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2/18 Sunday Funday Quote!

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The more a man is imbued with the ordered regularity of all events, the firmer becomes his conviction that there is no room left by the side of this ordered regularity for causes of a different nature. For him neither the rule of human nor the rule of divine will exists as an independent cause of natural events. To be sure, the doctrine of a personal God interfering with natural events could never be refuted, in the real sense, by science, for this doctrine can always take refuge in those domains in which scientific knowledge has not yet been able to set foot. But I am persuaded that such behavior on the part of the representatives of religion would not only be unworthy but also fatal. For a doctrine which is able to maintain itself not in clear light, but only in the dark, will of necessity lose its effect on mankind, with incalculable harm to human progress. In their struggle for the ethical good, teachers of religion must have the stature to give up the doctrine of a personal God, that is, give up that source of fear and hope which in the past placed such vast powers in the hands of priests. In their labors they will have to avail themselves of those forces which are capable of cultivating the Good, the True, and the Beautiful in humanity itself. This is, to be sure, a more difficult but an incomparably more worthy task.

~ Albert Einstein


2/17 Saturday Quote!

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I made it a rule to forbear all direct contradictions to the sentiments of others, and all positive assertion of my own. I even forbade myself the use of every word or expression in the language that imported a fixed opinion, such as “certainly”, “undoubtedly”, etc. I adopted instead of them “I conceive”, “I apprehend”, or “I imagine” a thing to be so or so; or “so it appears to me at present”. When another asserted something that I thought an error, I denied myself the pleasure of contradicting him abruptly, and of showing him immediately some absurdity in his proposition. In answering I began by observing that in certain cases or circumstances his opinion would be right, but in the present case there appeared or seemed to me some difference, etc. I soon found the advantage of this change in my manner; the conversations I engaged in went on more pleasantly. The modest way in which I proposed my opinions procured them a readier reception and less contradiction. I had less mortification when I was found to be in the wrong, and I more easily prevailed with others to give up their mistakes and join with me when I happened to be in the right.

~ The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

FriYAY Message From MakeSandcastlesNotWar

            Another week come and gone, another week of colorful topics discussed.

            We looked at California’s GDP economic PR miracle, discovered a hidden TV criss-cross between two characters on Altered Carbon, caught the new reboot of Queer Eye on Netflix, and even found some delectable cannabis-infused chocolates for Valentine’s Day.

            No posts for today, but much more on the horizon.  There’s only thirteen days left of February left.

            Will we discover another TV criss-cross? What other reboots will splash onto the Netflix digital library? Perhaps another PR nightmare will be unfolded in front of our very eyes.

            Stick around because there’s plenty more to come.  Until then, enjoy these philosophical quotes for the weekend.

            Always remember this – Make SANDCASTLES, Not War.

That is all…for NOW.

2/11 Sunday Funday Quote!

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The challenge of space exploration and particularly of landing men on the moon represents the greatest challenge which has ever faced the human race. Even if there were no clear scientific or other arguments for proceeding with this task, the whole history of our civilization would still impel men toward the goal. In fact, the assembly of the scientific and military with these human arguments creates such an overwhelming case that in can be ignored only by those who are blind to the teachings of history, or who wish to suspend the development of civilization at its moment of greatest opportunity and drama.

~ Sir Bernard Lovell, The History of Manned Space Flight 1962