Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun (to Vaporize Weed!)

All living creatures have relied on the sun for survival since the dawn of time.  Hunter-gatherers had no concept of time, yet they knew that their day started when the sun was up.  Plants draw in energy from the sun to grow stronger each day.  We are millions of miles away from the sun and yet we always conjure up more unique ways to utilize its energy for different purposes.

Whether its growing plants for food or heating up our homes through solar panels, the sun is one of our most essential tools for survival in our daily life.  It’s astonishing how our country takes nature for granted since we depend on sunlight for a variety of benefits.  Soaking in sunlight helps us receive the necessary vitamin D3 intake that will help increase our serotonin levels (thus why we love going to the beach during the summertime!). We would be completely screwed if the sun dies out, but that catastrophic event won’t occur for another billion years later.

Advancement in technology helped us trap the sun’s energy for solar panels as a form of alternative energy.  Solar power has become a popular energy source since the 21st century and we are creating more ways of getting the most use of the sun.  It has made waves here in Massachusetts, but it’s gained a lot more popularity in California (because California has over 300+ days of sunshine each year!).  From homes to hot tubs, solar power is revolutionizing the way we utilize energy for personal benefits.  One unique function for the sun’s energy is for consuming cannabis.

Fredericksburg Virginia-based company The Sun Token created the first solar hybrid vaporizers for vaping cannabis.  Creator hector Campos initiated the company in 2015 after being able to source all the materials to create the Sun Token model that would be beautiful as well as affordable.  The product itself provides a hand-finished cherry wood base that is smooth enough to touch.  It comes with accessories such as the mouth piece, a variety of colorful bowls to choose from, shatter-proof acrylic dome with a magnet base, credit-card sized Fresnel lens, and an owner’s manual.

The concept itself is simple: pack your weed into the top carb piece.  Attach the magnetic dome onto the base to keep the flowers from being blown away.  Hold the Fresnel lens near the carb and inhale when you see the flowers being lit up.  Exhale after you take in the smoke and…voila!  You just got stoned through the power of the sun!  It’s like watching mother nature at her very finest

Remember that old childhood science trick where you held a magnifying glass near the sun to try to burn a piece of grass?  It’s just like that unique science concept, only now you’re using that science to vaporize some weed!  Your favorite science experiment now functions as a unique way for consuming cannabis with your friends.  Yeah! Science, bitch!

This is an awesome cannabis product!  If I were living in California, I would definitely vaporize some weed with my friends using The Sun Token.  It’s a perfect product for soaking up the sun while you use that sun to consume some cannabis on the beach.  The sun’s rays are so vital for our health and now we’ve utilized that function to get even healthier through cannabis.  Cannabis seems to be steering us closer to nature as recreational use becomes more popular here in the United States.

Before the digital age of the 21st century, 90s kids like me used to hold a magnifying glass near the sunlight in an attempt to burn pieces of grass.  We may have grown up years later, but our imagination helped shape the new world we live in.  Cannabis has received much more support since I was a kid and that newfound support means a whole range of innovative ideas on how to consume the product.  The Sun Token is just one of many companies bringing in a unique take on the vaporizing concept.

Millions of years later, we continue to discover more interesting ideas on utilizing the sun’s energy.  This is just the beginning for renewable energy sources.  Who knows, we could be taking bong rips by heating the flowers through the sun’s rays!  One thing is for certain: the sun is our most important tool for all living creatures on this earth.


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