Goodbye 25, Hello 26!

There was only one thing on my mind today: it was my birthday.  As of today, I officially turn 26 years old.  Wow…I’ve been living on this crazy planet for 26 years now!  Time just flies by when you’re working so hard.

I can’t believe that another year has flown by.  It seemed like yesterday that I was creeping into my mid-20s era.  Now’s the time to say goodbye to the fun times at 25 and say ‘hello!’ to the new adventures upon the horizon at 26.  25 was one of my better years and I can see things get even better as time goes on.

At 25 years old, I hit some milestones that thrust me into the throes that is known as the ‘Real World’.  Graduation, new job offers, and new friends are just a few of many highlights when I was 25.  It was fun, but things got real once college was over.  Today’s post for MakeSandcastlesNotWar celebrates a few highlights that happened at 25.


Even though I started this blog a few weeks before turning 25, it wasn’t until a few months down the road when MakeSandcastlesNotWar took off.  Since my first blogpost about The Witness, MakeSandcastlesNotWar has been an entertaining project for me.  From TV criss-crosses to Weedmaps billboard signs, writing this blog has been quite an adventure.  Other than writing for my fellow followers (shout out to you awesome followers/readers out there!), MakeSandcastlesNotWar has become personal project showcasing my passion of all things entertainment.  Turning 26 means more exciting adventures, more mind-blowing TV criss-crosses, and even more provocative news about the cannabis industry.  Strap yourselves in, folks – the ride is only getting started!

SSU Graduation

What better way to kick off this major year than with something that was so life-changing: college graduation.  A few months after turning 25, I officially graduated at Salem State University.  After completing my schoolwork for 3 & ½ years, I finally graduated from Salem State University for my Bachelor’s Degree in Communications.  With my diploma at hand, I was ready to take on the world.  Little did I know that the ‘Real World’ that was awaiting me would become much more complicated than I ever imagined.  Like many other college graduates, I became a struggling young adult looking to get my voice heard in a major company.  Even still, this cynicism wasn’t going to prevent me from achieving what I want.

Discovering CBD

Earlier I heard about the chemical CBD (cannabidiol) and was curious to try it sometimes.  A few weeks after graduation, I finally got ahold of some CBD vape pens to try out.  After taking a few puffs one night, I felt an incredible rush of happiness and relief.  This was my first night using CBD and I already fell in love with this unique product.  I felt the euphoria and calmness through the pens (without the psychoactive effects that come with THC-infused products).  It has been almost a year since using CBD and now I vape CBD oil for any occasion.  Not only do I enjoy vaping CBD, but I love promoting the product through word-of-mouth or with my blog!

Ticket Booth Worker at Berry Pond

A month into graduation, I landed a summer job at Harold Parker State Forest.  One of my favorite tasks was working at the ticket booth when the park opened.  My job was simple – stay around the booth and collect funding from customers that wanted a pass into the park.  It was so simple and fun at the same time because I had a lot of free time to catch up on some reading.  I’ve some really good titles while waiting around for customers to swing by.  Titles like On the Road and In Cold Blood were some good novels to read.  This was a nice change of pace to be outdoors at a park for my summer job.


After settling into what would be my new home, I gained a lot more self-confidence in myself when it comes to interacting with people.  When I moved into the city last year, I was anxious as hell to start talking to new people around Boston.  I lived in Ipswich for 18 years and this sudden shift into the city really threw off my social game.  It wasn’t until after summer that I gained more confidence in having small talk with strangers I haven’t met before.  Nowadays the trick comes almost natural to me when I interact with people.  Just last week I met a new friend in Boston after some small talk about my new haircut I got earlier.  A few minutes into talking with him and we already made plans to grab drinks after work (which we did on Monday!).

So that’s where my life is at this point – being a young enthusiastic college graduate who is ready to start a new life around Boston and make some new friends along the way.  Life after graduation hasn’t been easy, but I definitely got better at putting myself out there in Boston.  There are a lot of interesting people out there and I’ve become more excited (and less anxious!) about meeting these awesome individuals.

With that, it’s time to say goodbye to 25 and give a warm welcome to 26.  Who knows what zany adventures life will bring me in the future.  Being 25 was fun, but I am definitely looking forward to what life brings as I become a year older.  Here’s to being 26 years old!


6 thoughts on “Goodbye 25, Hello 26!

  1. TradeRoutz livingStyle

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! It’s wonderful reading your enthusiasm for life. Beautiful! You’ve got a great attitude, so fantastic! I’m interested to know what CBD oils you used? Are you sure that there is no THC in what you used? I’ve tried them here, where THC is banned, and they do Zip for me! maybe the kind you get is infused with a better product or something?? Hope you have a blast of a birthday and year!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jon Post author

      Thank you Deb! Yeah life has been pretty swell for me. I usually find my CBD products around the Boston area (there’s NO THC yet since recreational dispensaries haven’t opened yet). I get mine without the THC anyways.

      Liked by 1 person


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