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Gravitating Gravity Blankets!

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Every now and then I run into some unique products that provide some surprising benefits.  Products such as the Himalayan Salt Lamp or meditation app help consumers relieve the daily stress and anxiety they feel every once in a while.  In this rapid and chaotic age of technology, many people are feeling more stressed than ever.  This stress can cause problems with sleep, eating habits, work, social well-being, and overall health.

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Sleep is one of the most important tasks of our biological agenda.  Getting enough shuteye is key to making the most out of your day.  Losing even a few hours and your day is sure to go sour due to a lack of energy.  A good bed, some comfy pillows, and a warm blanket will help put you into a good rest.  If the typical bedding products haven’t been getting you to sleep well, then there’s always…The Gravity Blanket.

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The Gravity Blanket is a revolutionary weighted blanket aimed at helping with stress, anxiety, AND sleep.  It started as a Kickstarter idea back in April 26th and reached its financial goal in just one month (over 23,000 pledges donated over $4.7 million so far!).  Entrepreneur John Fiorentino initiated the project and his work has been featured in businesses like Mashable, Fast Company, Elle, Yahoo! Health, and many other media channels.

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Here’s the science – the Gravity Blanket is known as a weighted blanket, a special type of blanket that’s engineered to be 7-12% of your body weight.  This aspect relaxes the nervous system through simulating the feeling of being held or hugged (FREE HUGS!).  Wrapping this warm blanket will help increase melatonin and serotonin levels while also decreasing levels of cortisol.  Increasing both melatonin and serotonin are key ingredients for improving your overall mood as well as promoting a restful sleep.

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Better sleep is the main USP (unique selling product) for the Gravity Blanket.  Gravity will minimize any body movement so you will fall into a deeper REM cycle much easier.  With the perfect combination of ultra-soft microfiber and weighted feel, you’ll be sure to fall right to sleep instantly.

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But the science doesn’t stop there!  Gravity utilizes the power of proprioceptive input (also known as ‘deep touch pressure stimulation’), a beneficial therapeutic method where you stimulate pressure points on the body.  These pressure points are linked to improve sleep, relaxation, and even mood.  Initiating these pressure points will reduce cortisol levels and produce more serotonin.

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Gravity Blankets won’t be shipping out until January 2018, but you can still get your pre-order in today.  If you’re looking for a warm blanket with amazing therapeutic effects, the Gravity Blanket is something you should look into.  You can wrap yourself into a deeper sleep with the comforting Gravity Blanket.

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This is really neat stress-combating product idea!  It reinvents the idea of a warm blanket by adding comforting pressure points that help you fall into a deeper sleep.  The therapeutic effects weren’t what threw me into learning about this product, but rather, how they were incorporated with a blanket to make it weighted.  Turning the blanket into a weighted blanket makes the product that much more enjoyable and desirable as well.

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In the end, the Gravity Blanket is a perfect case where a common product (a blanket, in this case!) was rejuvenated with fresh ideas to create something truly amazing.  The wheel was being reinvented, redesigned to take a unique shape to form some other purpose.  This should be a way of how we look at products or services.  Searching for original ideas means going back to the drawing board and understanding what made them so incredible in the first place.

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That’s why the Gravity Blanket knocked it out of the park as a unique product.  It was redesigned with some more benefits for the consumer to enjoy.  Who knows what other product will be cooked up in the near future.  Hopefully it will help combat the daily stress and anxiety we go through in life.


Harvey’s Horrendous PR Nightmare

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Hollywood is no stranger to PR nightmares.  Whether it’s a box office blunder or another celebrity partying too hard, PR nightmares are sure to swivel around Tinseltown.  PR pros love a good PR nightmare to work with, especially in the entertainment capital of the world (I’ll say this again – there’s NO such thing as bad publicity!).

