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Divorce Rights over Fortnite

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Some days I run across some PR nightmares that can be just plain silly.  These ‘nightmares’ stem from some preposterous problem that has a minor effect on the world.  Suffice to say, these problems CAN be fixed; but the crazy part lies on what the problem actually is.  One example of such a strange nightmare involves the popular video game Fortnite.

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In the United Kingdom, about 200 couples filed for divorce in 2018.  They cite addiction to online survival games like Fortnite as one of the reasons for parting ways.  This makes up to be roughly 5% of British divorces this year.  While Fortnite wasn’t the only online survival game cited in the papers, it was referenced in multiple incidents.

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Seriously folks, this PR nightmare is just plain SILLY.  5% of divorces in the United Kingdom because of an addiction over Fortnite.  No cheating, no hidden dirty secrets of any kind – just playing an online survival game for hours on end.

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To be fair, addiction is definitely a problem around the world.  Addiction doesn’t just stop at drugs and alcohol – it also lies within things like video games and social media.  Fortnite is a brilliant game to play, but you shouldn’t be playing hours on end (especially if you have a LIFE!).  While they aren’t cheating with their partner, they are still cheating through their addiction.

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Cheating on your spouse is one thing, but spending your time with Fortnite over her is when the problem just gets childish.  You can (and should!) put the game down so that you don’t become another example of divorces in the United Kingdom or anywhere else in the world.

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Fortnite should be the solutions to your life, not cause more problems.


Final Thoughts for This Week 9/15

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This week has been a week of changes, particularly within certain subcultures.  Paradise announced their final events for the weekend while Elon Musk consumed a blunt with Joe Rogan during an episode of The Joe Rogan Experience.  And speaking of cannabis, NYC opened up their first CBD-infused restaurant in Queens called Adriaen Block.

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One culture is losing its significance in Boston while another is only expanding even further.  The gay community may have lost their treasured nightclub in Cambridge, yet many other bars are still open for business.  Even with this tragic PR nightmare, medical dispensaries are still popping up all around the city.  But even with the 4/20-themed cultural shift happening, will it ever fill that hole within their rainbow-themed hearts?

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We must not simply pass the buck towards gay dating apps like Grindr or Scruff for the tragic demise of Paradise.  That thought process only simplifies the problem with a somewhat obvious solution.  There is MORE happening with these PR stories if you read it well enough.  In the midst of gentrification, we are seeing various subcultures clashing among each other to cater with their niche audiences.  Paradise serves the gay community (and others of the LGBTQ society) while medical/recreational dispensaries conduct business with various cannabis consumers within Massachusetts.

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Rather than subcultures trampling over each other, they should learn to work WITH each other.  Cannabis and gay-themed businesses could work exponentially well in the right light.  A cannabis company could plan an edible-themed pop up at a gay bar or nightclub.  In the meanwhile, LGBTQ-themed dispensaries could really stand out from their competition.  The creative possibilities become endless once the roadblocks are taken away.

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It will be sad to see Paradise closing its doors this weekend after seven years.  All we can do is hope that something even better comes along the horizon.  Who knows, maybe the cannabis industry could hold the key answer for creating more gay-themed businesses around the city.

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With that, we’ll see what other surprises are in store for both the LGBTQ and cannabis community.  If these two powerful subcultures work together, a lot of amazing businesses will be popping up around Boston as well as the state of Massachusetts.

The Joe Rogan/Elon Musk Blunt Experience

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After hosting Fear Factor until 2006, Joe Rogan went on to start his own podcast series The Joe Rogan Experience on December 24th, 2009.  Joe Rogan had various famous guests appearing on his show.  From Bryan Callen to Jordan Peterson, many people appeared on his podcast series.  As of now, Joe Rogan had over 1,100+ shows since his debut.

One of his most recent guests to come onto the show was Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Inc.  Rogan and Elon Musk came together on Thursday night for what would be one memorable and bizarre event.

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During the episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, Elon Musk shares a blunt with Joe Rogan.  Once he got a few puffs of the blunt, Musk sips on some whiskey.  After the event unfolded into the public eye, shares of Tesla Inc. dropped by five percent the next day.  Ironically enough, the company’s Chief Accounting Officer Dave Morton resigned after a month on the job.

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Tesla has been under lot of pressure to turn a sustained net profit, being that they burned through over $739 million in the second quarter.  It doesn’t help that the company lost five percent of sales overnight.  This kind of buzz is happening at an awkward time.

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At this point, it is too early to tell if this stunt will hinder Elon Musk’s business even further.  This PR buzz unfolded less than a week ago and nothing major has happened after that.  All we can do is watch story carry out even more.

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On a brighter note, it was intriguing to see Elon Musk casually consuming cannabis with Joe Rogan.  Musk isn’t really a big cannabis user, but he was still a great sport when he was on The Joe Rogan Experience.  Who knew that we would live in a time where the former host of Fear Factor would share a blunt with Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

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In the end, Elon Musk appeared for what would be one wild and bold episode of The Joe Rogan Experience.  This event will certainly do wonders for Joe Rogan’s podcast.  It is too early to call this a true PR nightmare, so we will have to wait for any other twists in this story.

