.  After some words with the detective (played by AHS rookie Colton Haynes), Ally turns around in her bed only to run right into the clown with the four-faced mask.