Packing Perfect Joints with Pouch Papers!

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As a cannabis connoisseur, I have one amateur statement I have to confess: I can’t roll a joint.  Out of all of the devices I have used in the past (pipes, bongs, dugouts), I still haven’t mastered the art of joint rolling.  I have seen many how-to pages around the internet and I am still figuring out the right techniques.  People showcase videos of them doing it as well and it is NOT as easy as it looks!

One frustrating part of joint rolling is that the flowers keep falling off the side when I tighten the bottom.  When the flowers keep falling, I spend at least 3-4 minutes picking the remains up to pack them in again.  The technique itself isn’t complicated to me, but it’s that one issue that is preventing me from rolling an amazing joint.  I have gotten better at rolling with a pen and I am trying to shy away from the trick.

It was then that I asked myself: are there joints specifically made for beginners?  Could there be joint paper where it’s easier to pack the flowers inside without having them fall off?  If there is such thing, where would I even find this kind of unique product?


These burning questions led me to discover an amazing product: Pouch Papers.  Originally manufactured in Northern China, Pouch Papers are a unique joint-rolling product.  Each pack provides 20 sheets inside and they cost less than $5.



The unique selling point of Pouch Papers is the sealed pouch featured inside.  When rolling your joint/spliff, simply pack your herbs inside the pouch and roll up the joint.  Lick the sticky gum side and your joint is good to go.  Now you’ll be able to show off your new joint rolling skills to your friends!

You can find this at most smoke shops around Massachusetts (I’d recommend searching for them in Boston since there’s a lot of smoke shops that would carry them).  I found my pack of Pouch Papers at Sugar Daddy’s Smoke Shop near Fenway Park, but you can certainly get them at other shops.  When searching for Pouch Papers, look for the yellow-orange kangaroo (that reads ‘POUCH’ on the body) that is located within the center of the pack.  There are definitely other rolling paper brands that carry the pouch feature, but Pouch Papers is the most popular brand I found.

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I was so glad to find the Pouch Papers!  My joint rolling skills are far from advanced and I wondered if there was a product that would make the process easier.  Once I have some free time, I will practice rolling with the papers to further increase my skill.

If anyone out there is having difficulty rolling joints, I HIGHLY (no pun intended!) recommend purchasing Pouch Papers.  Rolling with Pouch Papers is easier and you will increase your rolling technique as time goes on.  Practicing with these papers is a great way to get better and you will consume some amazing cannabis as well!

They say ‘practice makes perfect’ and this certainly holds true for joint-rolling.  Pouch Paper’s unique pouch function serves as the unique selling point that distinguishes itself from other brands.  It is great that other rolling paper brands are releasing flavored papers, but they should think differently about what joint users are searching for in their products.  Beginner rollers would want to purchase Pouch Papers since they are easier to roll.

With that, I recommend all first-time rollers to use Pouch Papers to practice rolling the perfect joint.


7 thoughts on “Packing Perfect Joints with Pouch Papers!

  1. TradeRoutz livingStyle

    hahahahaha! OMG this is probably the funniest post I’ve read in a while!! The ‘Heisenberg’ fella looks like he’s into something else in a SERIOUS way! SO funny….and I can’t roll a joint, but don’t smoke either, coz I have to take meds to keep me from going totally off-tilt! Enjoy the joints! and the rolls and everything else inbetween. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jon Post author

      Thanks TradeRoutz! Glad you enjoyed reading the post. I was so glad to finally find the Pouch Papers while in Boston last night.


      1. TradeRoutz livingStyle

        hahahahaha! OMG, truly, I’m peeing myself laughing! I can only imagine you swearing and bitching as your good shit landed on the carpet! So glad you sorted that out. Solid man!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. TradeRoutz livingStyle

        Totes! Probs is, it’s not legal here, so I settled for the bloody Cannibidoils which, without the THC, do nothing. Cost a crap load of loot though! Sheeeit! must move to Spain or wherever that shit’s legal!

        Liked by 1 person

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