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Longplay Video List

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There are a lot of unique categories of videos to choose from around YouTube videos.  Entertainment reviews, how-tos, and music playlists are just a few of many types of videos I watch on a weekly basis.  Whether I just want to kill a little bit of time or have something on when doing writing work, I can always find an assortment of videos on YouTube.

Lately I have been getting into a new subcategory of YouTube videos out on the internet.  They have become my new favorite types of videos to watch every so often.  It takes one of my favorite hobbies and augments the experience even further.  I am talking about… Longplay videos.

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A longplay video features a video game being entirely played out to the very end.  Each video showcases the player going through every and any aspect of the game for 100% completion.  Every objective, item, and bonuses are collected throughout the game with barely any mistakes made.  The longplay video is a smooth sailing throughout the entire journey of the game; it is opposite of a speedrun video where the player beats the game as fast as they can.

This year I have watched through great longplays featuring some of my favorite games from childhood.  Here are a few great longplay videos I watched through:

Super Mario All-Stars

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The first longplay video I watched was from one of my favorite video games of all time, Super Mario All-StarsSuper Mario All-Stars was an all-in-one bundle featuring Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, Super Mario Bros. 2, and Super Mario Bros. 3.  The longplay clocks in at over four hours and fifteen minutes, going through each game.  It was nostalgic and heartwarming to watch one of my favorite childhood classics being played out to the fullest.  

Paper Mario

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Next longplay on the list was Paper MarioPaper Mario was a CLASSIC staple for the N64, being one of the best Mario games around.  I have certainly beaten this game multiple times, but it was great to discover the hidden treasures I missed beforehand.  This longplay clocks at over nineteen hours and eleven minutes showcasing every battle, bosses, badges, star pieces, quiz shows, recipes, letters, and any other small tasks were deemed necessary in the game.  While it was one of longest longplays I have ever been through so far, it certainly was quite the trip down memory lane.

Donkey Kong Country

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It was time to move away from Mario and into Donkey Kong with Donkey Kong CountryDonkey Kong Country was one of the first (and greatest) games of the Donkey Kong series.  Donkey and Diddy battle through baddies in order to fight K. Rool.  This was one of the shorter longplays of the game itself, clocking itself at over an hour and fifty-one minutes.  I have personally beaten this game more times than I can count, but it certainly was enjoyable to watch it played out this way.

Donkey Kong 64

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Last, but not least, is Donkey Kong 64.  Donkey Kong 64 was one of the best 3-D platformers I played for the N64.  Donkey, Diddy, Tiny, Lanky, and Chunky band together to defeat King K. Rool.  Currently I have started a little over an hour of this longplay that is over thirteen hours.  Even after just one hour alone, I have already been enjoying this longplay so far.

Those were some longplays I have watched over the past months on YouTube.  They may be long (some VERY long), but they are definitely worth the nostalgia trip.  Longplay videos are worth checking out if you want something casual to watch.


Quid pro quo Philosophic Passage

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This week’s biggest life lesson was about quid pro quo, the infamous Latin phrase meaning ‘something for something’.  We have seen this business tactic popping up in two intriguing instances.  The first was through Sonic the Hedgehog’s PR nightmare over that laughable new live-animation for his new movie.  A day later, the strategy was found through Mondelēz’s announcement of CBD-infused cookies and snacks.

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Both parties heard what their audiences want in these ever-changing times.  They want a better design of Sonic the Hedgehog.  CBD-infused cookies and snacks made from one of the most popular food brands in the nation.  The audience asks the for the favor to make these ideas happen.

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That right there is the quid.  The businesses create the pro quo – something in exchange for something particular to happen.  Animators will work even harder to fine tune Sonic the Hedgehog before his movie releases in November.  In return, those audiences should watch Sonic the Hedgehog when it comes out.

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Circling back to the CBD cookies and snacks, Mondelēz will perform their own quid pro quo deals with their audiences as well.  They create their line of CBD-infused products for them; in exchange, they buy such cookies and snacks as well as communicate with their close ones about how amazing they are.

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While the two sources of entertainment may be different in various ways, the quid pro quo scenario are very similar.  Both required help from their audience to keep operations running smoothly.  They do this through meeting important demands from their audiences, no matter how preposterous or superficial the criticism becomes.

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Quid pro quo.  Something for something.  Nothing cannot be merely done without the exchange happening in return.

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It’s connections like these that strings this blog along other distinctive, philosophical topics.  The scenarios played out this week serve as great examples for the simplistic, yet deep marketing tactic that is easy to follow.  All of this is just part of the amazing journey here at MakeSandcastlesNotWar.

Sonic the Hedgehog’s Classic Movie Makeover

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Truth be told, I am a fan of video games that are adapted into a movie.  Video games like Super Mario Bros, Tomb Raider, Street Fighter, and Mortal Kombat are just a few video game-adapted films I have seen as a kid over the years.  As badly as some of them were made (and they REALLY were that bad), I still appreciate the concept even happening.

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Hollywood utilizes concepts from all sorts of media, including video games, for their niche audiences.  Various franchise video game series become either a TV series or movie to drive brands even further.  Even in 2019, famous video game characters reappear on both the silver and big screen here in America.

One of those characters will be featured in its own film this fall.  Interestingly enough, he is entangled in his own PR nightmare months before the movie is even released.  Today’s PR nightmare is none other than SEGA’s Sonic the Hedgehog.

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Sonic the Hedgehog will be featured in his own live-action film titled Sonic the Hedgehog.  The trailer dropped earlier last week, gaining shocking criticisms from gamers nationwide.  One of the biggest jaw-droppers was the look of Sonic the Hedgehog himself.

