Canada’s Medical Cannabis Coverage…Eh!

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With the country’s political system declining each day, more citizens are looking to move to Canada for a better life.  Last year’s elections results shocked the nation and Canada is becoming the light at the end of the tunnel for some folks.  Some of the reasons that people move to Canada is for universal health care, a more socially-progressive government, generous paid leave, well-mannered citizens, and for a more beautiful environment.  Other than the usual benefits, Canada is also ahead of the game with the cannabis community.

Cannabis is widely accepted within the country of Canada.  While the United States is sluggishly stepping into more liberal policies, their upstairs neighbor has been enjoying a more 4/20-friendly pot party.  Medicinal cannabis is legal in all areas and the push for legalization is stronger than ever.  Not only is Canada setting its sights for legalization next year, but some Canadian healthcare companies are adding cannabis coverage to health insurance.

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Listen up, cannabis consumers – there ARE Canadian healthcare companies that will cover the cost of your medicine.  Unlike the US, with our train wreck of a healthcare system we have now, Canadian healthcare companies can pay for your flowers or medical devices.  Oh, Canada!

Just last week, the owners of Loblaws and Shoppers Drug Mart Loblaw Companies announced that medical cannabis would be included within the employee benefits plans.  Loblaws president and executive chairman Galen G. Weston remarked last year that he envisioned his company’s retail outlets dispensing medical cannabis in the future.  This announcement became one of the HUGEST corporal acceptance of medical cannabis within North America.  No corporation in America, even those in California, has shown this amount of widespread use on consuming cannabis.

This isn’t the first instance where health insurance companies are 4/20-friendly within The Great White North.  Health Canada actually allows certain companies (A.K.A. licensed producers) to grow medical cannabis and distribute to patients.  Only problem is that the agency hasn’t given cannabis a Drug Identification Number (DIN), so cannabis isn’t actually a fully-approved medicine yet.  While the cannabis laws still seem hazy in the land of Canadia, they are definitely ahead of the curve when compared to the US.

As legalization spreads around the United States, there is a growing interest from patients towards health coverage for medical cannabis.  It’s only a matter of time until more Canadian healthcare companies jump in on the 4/20-friendly bandwagon.  Seems like the pot party is raging harder in Canada these days, eh?

It was great to see Canada stepping it up with their healthcare system!  This is some good PR for the healthcare industry because patients are being heard about including medical cannabis into their healthcare plan.  Public relations is about staying on top of the trends your audiences is following, so businesses like Loblaw Companies are generating some good PR with their idea.  Medical cannabis has been widely legal in Canada for a while and their universal healthcare should include cannabis as part of their coverage.

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While their upstairs neighbor is raging on with their pot party, America is slowly accepting cannabis into their social norms.  Right now we’re still trying to fix our train wreck of a healthcare system we’re dealing with and we’re not even CLOSE to including medical cannabis into our healthcare plan.  Even though recreational cannabis use is legal in 1/10th of the country, there’s still a LOT of work that must be done to work out all of the kinks.  Cannabis’s reputation has been so badly damaged that the ‘Reefer Madness’ mindset is still floating around the nation.

Old habits die hard and America’s habit of misinformation towards cannabis won’t go away so easily.  Before we can even start considering medical cannabis as part of our healthcare coverage, there’s still much work to be done on repairing its reputation.  Not only are there Canadian healthcare plans that include medical cannabis as part of their coverage, but Canada is planning to legalize recreational use by July 2018.  This plan looks to legalize cannabis in ALL parts of Canada.

We jumped through some major hurdles last year and the battle for full legalization continues on.  Canada may have its universal healthcare, but America has a secret weapon at its disposal – CALIFORNIA.  Known as the birthplace of the counter-culture movement, California has always shown its widespread approval of their Cali Kush.  California voted to legalize recreational use and the ticking time bomb is set to go off next year.  Once those dispensaries open up, the shit will hit the fan!  That ‘California Dreamin’ mindset will become more relevant than ever.

Canada stepped up their healthcare game and now its America’s turn.  It’s your move, America…balls in your court!




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