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We all enjoy checking out the latest in movies, music, tv shows, fashion and even literature; but it’s the scandals hiding beneath the curtains that make the show that much more spectacular.  As social media’s popularity grows, the thirst for juicy scandals become much more desirable.  There’s one PR nightmare stemming from a man who co-created a movie company known for producing some of the best independent films to date.  Get ready, folks – this is the PR nightmare of Harvey Weinstein.

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Harvey Weinstein was born in New York City on March 19th, 1952.  He’s most known as the co-founder of Miramax, a subsidiary film and television company founded in Buffalo, New York.  Miramax is known for producing some of the hottest independent films such as Clerks, Sex, Lies, and Videotapes, Pulp Fiction, and The Crying Game.  What’s interesting to point out is that their television production division (Miramax Television) produced series like Project Runway and Clerks.

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All the scenes were set smoothly for Harvey Weinstein…that is, until the PR nightmare began.  In the beginning of October, The New Yorker and The New York Times reported that a dozen of women accused Weinstein of sexual harassment, assault, and even rape.  Many of these women reported having similar experiences with Weinstein, in which he denied all of these accusations.  Due to the results of the accusations, Weinstein was fired from his own production company.

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But the PR nightmare was JUST getting started for Harvey.  His wife, English fashion designer and actress Georgina Chapman, left him once the accusations started.  Not only was he fired from his own company, but he was also expelled from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.  Many leading politicians he supported started denouncing him.  This horrific PR nightmare was only getting worse each day.  It only took one match to engulf his reputation into flames.

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Even while writing about this particular piece, Harvey’s PR nightmare is only drudging along ever so slowly.  His wife, political supporters, and even his own company are out of his grasp.  Hollywood is a small town where everyone hears through the mounting grape vine.  It only takes one small vine to connect with its other branches in order to ignite a PR nightmare.

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That is the tragic PR tale of Harvey Weinstein and his entertainment career.  The cat is already out of the bag (and continues to be out as well), so there’s very little damage control that can be done at this point.  Only strategic PR move would be to roll with the punches.  Word has already gone out, so only time will heal this reputational wound.

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Rather than dwell on the horrors of the accusation, we should take this as a lesson in the muddy world of Public Relations.  Secrets will be shocking to hear, especially if you’re higher up on the totem pole.  The higher you climb up, the harder you will fall.  These scandalous sexual accusations will only plunge Harvey down further into his nightmare.

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Sometimes the scariest event is not so much the monster, but the leading events that happen once the monster is caught.

Schitt’s Creek’s David Rose = WIN

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Last night I finished another glorious season of Schitt’s Creek on Netflix.  This hysterical Canadian sitcom series was created by Eugene and Daniel Levy and follows the Rose family as they are forced to rebuild their new lives in a small town called Schitt’s Creek.  Johnny, Moira, Alexis, and David cross paths with hilarious problems after their lives are turned upside-down.

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Image result for Schitt's Creek

It’s a great comedic series from Canada revolving around a dysfunctional family in a rural town.  The family has lots of funny quirks as well as the town’s residences.  While the story-line itself made me chuckle, it was the bubbly cast of characters that really made me laugh my ass off.  After finishing the third season, I must say that David is the best character to watch.

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Image result for Schitt's Creek David

David Rose is everything you need in this series – sarcastic, witty, bold, and colorful.  Even when he isn’t saying some clever remark, his expressions just say it all.  He’s been through some traumatic experiences and isn’t afraid to air out his feelings.  Out of all of the quirky characters in the family, David is the one that shines the most to me.  Here are just a few great reasons why David is so amazing:

Facial Expressions

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Image result for Schitt's Creek David

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When doesn’t have any lines during the scene, his face says it all.  David’s animated facial expressions provide such amazing responses to his crazy life.  You know how they say a picture’s worth a thousand words? his facial expressions are those pictures and they certainly say a lot about what he’s thinking.


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Another reason for why David is so incredible?  His collection of gorgeous sweaters.  David is the king of sweaters in this series.  Most of these sweaters are black, but they make up for their lack of color choice with amazing designs.  I wouldn’t know where to find these sweaters, but I’ll have to search for them around Boston!

