Mary Jane: CEO of Cannabis

International Women’s Day took place on March 8th this year.  It was a special time where women all across the nation commemorate the movement for women’s rights.  The very first celebration took place in New York on February 28th, 1909.  After more than a century later, women still band together for the fight on equal rights.

A lot has changed since the first International Women’s Day, but there’s still some work to be done.  There are very few women CEOs (Chief Executive Officers) in the male-dominated work world.  Many hopeful women work hard to land the role of a CEO, but more men seem to take over the position in the end.  In almost every corporate team, the male is the CEO of the company.  However, the cannabis industry has shifted the game within the 21st century.

With recreational cannabis use legalized each year, more women are flocking to pot (literally!) for a higher position in the business world.  For the first time ever in America, the cannabis industry has become predominantly ruled by women.  These Mary Jane enthusiasts outnumber males in the cannabis industry, with some members becoming CEOs of cannabis products/services.  This is a major step in the right direction for equality in the work force.

TV series like Weeds provided a futuristic glimpse of women that work with cannabis.  The series follows Mary-Louise Parker as Nancy Botwin, a pot-dealing mother of two in the suburb town of Agrestic, California.  It chronicles Botwin’s wacky adventures when she decided to deal weed after her husband died from a heart attack.  This is a rare case where a female is the lead of drug-themed series because a majority of drug shows have male leads (like The Wire or Breaking Bad!).

This shift does come with its set of challenges as well.  Even as the flourishing Mary Janes work hard in the cannabis industry, there are still women out there that aren’t taken seriously in the business world.  When you conduct a Google search for ‘Mary Jane’, you’ll probably end up with something like this:

Yeah… not exactly the type of professional Mary Janes we were looking for!  In the liberal world of cannabis, women are treated as objects that empower the brand rather than the female herself.  This isn’t the only industry that has objectified females for profit gains.  Male employees within the male-dominated video game industry provide a biased image of what women should look like in a game, snickering like prepubescent boys as the enlarge the character’s boobs.  It’s that kind of misogynistic mentality that will keep the true Mary Janes away from the flowers and flocking to a more acceptable business.

We are at 2017 and it’s about HIGH time that we welcome more aspiring Mary Janes into the cannabis industry.  Seeing all these empowering women taking control of the cannabis industry is a message we should all wake up to read.  Cannabis is a beautiful and natural plant that is consumed by both men AND women.  If cannabis is a universal plant to consume, then why should it become another male-dominated business here in America?  Iceland is looking to eliminate the gender pay gap by 2022 and America isn’t even CLOSE to reaching that goal.

As a male PR writer, I am fascinated by minorities that take up a high position in the business world.  Our country is changing each day, with more diversity entering the work force (FYI, President/Chief Operating Officer of the Golden State Warriors Rick Welts publicly came out as a gay man on May 15th, 2011!).  Those that were shunned down by ignorance and humility are now riding the wave of a diverse world in the 21st century.  With recreational cannabis use at an all-time high in America, now’s the chance to create an equally diverse cannabis industry.

To the hard-working women that have high positions in the business world:  YOU GO GIRL!  Don’t let NO ONE tell you that you’re not fit for a role in the company!


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