Greenest Greens for a Greener St. Patrick’s Day Celebration!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone!  It’s that time of the year where Irish men/women (or people that pretend to be Irish!) to celebrate this fun holiday.  Guinness, soda bread, and shepherd’s pie are a few things that come to mind when you think of Irish culture.  Today is the day to wear your greenest outfits to show off your Irish pride!

People usually celebrate St. Patrick’s Day through a night of drinking with your friends.  If you’re a cannabis connoisseur like me, then you’re probably skipping the alcohol and diving straight into smoking that green ganja that you’ll stick onto your corncob pipe.  You’re probably asking yourself: what are some relevant cannabis strains for St. Patrick’s Day?  What special greens would go better than a pint of Guinness?

Well folks, you came to the right place!  MakeSandcastlesNotWar decided to showcase a list of cannabis strains that will make your St. Patrick’s Day celebration even greener.  These sativas, indicas, and hybrids are the go-to strains for rolling that green joint to pass around your Irish friends.  Here are a few Irish-themed cannabis strains for a perfect St. Patrick’s Day celebration:

Pot of Gold:  There’s an old Irish tale where a pot of gold sits at the end of the rainbow and the strain certainly holds true.  Pot of Gold is an indica strain containing a sweet, fruity hashish taste with some very potent physical effects.  Stemming from the cross between Hindu Skunk and Skunk No. 1, consuming some Pot of Gold will keep you relaxed and happy during the day.  It won’t get you rich with gold anytime soon, but Pot of Gold will keep you laughing as you consume another pint of Guinness at your favorite Irish pub.

Image result for Lucky Charms Cannabis

          Lucky Charms: “There after me Lucky Charms!” shouted Lucky the Leprechaun as the kids ran off with his cereal.  Lucky Charms may be more known from the breakfast cereal, but it tastes more like tangy fruit than marshmallows.  Consuming Lucky Charms will keep you creative and relaxed as you go about celebrating your Irish pride.  Be sure to have a bowl of Lucky Charms if you decide to wake and bake with some Lucky Charms!

          Green Dream:  Irish people are known to be ambitious, striving for a dream rather than reality.  Green Dream is the strain for those Irish dreamers.  It’s a sativa-dominant hybrid from a cross of Blue Dream and Green Crack.  This green strain will keep you happy and uplifted for the days.  The Irish are known to be a friendly bunch and Green Dream is just one of many reasons to be friendly with everyone at the pub.

Image result for Green Kush Cannabis

          Green Kush:  Heading over to the Kush-type strains, Green Kush is a great indica strain.  Grown from the offspring of Green Crack and Purple Kush, Green Kush starts with an upbeat cerebral effect before hitting you with a heavy body sensation.  This strains slowly creeps in as you kick off your St. Patrick’s Day celebration with your friends and family.  Check out some Green Kush if you need some Kush-type strains for your holiday.

          Green Dragon:  Other than being known for a famous drink with liquor and cannabis, Green Dragon is another indica strain.  This indica cross between Afghani and Turkish Gummy is usually used for pain management, with users describing it as a colorful lift after consuming.  Green Dragon provides a relaxed and euphoric effect for celebrating a great St. Patrick’s Day celebration.

That’s just a few Irish-related strains to consume for an amazing St. Patrick’s Day celebration.  MakeSandcastlesNotWar wants to wish everyone a Happy St. Patrick’s Day.  Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


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