Specialty Dating Apps for Valentine’s Day

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As you all know, Valentine’s Day is tomorrow.  Some of you already have plans with your date while others haven’t created one.  If you’re someone who hasn’t found that special someone in your life, that’s OK.  We live the 21st century, where love has been happening through dating apps you tap through on your phone.

Image result for Dating Apps

Image result for Dating Apps

Dating apps are popular among the mobile markets.  Men and women of all ages have been utilizing a dating apps to connect with others alike.  Some use the app to set dates while others just hook up with other people.  Find people to connect with is much easier now than the previous century.

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But if you are getting tired if shifting through your Tinder or Grindr account and finding the same thing every time, there are other apps to check out.  These unique dating apps distinguish themselves through their own unique features.  Some are for dating elite figures while others will spark more creativity in your lives.

Here are five unique dating apps to check out for Valentine’s Day:

Coffee Meets Bagel

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Coffee Meets Bagel was created in San Francisco by Arum, Dawoon, and Soo Kang.  The app limits the number of profiles users are able to interact with each day and offers unique ice-breaker interactions for matches.  Users look at each other’s Facebook account to help find a match.  They are exposed to one match a day and they can only contact them if the ‘Like’ each other back.

The League

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If you like your dating app with a touch of intelligence and elitist class, The League may be the right one for you.  The League features members who have received Ivy League type of education in their lives.  That Harvard hottie you thought about could be the real thing.  You’ll have to cough up some money to become a member and in-store purchases can cost more than hundreds of dollars.


Image result for Happn

Happn focuses on people you have crossed paths with each day.  Users are matched based on locations where they may have crossed paths together.  Who knows, that guy on the subway may live close by.  That cute girl you didn’t catch at the coffee shop may be the one for you.  Check in on Happn to find these hidden surprises in store for you.


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Raya is a private, membership-based community where people from all over the world connect and collaborate.  It shifts its focus towards people who work in creative industries.  The app is used for dating, networking, and even making new friends along the way.  If you want some creative type of romance, Raya may be the app to check out.


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Hinge utilizes connections to Facebook friends to facilitate connections. Their main goal is to be known as a cooler, younger version of Match.com or eHarmony.  It comes with a ‘Your Turn’ feature designed to remind users to create a conversation in order to decrease ghosting.  If you think Facebook may be useful in your dating search, then Hinge is the app to put on your mobile phone.

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That’s it for unique dating apps today.  Valentine’s Day is one day away, so be sure to use one of these apps to snag your next date.  It’s 2019, so its time to find that lucky man/woman you need in your life.


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