Best Boston-themed Cannabis Strains


With all of the excitement happening over 4/20, I forgot to mention that yesterday was the Boston Marathon.  Held every year in April, the Boston Marathon is an event where people compete in a huge race.  Runners from all across the country gather together to compete in this annual race each year.  Whether you are competing against other runners or wanting to become a part of the event, the Boston Marathon is a race for everyone.

The Boston Marathon is one of many great things that make Boston an amazing city to live in.  This historic city was home to some of the most notorious events that happened during the Revolutionary War (Boston Tea Party, Paul Revere’s Ride, Boston Massacre to name a few).  It’s been over 300 years since these violent events occurred and some of the historic buildings are still open to this day.

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With question 4 being passed in the state of Massachusetts, Boston is now one of the new U.S. cities working to bring in the cannabis industry.  There’s already a handful of medical dispensaries open around the city and plans for recreational dispensaries will be ready by next year (July 2018, to be precise).  Now that the cannabis community is spreading more within New England, it’ll be interesting to see what the Boston cannabis culture will look like.

What kind of strains will we see inside Boston’s new recreational dispensaries?  Would there be popular strains from the West Coast flying over to the East Coast?  Are there enough popular strains in New England that will provide enough variety for customers to choose from?  Could growers produce strains that were influenced by Boston’s culture?

To discuss some of these ideas, MakeSandcastlesNotWar decided to list a few cannabis strains that would fit perfectly within the Boston community.  After scrolling through each cannabis strain, a handful of strains have been selected based their resemblance towards Beantown.  Here are the top strains that reminds you of the great city of Boston:

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Green Monster:  Opening day for the Red Sox was two weeks ago and Wally the Green Monster is back at it!  It’s only fitting that we start this list off with Green Monster.  Green Monster is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that provides a nice cerebral high when smoked.  This strain will keep you happy and relaxed during the day.  The strain has a woody and earthy scent, giving off a nice flavor when used.  Consume some Green Monster before catching a game Fenway Park and be sure to find Wally around (as well has his sister Tessie!).

Golden Goat:  While we’re on the subject of New England sports, we have to get into the Patriots.  Every football team may have their secret weapon, but our ringer is Tom Brady a.k.a The GOAT (Greatest of All Time!).  Consuming Golden Goat won’t make you the next Tom Brady, but it’ll definitely get you uplifted for game day.  Golden Goat is another sativa-dominant hybrid strain that will keep you happy and euphoric for the day.  This strain is perfect for relieving the stress and depression some patients feel (how can you feel depression when you got the GOAT back for game day, kid?).  If Tom Brady ever considers getting into the cannabis community, Golden Goat would certainly suit him well!

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Dr. Grinspoon:  Most cannabis connoisseurs would know of Dr. Lester Grinspoon, the legendary scientist that corrected misinformed science about cannabis in the 1970s.  Dr. Lester Grinspoon conducted his work at Harvard (cause all of our college students are wicked smaht in Boston, especially Hah-vard University!).  This sativa strain provides creative and happy effects after consumption, which is great for fighting depression or stress.  Dr. Grinspoon has a spicy, citrus flavor within each nug.  Wicked smaht college students in Boston should pick up Dr. Grinspoon for those long nights of studying (especially those at Hah-vard University!).

Jillybean:  A common nickname for Boston is ‘Beantown’, so it’s only fitting that Jillybean makes the list (Jillybean, Beantown…yeah, you get the idea).  Jillybean is an indica-dominant hybrid strain that is known for being a happy and upbeat hybrid.  The strain is most popular for creative minds and social butterflies searching for imaginative euphoria during the day.  Anyone residing around Beantown should consume some Jillybean for some daytime fun!

Moose and Lobsta:  Boston is known for having amazing seafood dishes around the city.  Oysters, clam chowder (chowdah!), and even lobster (lobstah!) rolls can easily be found.  Moose and Lobsta would be the perfect strain when chowing down on a lobster roll.  This sativa-dominant hybrid provides a pungent odor of tropical fruit and skunk.  Consuming this strain will leave you uplifted and happy during the day, making it the go-to strain to ease pain and depression.  While there are no moose roaming around Boston, there are plenty of lobster rolls to go around!


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