Technology Advancement Philosophy

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One of the most invigorating things happening in this world is the sophisticated advancement of technology.  At this point in time, we have seen tools rapidly changing in order to adapt to more modern times.  And yet, we continue to have the necessary tools to carry out our daily life.  We utilize these essentials every day, but never stop to think about what they contain.

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What we have been dreaming about during the last centuries is finally becoming a reality.  Hoverboards and hyper-loop traveling are a few of many technological advancements human beings have created or are coming close to accomplishing very soon.  We have pondered about brilliant and imaginative ideas about how we want to see the future; such ideas are now flying from paper and into our world.

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But one of the most surprising aspects of this rapid advancements is the erudite nature of informational technology.  As humans, the data we receive is becoming increasingly important to us.  We have come to a point where we comprehend everything we want to know about a particular subject and even more.

Say you want to go to a restaurant for dinner tonight.  You think about what restaurants are close by and what type of food they serve.  With that, you pull up your phone (or a computer even) and search for information about a particular place.

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And during that procedure, you learn EVERYTHING about EVERY piece of information there is to offer.  The time the restaurant opens, where it is located, the pricing of the food and drinks, how busy it is, how other patrons thought about it, who to talk to about booking a reservation, different events happening throughout each week.  Food, drinks, events, patrons; ALL of it, showcased on that bright glass screen right in front of you.  At that moment, you took in everything you needed to know about the place… and you never even left the house yet.

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The physical shape of the phone looks aesthetically pleasing, but it’s the inside of it — the actual inner-workings of the modernized contraption – where the REAL magic happens.  It’s a magic like no other, something human beings have pondered about for centuries.  We have rejuvenated an old piece of technology with new data being fed in for its audience to understand.

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That concept, of modernizing informational technology, really makes you think.  It tells you something about what we have accomplished in this thing called life.  We are finally creating the tools man has dared to dream of centuries ago.  On the other hand, it presents this notion that this could be the beginning of much more to come.

In this case, we must ask ourselves – what does the future hold for informational technology?  Will there be any other further advancements that man has not thought of?  If such intriguing concepts were to be introduced, what key features will they hold?

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To think there are still ideas that man has not dreamed of yet is the silver lining in this vast advancement of technology.  A lot has evolved over time, especially within these last few decades.  All of that dreaming inside your mind is connecting among other dreamers in this world.  What we dared to dream of, whether be rational or irrational, is finally coming into realization.  It is then, and only then, that you realize that we have come such a long way from where were beforehand.

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There is no waiting for the future because the future is already here.  You never need to ponder about what the future holds – the key lies within the device you hold on the palm of your hands.


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