Accepting, yet Prideful

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Even while living in the tragic dump that is Schitt’s Creek, David still holds onto his pride (not only his gay pride, but his pride as an overall successful human being!).  David knows his moral compass, so he navigates away from the toxicity within the area.  His new store is running successfully and he believes it will go well in the future.  Kudos for David for not losing his pride of who he is!

These are just some reason for why David Rose is everything you need in Schitt’s Creek.  His lively facial expressions, colorful fashion choices, and strong integrity make him such an amazing character.  The whole family is one dysfunctional-yet-hilarious ensemble of cast, but David is the one I enjoy watching the most.

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You go, David Rose – be your witty, colorful, selfish, intelligent self!

AHS Crazy Clowns Revealed!

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Happy Monday folks!  We’re in the middle of October and all of the scariest horror films/TV series have been airing in honor of Halloween approaching soon.  While I may be out on the prowl within the streets of Boston, I still make time for my favorite horror classic American Horror Story.

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This year’s chapter in the anthropology series revolves around the themes of cults.  Ally is still hysterical over the random clowns and irregular holes that have been driving her insane.  In a classic American Horror Story twist, viewers are shocked and perplexed about her bizarre encounters with the clowns.  Are there really crazy clowns terrifying Ally?  Or could this all be some horrific mirage that is playing inside her mind?  All that we know for sure is that there has been a lot of crazy surprises so far.

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Image result for AHS Cult Gimp

Last week’s episode gave us even more chilling events (I don’t know what was more disturbing – seeing the set-up for the gimp’s death or RJ being shot multiple times by a nail gun!).  But the biggest surprise was revealed in episode five titled ‘Holes’ when we find out who were those crazy killer clowns.  A part of me knew who these killers were while others left me shocked and asking for more information.  Here were most of the clown’s identities revealed:

Trlfaccla Clown

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The first clown on the list was the trlfaccla clown.  This three-faced clown acted as the leader of the cult since horrifying Ally in the supermarket.  It happens to be none other than…Kai!

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That’s right folks – Kai is the trlfaccla clown!  This does seem obvious since Kai’s clown get-up looked the craziest.  He was running the show as himself as well as the stunts he pulled with the clown cult.

Toothy Clown

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Image result for AHS Cult Harrison

Our next clown was the tallest of the group, spotting a wide-open toothy grin and wearing bright green hair.  This tall clown was Harrison, who moved next door with Meadow to Ally and Ivy.  Toothy was the one who murdered Serena, which makes sense since Meadow and Harrison recruited together with Kai to commit the crime.  Not only that, but Harrison was definitely the one under all those holes.

Satanist Clown

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Satanist clown, the one with the face-painted pentagram and hands crawling out of its head, was revealed to be Beverly.  We find out Beverly joins Kai’s group after being passed over for a promotion at work.  Serena Belinda (a.k.a. Emma Roberts!) received the promotion instead, but she gets brutally murdered while filming a segment.  Beverly has shown to be a strong follower in Kai’s ‘Clockwork Orange’ shenanigans (her reference, not mine!).

Painted Face Clown

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Sporting patches of white and grey face paint was Winter, Kai’s son.  We learned that Winter joined Kai’s cult back in episode one and has been babysitting Oz, all while destroying Ally and Kai’s relationship at the same time.  While babysitting Oz, Winter has been showing him horrific content from the dark web.  It’s shocking to find out now that Winter has also been part of the clown cult all along!

Harlequin Clown

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Many were misled on this clown’s identity, but the real person behind the Harlequin clown getup was Beverly’s cameraman R.J.  R.J. helped Beverly with her progress in the news, even joining the clown cult with her.  It makes sense too, being that he helped with Serena’s death during her news segment.  His clowning around is cut short after being shot to death by nail guns from his own crew.

