Come Out, Fat Old Sun!


It has been a dreary few days here in Massachusetts.  Clouds covering the whole skyline, with rainwater flying onto the streets.  The cool, misty breeze wafts into the building.  We’re into the first full week of June and the sun is not shining at the moment.


Where are you, oh beautiful sun?  Why are you entangled above the clouds and not shining down on this beautiful earth?  How is it that you are not shining brighter than usual?  It’s only two weeks before summer solstice starts, so why aren’t you doing your job?


To be honest guys, I really didn’t have a special idea brainstormed for a post today.  I was too busy staring off outside, pondering about when this gloomy and grey day will go away soon.  There seems to be no color outside, only grey and shades of grey on objects.  It’s as if all of the colors have blended into various grey tones.

Image result for Fat Old Sun

My solution to eradicating this gloomy feeling?  Pulling the damn sun from underneath the sky!  Forget the moon imagery from It’s A Wonderful Life, cause this time it’s about getting the sunshine out.  David Gilmour of Pink Floyd sang, “When that fat old sun in the sky is falling, Summer evenin’ birds are calling”.  That fat old sun isn’t falling, so those summer evening birds haven’t been calling yet.

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You know, it’s a funny thing about the sun –you never knew how much you appreciate it until you haven’t seen it in a while.  It amazes me what weather can do to human beings at sometimes.  Some people lose it when the weather is too hot outside (they probably can’t handle the heat!) while others go stir-crazy when being inside during a snowstorm.  Whatever the case may be, weather can certainly make us go crazy sometimes.

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The silver lining in this?  Warmer weather is expecting to come in by Saturday.  Alas, we will FINALLY see that fat old sun shining brightly this weekend!  It may be peeking out from under the clouds the next few days, but we will see it in all of its glory soon.  Other than the warmer weather, I’ll get to see some bright colors outside.

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Today’s post isn’t meant to discuss so much on the gloomy weather, but rather a yearning for sunnier days.  Where are you, fat old sun?  It’s the beginning of June and we should be seeing some bright sun here in Massachusetts!  This is should be the time where all colors pop out from the human eye.  I’ve already seen enough rain during the Spring season and this weather mix-up is just getting silly now.

Image result for boston summer weather

In the end, the sun really needs to come out right now.  Not just show up for a few days and leave, but actually stay OUT for days on end.  Seeing the grey skies in June really isn’t making June any more fun.

Image result for boston sunshine

So I ask of you, fat old sun…please come out!  Summer is just two weeks away and I’m eager to see you shining brightly.  The gloomy weather is really getting old and would love for you to come out soon.

Come on out, fat old sun.  I would love to hear the summer evenin’ birds calling!


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