Boston’s First Cannabis Career Fair

When I’m not interning or writing posts for MakeSandcastlesNotWar, I am busy searching for full-time position within my field of communications.  I am one of the many 20-somethings struggling to get life together now that I’m done with school.  This ‘Real World’ that I’m in now hasn’t always been easy, but I have been having some fun along the way.  Last night’s adventure to the Cannabis Career Fair was one of those exciting times.

The Cannabis Career Fair, held in District Hall of Boston, was a career fair showcasing potential work within the cannabis industry.  Various cannabis companies across Massachusetts met with job seekers who were searching for work.  From cultivators to marketers, many positions were opening up for job seekers.  Since I’ve been writing about cannabis since legalization made waves on December 2016, I figured I would get in on the action.

Screenshot (54).png

You see that handsome bastard above?  That’s ME, the one and only creator of MakeSandcastlesNotWar!  All that writing gold you read each day comes from me.  I already cranked out a blogpost earlier today about Canadian Healthcare companies covering medical cannabis, so I figured I’d get my name out there in the cannabis industry.

Screenshot (41).png

I was one of many cannabis enthusiasts searching for my dream career within the cannabis industry.  Writing about cannabis each week has been a blast and I would LOVE to do this as professional work.  From Laganja Estranja to Cannabis Chemistry 101, it has been a pleasure covering the range of topics.  There’s always something happening within the cannabis community and I work diligently to cover every aspect of the story.  Keep your eyes peeled on this blog, because the fun is JUST getting started!

Attending the Cannabis Career Fair was amazing!  I had a great time meeting with the employers and hearing about what positions they had available.  It may be a while for the cannabis industry to really flourish, but I look forward to seeing it make waves around Boston.

For those that want to check out the video, the link can be found here


5 thoughts on “Boston’s First Cannabis Career Fair

    1. Jon Post author

      Yeah it truly was! What was most interesting was the stage most businesses were with the industry. Seems like businesses have a lot to do before they’re hiring employees.

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  1. TradeRoutz livingStyle

    The very fact that nowadays, with big Pharma killing the cannabis industry with poison, the fact that cannabis is now being legalised is awesome and bigger than ‘stepping on the moon’, as far as I’m concerned. Cannabis heals more people’s afflictions than most if not all drugs. Go for it! and tell these bloody Brits to do the same goddamnit.

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