The United Airlines Sexist Dress Code Club

Ever since I was a kid, I have been on many airplanes for vacation trips.  I took flights to PRSSA conferences, to California (one of my personal favorite trips!), to Miami for the cruise the next day, and even to Georgia to visit my extended family.  It was always exciting to pack my favorite games to bring with me on the plane.  Now that I’m older and security has tightened up even more around the airlines (thanks to 9/11), getting through the airport is pure HELL.

We used to be hopeful adventurers who were enthusiastic about flying, but now we’ve succumbed to becoming lab rats being pulled into institutionalized buildings where employees scream directions to us every minute. “Take your shoes OFF and put ALL electronic devices into the tray NOW!”, says the disgruntled worker to all passengers.  All this screaming and yelling over basic instructions has decreased our enthusiasm about flying.  If that isn’t enough to cause you to go insane, then you’ll lose it even more when you find out that some airlines won’t let you on board because of the way you are dressed.  This particular scenario happened recently with United Airlines.

Here’s the PR nightmare for today: two girls were boarding a flight in Denver to head back to Minneapolis on Sunday morning.  Since the girls were wearing leggings, United Airlines barred the girls from boarding the flight.  To make matters even more embarrassing, they were forced to change into a dress when the gate agent thought that the leggings were inappropriate.  United Airlines doubled down on their decision through a series of tweets.  This news was first posted by Twitter user Shannon Watts, a passenger who witnessed the scene while boarding a flight to Mexico.

Let me get this straight…two young girls, that weren’t even teenagers yet, were barred and forced to put on a dress because of their style choice.  Not because they wore something that promoted sex/drugs/violence, but simply because they wanted to wear leggings.  Seriously guys…LEGGINGS are what barred the two tween girls from flying United Airlines.  To make matters even worse, they were forced to put on a dress in front of EVERYONE at the gate. This PR nightmare is on another level of stupidity that its hurting my brain.

This sexist story hit the social media bug, causing a wildfire of shocked reactions from users everywhere.  More users were offended by the PR nightmare rather than the girls that decided to wear leggings on board.  Airline companies like Delta took to Twitter to troll United Airlines with their preposterous rule.  Even after the shocking reactions from users appalled by the nightmare, United Airlines STILL stood by with their decision.

Jesus Christ…just when I thought airports couldn’t get even more frustrating.  What is this country coming to?  Since when did we start allowing gate attendants to judge what’s proper clothing for women to wear onboard the airplane?  Not too long ago, people secretly had sex on a plane before landing (which was called ‘joining the Mile-High Club’).  Now we’ve gotten to the point of paranoia that we can’t allow tween girls to wear leggings on board the plane.  This PR nightmare really set a bad tone for United Airlines and their culture.

As a man, I think it’s absolutely preposterous that United Airlines barred the girls just because they wanted to wear leggings.  I could give a shit what women are wearing (whether it’s a big dress or tiny skirt) because I respect women for who they are.  Women should be allowed for choosing what to wear and not feel judged based on some bullshit sexist issues.  If you’re a woman and want to wear leggings on a plane, go ahead and do that (I’ll give you brownie points if they have a pot leaves on them!).  Leggings are an appropriate style choice, not some slutty accessory that would be deemed unacceptable in American culture.

Next time I’m planning a trip, I’ll be sure to wear some leggings before heading to my destination (probably something with pot leaves or horrific monsters as a design!).  There ARE such things as leggings for men and I’ve been thinking about purchasing a pair.  I’ll have to search for some good ones before I’m flying out for vacation.

With that, I call on all women to wear whatever clothes that they enjoy.  You do YOU, girl!  No man/woman can tell you that your fashion sense isn’t deemed ‘appropriate’ to wear!


12 thoughts on “The United Airlines Sexist Dress Code Club

  1. TradeRoutz livingStyle

    BUT…Muslims are allowed to be covered from head to toe, with only tiny peepholes to see through. Who knows WHO hides under those clothes? Would the assholes who picked on the little girls, DARE to pick on Muslims who are covered head to toe in black, covering WHO knows what? I say ROCK ON to Muslims..wear whatever the hell you like, but to embarrass young girls for no reason is tantamount to bullying. They should sue for pain and suffering. Probs find them in therapy now, for the rest of their lives. This kind of shit impacts a young girls self esteem TERRIBLY!!! United Airlines is obviously run by a brain dead bitch. In fact, the girls could’ve refused to dress in front of everyone. I’m quite certain a good attorney would have a field day with this….Listen UP parents!!! don’t allow your kids to be bullied. oh and I agree about flying. It’s become a bloody nightmare just to get through the gates. Turbulence? small fry compared to the idiots on the ground.

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    1. Jon Post author

      Love your energetic rant! Its sad that our country is currently being run by a misogynistic environment where girls are shamed for whatever they wear in public. Getting through the airlines is just as worse as getting through the DMV. Paranoia and fear are what got us to this ridiculous mess.

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      1. TradeRoutz livingStyle

        Yup! FEAR keeps the sheeple in line. Keeps them obeying whatever absurd, outright cruel, brainless, bullshit new ‘rule’ they come up with. They sit around kissing each others asses, while they rub their paws, discussing what FEAR tactic to use next on the sheeple. See, if the sheeple are TERRIFIED of life itself, who will they turn to for HELP??? oh, the very ones who scare the shit outta them in the first place. The very very sad thing, apart from their bullshit and bullying, is that the sheeple actually BELIEVE their crap! My CAVE is waiting! 🙂

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      2. Jon Post author

        So true! The sheeple need to learn to move away from the flock in order to find some common sense & sanity within this world.

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      3. TradeRoutz livingStyle

        True. It is the only way that they’ll EVER be happy. Detach. Stop watching the bullshit the media are fed to feed you. Most of all, LIVE, and never be afraid of dying! If you truly LIVE, with all your heart and Soul, and realise that in reality, we are ALL dying, just, we’re doing this in different stages. So death is the ONLY thing that is a definite. One doesnt’ have to do anything but die. So Rock on, live, and find your cave, where you can be free. 🙂 Screw leggings, in your cave, your birthday suit is just FINE! 🙂

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  2. Tony Single

    There is so much wrong with this. It makes my blood boil. I don’t think anyone should be telling anyone else what they should or shouldn’t be wearing, whether they be woman, Muslim, or a purple cat with a big arse and yellow polka dots. Why are some people trying to police what other people do when it comes to their appearance? That’s a step too far in my opinion. Well written, my friend.

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    1. Jon Post author

      Thanks Tony! Yeah I was annoyed when writing about this topic because I too believe that NO one should be disciplined for what they wear in public. Thanks for stopping by!

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