California’s Colossal Cannabis Supply Conundrum

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It’s been almost three weeks since Nevada’s recreational cannabis sales have taken off (also three weeks since a 4/20-themed post has been discussed!).  Cannabis sales have been skyrocketing and Nevada has already been running out of their supplies.  Consumers just can’t get enough of that green gold over in Las Vegas.

Image result for California Cannabis

Image result for California Cannabis

While the Silver State has already sold out a majority of their cannabis supplies, California has been stocking up on their grass.  Recreational dispensaries hit on January 2018 (FIVE MONTHS!) and growers from all over the state have been preparing their crops.  California’s recreational policies are much more relaxed than the other legal states around the country; so relaxed that the state is producing much more than anticipated.  Which leads me to start this important – and utterly ridiculous – discussion…California is growing too much weed.

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Image result for California Cannabis

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There you have it, folks – California has grown SO much weed that its producing more than the audience consumes.  I never thought that the state couldn’t get any more golden and now it did by growing TOO much weed.  This is one of those stoner problems that only happen in a developed world (There’s too much weed being grown around California…#FirstWorldStonerProblems).

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But in all seriousness, there’s a problem with our weed gluttony scenario we have here in California.  Californians LOVE their weed, but not everyone consumes the same amount.  Some consumers consume 1-3 times a day through a chillum while others do multiple bong rips after coming home from work.  These differences are fine (both types of audience WILL be satisfied with their product either way!) and we must drift towards smaller quantities of cannabis products.

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Now there’s the problem of the gluttonous surplus of cannabis we have lying around California.  Where are we going to place this mountain pile of weed?  What options do we have for what to do with the mountain pile?  Would any of those options be helpful for the industry?

Well… there are two scenarios we have that we could do with this mountain pile.  Only problem is that one would be wasteful and the other would mean taking MAJOR risks.

Here are our options:

Option #1: Decrease Surplus

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One option would be to kill off some of the supply.  If there really is too much supply, then we can simply decrease the amount in order to balance out the supply/demand ratio.  We would have to get rid of the excess flowers, extracts, edibles, tinctures, and other cannabis products to get that balance.

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Right off the bat, you know that this tactic sounds ridiculously wasteful.  All that hard work of growing that OG Kush only to destroy some of it would be like burning money in your pocket.  Burning weed is like burning potential profit you could’ve made from your supply.  Option one would just be wasting your hard-earned money (and weed!) that you worked for.

Option #2: Exportation

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If there’s too much supply in the state of California, then another option would be to export the cannabis products out to other states.  About 1/10th of America legalized recreational cannabis use so far and more Americans are appealing to the idea.  Shipping the products out to legal states would help them increase profits.

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The MAJOR problem with this option is that many states have not legalized cannabis or medical cannabis use yet.  Remember that cannabis is still NOT legalized on a federal level (only amongst certain states), so there is the risk of a bust.  Any busts among the illegal states would mean losing hundreds of thousands of dollars in potential profits.  Losing that potential profit would mean all that business transaction would go to waste.

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We have some potential, but costly, options to think about with the mountain pile of weed sitting around California.  There’s too much cannabis to go around and it’s too risky to transport it across the state lines.  Recreational dispensaries hit the streets on January, so hopefully those will help lessen the supply load.  As preposterous as a problem this is (and it REALLY is preposterous!), we still have to solve the problem.  Public Relations is about minimizing any damage happening within the business, even if it is something like too much weed.

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In the end, California’s colossal cannabis supply is just something we have to figure out.  It isn’t going to hurt the state that there’s too much weed to go around because we just have to find out what to do with it.  California has always been the hub of the entertainment world and it’ll definitely be successful in operating their cannabis industry.  Hopefully all that California chronic will be put to excellent use for the Golden State to shine even brighter.


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