Brainy Clown

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Remember the brainy clown pounding the toothy clown in the produce section back in episode one?  That clown happens to be Detective Jack Samuels.  Detective Jack Samuels had a thing going on with Harrison (which we learned a few episodes ago), so it makes sense that they were the duo getting it on.  I was dying to know who those clowns were, specifically Brainy and Toothy after watching their disturbing dry humping session at the supermarket.

Elephant Clown

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Now it’s time for the BIGGEST surprise of all.  Earlier in the blog, I discussed the elephant drawing that was released on twitter (which you can read about here).  That elephant clown monster happens to be – wait for it — Ally’s girlfriend Ivy.  Ivy, the love of Ally’s life, joined Kai’s cult!  Not only is she betraying her love Ally, but she IS the elephant clown monster!

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What a double whammy moment right here – Ivy is the elephant clown monster that also joined Kai and his gang.  These surprises definitely flipped the script on this twisted storyline.  Just when you thought you figured out the mystery, only to be pulled down into another twist.

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And that’s who your gang of clowns are.  Who knows what other disturbing surprises will pop up in the next episode on Tuesday night.  All we know for sure – Kai’s clown cult will be out for more shenanigans real soon!

Facebooking For Friendly Events!

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Facebook is a great social media site where users can find out what’s happening around their town.  Restaurants, concert venues, schools, aquariums, and even breweries update their schedules for the customers.  Whether it is a live band playing or a new product release, employers log onto social media sites like Facebook to generate buzz about their special occasion.

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Social media has become the dominating form of communications in the 21st century.  More and more audiences are utilizing unique media channels to get their word out.  Some social media sites that people are using include Twitter, LinkedIn, Vine, Snapchat, and others.  Even as more social media channels open up, Facebook continues to be a popular social media site for generating buzz about your event.

Image result for Facebook Event

Image result for Facebook Event

In some cases, the events aren’t necessarily associated with a business or organization.  Some events are organized by users who are looking to do something out of spontaneity.  Anyone can create an event for a specific purpose, which means there’s lots of room for spontaneous activities.

Screenshot (221).png

Screenshot (225).png

Spontaneous events spruce up every week around the city, prompting users to gather to a specific location.  These participants ‘scream like’ a specific character or ‘run like’ their favorite protagonist.  For example, an event titled ‘Scream like Goku’ urges participants to come together to scream like Goku from Dragon Ball Z.  Everyone gathers together at a specific time to start screaming for a few minutes.

Screenshot (222).png

Another related event titled “Screaming Soiled It @ Trump Tower” urges participants to gather around Trump Tower to scream ‘soiled it’ over and over.  Fans of Nickelodeon’s Spongebob Squarepants would recognize the line from the episode titled ‘The Algae’s Always Greener’ on season three.  Any Spongebob Squarepants fans (or fans of the popular meme for that matter!) would definitely be interested in meeting up in Trump Tower.

Screenshot (223).png

Image result for Flash Mob gif

Image result for Flash Mob gif

As silly as some of these events are, its intriguing to see how these events are bringing people together.  Ideas like Flash Mobs draw people into one fantastic event where everyone stops what they are doing and get into a dance routine.  Rather than isolate people any further, these events are drawing strangers into one friendly event.  Those strangers you met up with at the spontaneous event could be the new BFF in your life.  In a time where social media becomes the trending media norm in the 21st century, people are utilizing creative ways to connect with each other through events where they scream like their favorite character.

Screenshot (227).png

Screenshot (225).png

These spontaneous events were really interesting!  I’ve been seeing these humorous events popping up around my Facebook newsfeed and I figured this would be an interesting topic.  It’s great to see people coming together in a designated location (even if it is something silly like screaming like Goku!).  This is the kind of occasion where long-lasting friendships could be made.

Screenshot (229).png

Screenshot (230).png

This is one instance where social media continues to bring people together.  People are meeting new friends, acquaintances, and even relationships that they never saw coming.  Social media channels like Facebook are great for spreading awareness about your event happening.  Whether it is a live band playing for your restaurant or gathering people to yell like their favorite heroes, there is some event going on for everyone to enjoy.