13 Reasons Why to Avoid 13 Reasons Why

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While I’m binge-watching the 90s classic Party of Five on Netflix, the latest hit series that everyone’s turned on to is 13 Reasons Why13 Reasons Why is a drama-mystery series that hit the digital shelves on March 31st, 2017.  Based on the 2007 novel of the same name, the series revolves around high school student Hannah Baker who commits suicide after suffering through demoralizing circumstances at her school.  Each episode provides a tape that reveals more insight into why Hannah committed suicide.

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Instead of curiosity getting the best of me, I decided to devote my time to creating a fun blog post out of this provocative film.  Instead of using my free time to binge-watch 13 Reasons Why, I jotted down 13 reasons why I would skip this series.  Each reason, whether for personal or humorous, details why I would refuse to watch something like this.  I’ve pondered about checking this series out and realized that this was not the type of show.

With that, it’s time to reveal 13 reasons why 13 Reasons Why is not a great choice to binge-watch on Netflix.  Here are the 13 reasons:

#1: Depressing

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The first reason for why I’m skipping the series is because it seems like a really depressing series.  Just read this summary right here – “On tape, Hannah unfolds an emotional audio diary, detailing the thirteen reasons why she decided to end her life. Her instructions are clear: each person who receives a package is one of the reasons why she killed herself, and after each person has completed listening to the tapes, they must pass the package on to the next person. If anyone decides to break the chain, a separate set of tapes will be released to the public.”  Yeah, those sentences alone already make you sad enough!

#2: Awkward Conversation

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13 Reasons Why would not make for a good conversation piece with your friends.  You and your buddies/gal pals wouldn’t want to discuss such a depressing series over some beers or wine.  I certainly would not bring this movie up when I’m drinking with my friends in Boston.  Here’s how the conversation could go:

Me: Hey guys!  Anyone seen that series 13 Reasons Why?  You know, the one where that high school girl Hannah kills herself and her students find tapes to figure out why she ended her life?

Everyone: *Awkward Silence*

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Yeah, you can practically hear the crickets chirping.  Avoid using this movie as a conversation piece so that things don’t get awkward.

#3: Weed-Buzz Killer

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A series like 13 Reasons Why would definitely kill my weed buzz.  I’ve got some great Bubba Kush at hand and my buzz would definitely go flat when I start watching this series.  Why would I binge-watch something depressing with cannabis that will keep me uplifted?  Yeah, its DEFINITELY not a 4/20-friendly show.

#4: Too Long

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            This Netflix series has 13 episodes with each episode being 50-60 minutes.  That’s an HOUR each episode about some girl that took her life.  I really couldn’t find the time to watch an hour an episode about some high school girls suicide.  To feel more positive, I’d spend that hour walking along Revere Beach or Nahant on a beautiful day!

#5: Awareness

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Before hearing about this series, I’ve read enough studies/articles about our national suicide rate each year.  I KNOW that suicide is a problem around America (22 vets commit suicide a day, more suicide rates among LGBTQ members, yeah I get the picture!).  Watching 13 Reasons Why will only repeat information that I am already aware of.

#6: Global Awareness

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Not only am I aware of our country’s suicide rate, I’ve also read about other nations dealing with this crisis.  Suicide is a problem spanning all throughout the world (FUN FACT: South Korea has the highest suicide rate out of all Asian countries).  Again, don’t need to reiterate facts about such a depressing problem.

#7: Glorifying Suicide

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Rather than teach people about the dangers of suicide, it seems as though this series glorifies it instead.  13 Reasons Why seems to glorify the idea of suicide and the people who commit these acts.  These people are NOT leaders or heroes!  They are high school kids that were crying for help.  Glorifying the act of suicide isn’t going to help solve the problem.

#8: Lots of ‘13’s

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There’s a theme of the number 13 surrounding this series.  13 tapes, 13 episodes for the first season, and even the title is 13 Reasons Why!  The number 13 is associated with bad luck in society so…yeah, this show would be unlucky.  It may have generated positive reviews, but it got unlucky with its controversial ideas.

#9: Acknowledgement

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Hannah Baker is a fictional character from a novel that was later made into this Netflix series.  Since I don’t know her, why should I feel for her?  I’ve heard of REAL friends that tried to take their life and I feel for them because I actually met them earlier.  It’s times like these where I acknowledge my REAL friends rather than the fictional characters and their drama.

#10: High School Drama

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Image result for High School Drama gif

Graduating from high school meant leaping out of the high school drama that I dealt with at the time.  I live in the real world to deal with REAL WORLD problems, not to hear about some high school soap opera.  Now’s the time to watch series with characters living in the big, bad adult world and not the ‘safe spaces’ of high school.

#11: Title

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Seriously folks…the title for the series is just flat-out vague.  13 Reasons Why…why, what?  13 reasons why she made tapes?  Why she offed herself?  WHERE…is this title leading?

#12: Watch-Party

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If you’re looking to host a watch-party, 13 Reasons Why should not be the theme of your event.  Everyone will be having a great time with some drinks and good weed.  Your guests won’t be having a good time once you start the series.  Those beers and bongs will quickly be replaced by Kleenex boxes as well as trash bags.  To liven up your watch-party, avoid 13 Reasons Why as the show to binge-watch.

#13: Recommendation

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At the end of the day, I simply cannot recommend 13 Reasons Why to anyone.  It simply isn’t the type of show I would be excited about enough to spread the word around to my friends/family.  Instead, this is a series that I DON’T recommend to anyone.

And there you have it – thirteen reasons why 13 Reasons Why is something that I will avoid on Netflix.  If you have any reasons for why you shouldn’t watch it, just read this list I provided.  Instead of binge-watching this tragic series, turn the TV off and go outside for the day.  Stay FAR away from the series, put some music on, and go for a nice walk outside.  That activity alone would convince you that life is purely AWESOME.

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Life is a BEAUTIFUL thing, folks.  Live your life every day the way you see fit.  Suicide is NOT an option, so find the right solution to your problem instead.  Peace, Love, HAPPINESS.


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