MakeSandcastlesNotWar Binge-Watches The Ozarks

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Afternoon, fellow readers!  Summer has still been amazing here in MA and we’re peaking into the middle of August.  It’s the last leg of summer (which I still can’t believe!), so I’ve been trying to spend more of my time outdoors as possible.  Even after a busy day of working, I still manage to snag some time for Netflix and Chill.

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Last week I discussed the incredibly colorful Castlevania series; it was there that I also mentioned that I was digging into The Ozarks soon after.  I shifted gears from the action-packed horror nostalgic animated series to a shocking crime drama/thriller series revolving around the workings of a financial planner.  It’s time to discuss the magnificent (and familiar) series titled The Ozarks.

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Released almost a month ago on Netflix, The Ozarks follows financial planner Martin ‘Marty’ Byrd as he relocates his family to the Missouri Ozarks after his money laundering scheme goes awry.  After his scheme failed, he must pay off his crippling debt to the Mexican drug lord.  It’s a strategic crime thriller featuring money laundering, drugs, betrayal, and other disturbing occurrences.  This season features ten episodes within 60-minutes each one.

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I definitely enjoyed watching The Ozarks after a few nights of binge-watching!  Right off the bat, the story seemed eerily similar to Breaking Bad in an amazing way.  Both main stars decided to work with drug cartels after feeling tired of their mundane lives (Walter White as a high school chemistry teacher and Marty Byrd as a financial planner).  When it comes to the trouble both characters get themselves into, we dive right into Marty’s shenanigans whereas with Breaking Bad we slowly delve into the madness that is Walter White’s production of methamphetamine.

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Both series has everything you could ask for in a drug-fueled thriller – Money being wired everywhere, tons of drugs being shipped out to consumers, secrets being kept from family/friends, and a continuing train wreck that progressively gets worse as the story goes on.  What also made both series incredible were the various symbolisms featured within each episode.  Every small clip before the title cards of Breaking Bad featured a clue (whether that be a flash back or important item to pay close attention to).  The Ozarks presented the clues a little more discreetly with their title cards showcasing a white ‘O’ featuring four objects within the letter.  These four objects would present a small aspect of what will happen in the episode.  Not only does The Ozarks give us some great action, but there’s some beautiful philosophy behind the story.

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If you’re surfing Netflix for a new drug crime thriller series, The Ozarks is definitely the way to go.  This haunting thriller has some disturbing secrets lurking within the Missouri Ozarks.  Breaking Bad fans may have enjoyed Walter White’s meth production in the New Mexico deserts and they’ll certainly enjoy Marty’s money laundering scheme in the lakes of Missouri.  While it doesn’t come with colorful junkie characters like Jesse Pinkman (Yeah, science!), The Ozarks does have its fair share of drug dealing thugs.

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With that, The Ozarks is one of many amazing series out on Netflix.  Kick back on a cool night and binge-watch some of The Ozarks this summer!


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