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For now, lets sit back and appreciate that Joe Rogan shared a blunt with Tesla CEO Elon Musk on The Joe Rogan Experience.

The Last Dance at Paradise

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Various historic places around Massachusetts have closed down this summer.  First it was Porthole Pub on the Lynnway (which was RIGHT next to my building), next it was the Spuds on Lincoln Avenue in Saugus, and Bianchi’s on Revere Beach served their last pizza last week.  This truly is the summer of change for many people.

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One recent announcement was a plan in the making, but is still causing shockwaves among the LBGTQ community in Boston.  Paradise, Boston’s historic gay nightclub on Massachusetts Avenue in Cambridge, will be closing their doors this month.  The final show will be held on Saturday September 15th, which was announced through their Facebook page a week ago.

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This truly comes as a shock for many patrons of Paradise.  So what exactly is to blame for this tragic occasion?  Some place the blame on the growing popularity of gay dating apps, such as Grindr or Scruff.  Word was going around that the land was becoming too expensive, what with Boston becoming increasingly gentrified each year.  What’s interesting is that this plan was in the works before Grindr even became popular in Boston.

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The closing of Paradise poses as a PR nightmare that will hurt Boston and its LGBTQ community in the long run.  Massachusetts was the first to legalize gay marriage back in 2004, yet there are very few businesses catered to the gay community.  Within the Boston neighborhood alone, there are nine gay bars/nightclubs and zero bathhouses (the nearest gay bathhouse is the Megaplex in Providence, RI). Paradise is one of four nightclubs here in Boston and that number is soon to dwindle even lower.  What’s even more perplexing is that these businesses are spread so far out from each other.

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All this just means that Boston will rank even lower than many cities in terms of LGBTQ-friendliness. Other major cities, including Portland and New York City, scored much higher than Boston over the years.  Even though states like Washington State and California took a bit longer to legalize gay marriage, they are still thriving more than Boston.

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At this point, we can’t place all the blame on Grindr for closing down Paradise.  Gay dating apps were sure to appear on the app market either way.  And yet, cities like New York City still have any gay businesses (including bathhouses!) open for the public.

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We could plunge deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole, but one thing remains true – Paradise nightclub will be closing in Boston.  It’s a shame to see such a thriving gay nightclub close its doors after many years.  Who knows what specialty business will be hurt next by the gentrification of Boston.

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In the meantime, check out Paradise one last time for the final dance on Saturday September 15th and be sure to say goodbye on Sunday September 16th.

Summer Reading #3 – 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos

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Welcome back folks!  Hope everyone had a nice Labor Day weekend.  Always good to have that nice long weekend with a short week to follow with.  With this amazing weather we had in Massachusetts, I took up the time to catch up on more reading at the beach.

Which brings us to today’s summer reading session.  This next book was written by a well-known clinical psychologist and psychology professor at the University of Toronto.  He released hundreds of videos criticizing many aspects of society, gaining widespread media coverage around the world.  Today’s book is Jordan B. Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos.


12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos was written in January 2018 by Jordan Peterson.  The book chronicles 12 rules Peterson outlines for dealing with the chaos in life.  Each chapter is separated through one significant rule that will be discussed.  Some of these rules include ‘stand up straight with your shoulders back’ or ‘set your house in perfect order before you criticize the world’.



During each chapter, he begins throwing personal examples out onto the table.  Some stories include his friends, families, and even people he connected with during his line of work.  This aspect not only make the book comical to read, but it also draws me more connected to some of the scenarios.

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After the personal stories are told, things start to get REAL interesting.  Peterson draws in references with every idea he is explaining.  Sometimes he refers to famous philosophers like Friedrich Nietzsche or people in the science world.  His ideas go so deep that they even refer back to the famous stories in religious history.

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One of my favorite parts of the novel is when he refers his ideas with pop culture.  He outlines the philosophy of stories such as Sleeping Beauty and Pinocchio (fyi, the story about Pinocchio is another mind-blowing post that I will discuss later this week!).  In any case, these culture references always refer back to the main idea of the chapter.  Whether it be the bible or The Simpsons (which he really did use as an example!), each element proved to be successful in articulating his points.

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Reading 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos was truly an adventure itself.  It doesn’t discuss how life should be; rather, it delves into how you should prepare for life when things get chaotic.  The key idea of preparing for chaos is ORDER, which is discussed in many chapters of the book.  Order is a key antidote to CHAOS, and the title itself is a subtle hint as to what this book will be about.

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The world can be perplexing and complicated at times.  Reading through Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos can help to sort the clutter within your life.  There are lots of simple, yet philosophical ideas to take away from each chapter.

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Check out Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos.  Maybe reading this book will help you set your house in perfect order before you criticize the world.