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Netflix has some interesting tricks featured within its service.  Some tricks help you find more content you haven’t discovered before while others help put an end to the annoying buffering.  If you do a little digging around the program, you will be able to take full advantage of what Netflix has to offer.  Just goes to show you that Netflix has a lot more to offer these days.

Just a month ago, a hidden feature was discovered.  This feature was discovered within social media and provides more interactivity with its audiences.  The hidden feature that was discovered is a title request page.

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That’s right folks – Netflix has a title request page for its audiences.  Millions of users are able to request up to three titles to submit for Netflix.  Whether it is a TV series or movie, any title is up for grabs.

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This feature was discovered from a fan’s tweet about not finding Chelsea Peretti’s One of the Greats on Netflix.  Netflix replied with, “You know the drill” and linked to the title request page.  Chelsea Peretti then responded with, “LITERALLY NO ONE KNOWS THAT DRILL”.  Its an answer that echoes across many Netflix users worldwide.

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The tweet shocked audiences nationwide about this intriguing feature.  Providing something like a title request page increases interactivity among its audiences.  Not only is there more interactivity, but the feature becomes more personal to the users.  Users can choose THEIR favorite titles they want to see on the streaming service.  These users enjoy the thousands of titles to choose from and they are looking to expand the digital library.

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With that, you end up making Netflix even better.  Audiences can now take full advantage of this amazing feature.  Three titles can be selected of your choosing.

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If you want to binge-watch one of your favorite shows or want to track down a movie, head over to the title request page on Netflix here at


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