Business-Branded LGBTQ Pride

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Pride week is officially over in Boston.  After a mere week of rainbow flags and parades all across the streets, Boston concludes yet another successful event.  Parties were held all across the neighborhood, with lots of people dancing the night away.

While pride week may be over in Boston, other cities within the nation are starting up their pride events as well.  Some are just concluding their pride month celebrations while others will be starting within the next week or so.

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What’s interesting is that it isn’t just the people within the community that celebrate pride month.  Businesses, both big and small, are showcasing their true pride colors for their audiences.  IBM, Microsoft, McDonald’s, Nike, Nordstrom, and Absolut are a few of many companies that are proudly displaying their pride within various communities.

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There is this unique corporate social responsibility happening within businesses during pride month.  Diverse groups of audiences within the LGBTQ community have been doing businesses with companies for decades.  As the community grows bigger every year, the need to cater towards that niche audiences becomes more critical than ever.

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In this case, this corporate social responsibility also acts as a PR miracle for audiences nationwide.  Businesses celebrate pride month each June as part of their strategy; in return, their niche audiences continue to come back to them for their products or services offered.  There is this healthy competition spurring among nations, encouraging each other to promote pride month.

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And that healthy competition has only help pride month grow even further as a special holiday.  Any competition, whether it be healthy or not, can sometimes help both parties in the long run. Weeks before summer starts and pride month has only gotten people more excited about the new season.

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With that, pride month is a special holiday celebrated by both businesses and audiences alike.  The modern-day consumer either recognizes pride more often or they may also know someone who is celebrating as well.  The increase of pride month awareness only fuels more creative strategies among businesses to keep their audiences and gain new ones in the process.

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Kudos to both small and big businesses who help support pride month each year.  It is this kind of help that paves the path for more niche audiences.


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