Cannabis Conflict Resolved!

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As you can tell from now, I’ve been keeping watch of the cannabis trends occurring within the legal states.  Since Colorado and Washington State voted for legal recreational use, monstrous changes have been sweeping the areas.  Less crime, increased profits for the states, decreased cannabis use, and a skyrocketing productivity rate were some of the major points for what would happen once the plant was legal.  The allies saw a brighter future ahead while the opponents questioned the very ideal world that could come.

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We’re at 2017 so…what’s the progress been so far?  Have we struck gold on the west coast again?  Is our supposed ‘billion-dollar crop’ helping out the states?  Are the people running mad in the streets of Denver?

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Well folks, I can only sum it up with one answer:  it’s NOT the end of the world.  As a matter of fact, cannabis has been BENEFICIAL to Colorado/Washington state for the past five years.  No one is running mad in Denver and all that tax money is used for many essential programs.

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Let’s get right to it – Colorado has been making BILLIONS off of cannabis since the start.  All that money has been fueled for education on cannabis, improving public/private schools, and even providing better care for the homeless (legal weed is ACTUALLY helping the homelessness crisis, OMG!).  It’s true that Colorado’s profits are increasing mostly from legal cannabis, but residents are smoking LESS cannabis.  Seriously guys, cannabis use is going down since it’s so convenient to get.  Purchasing cannabis is just the same as buying a Pepsi.

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But it’s not just the actual cannabis use decreasing – cigarette use has even been declining (e-cigarettes have become popular too, but it marks one of many factors for why people are smoking less cigarettes).  With cannabis use on the rise, it’s popularity is reshaping the market.  I, like many other citizens of America, prefer vaping because of the benefits it provides and its safer.  Vaping is what’s ‘in’ within the smoking community, but these communities are being toppled over by cannabis.  Cannabis is not only causing states to roll in the dough, but its shifting the trends.

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Going back to the financial benefits for a minute, there’s an interesting strategy that would play out with the cannabis industry.  Cannabis was made legal and the profits created from the industry work to SOLVE the complex problems rather than cause them to snowball.  In short, issues like teen use and homeless are actually getting BETTER.  It’s basically the ‘I’ll scratch your back you scratch mine’ concept – We get cannabis legalized then we’ll use the profits for damage control of the situation.  Colorado has gotten legal cannabis for five years and now they’re combating against any setbacks (which is GREAT PR work right here!).

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So yeah, these were just some informative talking points I had to get across about the deep-rooted solution for legal cannabis.  I’ve heard of the Reefer Madness propaganda, but I knew the what the hidden answer was; all I had to do was look through the looking glass.  Legal cannabis use CAN be a reality here in America and it can be a beautiful one indeed.  We shouldn’t have to be screaming ‘CANNAPOCALYPSE!’, but rather ‘alas, CANNATOPIA!’.  There is a room for cannabis in the social world and it’s not going to be knocked off the shelf anytime soon.

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In the end, folks…legal cannabis WILL become a new social concept sweeping the nation!


One thought on “Cannabis Conflict Resolved!

  1. Deborah@TradeRoutz

    Brilliant. Now, I wish the useless assholes in other Countries would follow suit! You have ‘dealers’ who have to ‘deal’ in secret, who charge people a fortune, for cannabis with added shit that makes it toxic! So banning it won’t stop people smoking or imbibing it. It’ll only ensure that the dealers get rich, and the people get sick! Fucken moronic

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