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Whatever this…THING is, it did NOT look like Sonic the Hedgehog.  Ladies and gentlemen, THIS is Sonic the Hedgehog:

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It is then that Sonic the Hedgehog is now entrapped in his own PR nightmare.  The beloved SEGA mascot got a bad makeover for his live-action film and audiences really aren’t happy about it.  Sonic the Hedgehog was a classic mascot for 90s gamers alike; like Mario was to Nintendo, Sonic was the quintessential character for SEGA in the early years of gaming.

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Image result for sonic the hedgehog Movie tweet

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But in a true MakeSandcastlesNotWar first, this PR nightmare is already due to being fixed.  A few days later, Sonic the Hedgehog director Jeff Fowler tweeted to the fans about immediate changes being made to Sonic himself.  The trailer dropped less than a week ago and Sonic is now getting yet another makeover.

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And just like that, a PR nightmare will turn into a PR miracle.  Sonic the Hedgehog will be freshly tuned up for his newest films.  Audiences spoke loud and clear that changes were to be made for Sonic the Hedgehog.

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While I wasn’t the biggest Sonic the Hedgehog fan (being that I was team Nintendo!), I definitely appreciate the PR miracle happening.  As a true 90s gamer, I would want the franchise films to utilize the original designs rather than rejuvenate it with a modern makeover.  Mario should always have his plumber outfit, mustache, and be fighting Bowser to rescue Princess Toadstool.  Anything even remotely out of the ordinary won’t make it work at all.

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With that, Sonic the Hedgehog will be getting made over to his traditional form.  His new transformation should be ready for when the film releases on November.

Kraft’s Preventable PR Nightmare Explosion

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Happy Monday everybody!  I hope you all had an amazing weekend with some good cannabis on 4/20 (#420BlAzEiT) and a wonderful Easter celebration.  Two amazing holidays fell under one weekend here in April.  In the end, 4/20 was my favorite holiday this past weekend.

Now that the weekend of holidays is over, we are back into the real world with another week of topics.  For today, we have familiar PR nightmare that has only taken a turn for the worse.  Our returning star for today’s PR nightmare is none other than New England Patriots CEO Robert Kraft.

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If you remembered earlier this year, Robert Kraft was one of the dozens of people arrested in Florida for ties to a prostitution ring happening at a massage parlor.  This bizarre scandal happened at Orchids of Asia Day Spa at Juniper, Florida.  He ended up pleading not guilty on his counts, denying that he did anything illegal.

This PR nightmare happened mere months ago.  And folks, it only just got worse from there… MUCH worse.

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Kraft’s recent act was caught on video and was shipped around various media outlets.  There are even plans for the video to be released in public.

First the PR nightmare happened at the massage parlor in Juniper, Florida.  Now that nightmare was recently caught on video.  In this digital age, the thirst for that information has never been stronger.

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Robert Kraft will have to work with his best legal team to prevent the video from spreading.  Releasing the video would cause serious damage.  In this case, that small spark has to be stopped before it reaches gunpowder anytime soon.  One touch of it and you got yourself a PR Nightmare Explosion (#PRNightmareExplosion).

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As sophisticated as our technology becomes, our laws have become even more modernized for cases like this.  There are ways around preventing private videos from being leaked.  Simply stating the nature of how shocking and inappropriate it would be for one to release such video could be the key to prevent it from happening.  Kraft will have to pull a few tricks with his lawyers to keep this from getting any worse.

With that, Robert Kraft has a lot of strategizing to do in order to keep this PR Nightmare Explosion from happening.  Hopefully the video won’t see the light of day through mainstream media.

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All we need is to prevent the spark from reaching the gunpowder so that the PR Nightmare Explosion doesn’t happen.

Hot Cross Buns on Recorder Meme

I don’t usually create a post centered around one specific meme around the internet.  There is an overwhelming number of memes all around that it is tough to find one worthy of writing about.  But every now and then, I will stumble onto one that just hits the nail right on the head.

Funny Recorder Meme

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Earlier last week I found a hilarious tweet from @whatsupboosh that got me feeling nostalgic about elementary school.  The meme poked fun at the recorder, a small flute device used for making music.  To me, learning the recorder was one of the most useless instrumental lessons I was ever taught about in elementary school.  Better yet, it was one of the most unnecessary pieces of information I ever needed in life.

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Taxes?  Yeah, I still don’t have that down yet.  Credit Score?  Haven’t even gotten that far for that.  Choosing the right healthcare plan? Just… NOPE.  But hey, thank god I know how to play HOT CROSS BUNS on the recorder.

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Ah yes, hot cross buns on a recorder.  One of the most basic and preposterous musical lessons I learned as a kid.  Forget about jamming out on an electric guitar or hitting the drum set.  Learning hot cross buns on the recorder was apparently THE quintessential life lesson every kid in elementary school needed before moving into the real world.

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At this point, I am not close to the point of being an adult.  Taxes are still a mystery to me, I don’t know what a good credit score looks like, and I don’t know which healthcare plan is right for me.  Not to worry though – I know I have the skills necessary for the real world because I know how to play HOT CROSS BUNS on a RECORDER.

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So what exactly did we learn from this humorous tweet?  Nothing about taxes, credit scores, or healthcare plans whatsoever.  You can thank our glorious educational system for teaching young adults (like this aspiring writer right here!) to play HOT CROSS BUNS on a RECORDER during elementary school.

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If you ask me about credit scores, taxes, or anything related to healthcare plans, I will have no answers for you.  All I can offer you is a peaceful serenade of HOT CROSS BUNS on a RECORDER.