Medical cannabis has helped treat numerous ailments that people face.  From glaucoma to depression, people are turning to medical cannabis to treat their illnesses.  This just goes to show that cannabis has become a more reasonable substitute for medicine than pharmaceutical drugs.  More people have been flocking to medical cannabis for treatment, yet the federal government has been lagging so far behind on the cannabis culture within our American society.

How behind is our government in terms of the cannabis community?  A recent article from The Washington Post was released yesterday showcasing the “marijuana” that the government has been studying all those years.  What we discovered was absolutely SHOCKING.

Seriously guys…what…the FUCK.  Is this some kind of a joke?  This is the cannabis that the government has been using for research all these years?  It looks like some wacky tobacco/oregano crap from Mexico!  I couldn’t even call this cannabis because it looks like patches of sticks/dirt used for a bird’s nest.  As Veronica Corningstone from Anchorman would say, “It smells like, like a used diaper…filled with…Indian food.”

It really has to be some kind of sick joke because that is NOT the kind of cannabis you see at dispensaries.  That so-called “marijuana” that they were researching with looks like mutated bird shit grounded up with dirt and stems.  As a cannabis connoisseur, I’m APPALLED at how disgusting that batch of cannabis looks.  Here’s what REAL cannabis should look like:

Look at that gorgeous nug!  It’s got that light-green color, orange hairs, crystallized white trichomes, and is much more thicker than the counterpart.  THAT is what medicinal cannabis should look like when your administrating it to patients, not that mutated rosemary leave seasoning that the government has been working with.

All insults aside, this poses a serious health problem and PR nightmare for the cannabis industry.  This is a grave insult to medicinal patients all across the country that habitually use cannabis daily.  Patients depend on high-quality medicine from license professionals, not something that looks like cow manure drenched in grass clippings (if you’ve been keeping track, that’s FOUR shots fired at the “cannabis” used for government research!).  Cannabis professionals are so ahead of the time, in terms of proper cultivation techniques, that patients are flocking to these professionals for help rather than the ‘professionals’ in the healthcare system.

If we can’t trust our country’s top federal researchers to conduct proper research on cannabis, then how can we possibly trust them at all?  No patient would ever purchase that dried-up patch of grass and dirt mixture (FIFTH shot fired!).  If I ever bought something like that at a dispensary, I would immediately send it back and NEVER go back there ever again.

In order for the NIDA researchers to get back into good graces, they really need to keep up with the cannabis trends.  The cannabis culture has been soaring since legalization has been making waves all across the country.  If this is the best that NIDA can do in the 21st century, then they are seriously sinking from the public’s favor.  We live in a world where cannabis connoisseurs/professionals are providing better-quality medicine than the researchers at NIDA.

This was a bad PR nightmare to hear about!  Dispensaries have been rolling in millions of dollars in state sales and our top health researchers are so far behind on the latest trends.  I would never use it because that is not the cannabis I see within the TV series showcasing medical dispensaries.  If you want to provide high-quality medicine, then you have to follow every correct procedure EVERY step of the way.  You can’t take any shortcuts or else your product will plummet in sales.

Within the growing medical cannabis community, patients demand high-quality products to treat their pain.  That patient suffering from depression won’t be too happy if you provided him that grounded-up grassy shit rather than the big green buds filled with orange hairs and sticky trichomes.  Even worse, you could possibly increase their pain and suffering that they are going through right now (that depressed patient could be having suicidal thoughts again!).  It’s crucially important to cultivate cannabis the proper way in order to get the most out of your product.

As time yields on, hopefully NIDA will get in on the cannabis trends that are happening now within the industry.


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