Fall 2018 Cannabis Agenda Philosophy

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As we head towards Fall in just two days, we enter into the next chapter for the cannabis industry here in Massachusetts.  Some great events happened during the summer and we dealt with even more obstacles that caused minor setbacks.  Years after passing Question 4 and we still have many kinks to work out.  In the midst of all of this excitement over legalizing cannabis, some weren’t prepared for some shocking disappointments that came afterwards.

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For the records, setbacks were going to happen one way or another.  That’s the thing about being a PR pro – you knew it would come with complications, so you brainstorm ideas to help solve the problems.  You ponder about the most creative and distinguished solution on how to prevent total chaos from happening.  Whether it is dealing with financial issues or various political roadblocks, every angle of the business must be worked out.

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But on the bright side, we have more time on our hands.  We could utilize this time to prepare a better strategy for the recreational market.  Medical cannabis has been flourishing over the past six years, so now its time for the recreational market to shine.  Now would be a better time than ever to throw recreational businesses into the mix.

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And yet, why stop there with just recreational and medicinal when you can mix cannabis with entertainment.  4/20 yoga sessions and cannabis cafes are just some of many amazing ideas that would thrive well with its audience.  Cannabis can easily be incorporated with many fun activities, especially around the city of Boston.

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So as we enter into the new season, it’s time for new changes within the cannabis industry.  New changes that could bring about an incredible experience one couldn’t possibly have dreamed of.  If we just go back to the source of the product itself, it is only then that we take full advantage of its magnificent effects.

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Fall is a time of change, so be prepared for new and surprising changes here in Massachusetts.


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