How Pegasus Really Lost to Yugi Moto

As you get older, you’ll start to notice some subtle jokes that were inserted into your favorite childhood shows.  These ‘jokes’ usually involve some theme of sex, drugs, or even violence that the kids wouldn’t understand.  If you were to go back and watch the old series now, you would be surprised to realize how messed up some of the content was.  This scenario happened to me last week in Brighton/Allston.

I was in Brighton/Allston watching Yu-Gi-Oh and consuming some amazing Strawberry Banana Kush.  The episode was titled ‘Double Trouble Duel’ featuring the Paradox Brothers.  There were times where the episode cut to scenes of Pegasus watching the match from his dining room.  During these scenes, Pegasus is seen drinking some red liquid as he watches Yugi’s match.  It took me a few seconds to realize that Pegasus was drinking a glass of wine.

Oh my god… Pegasus was drinking wine the ENTIRE time while watching Yugi’s matches!  Holy shitballs…this changes everything!  Who knew that Pegasus was actually an alcoholic during the duelist kingdom tournament?  This ACTUALLY makes sense now…he lost to Yugi Moto because Pegasus lost too much brain cells before the match!

Just…wow.  I watched all season 1 of Yu-gi-oh as a kid and never realized that Yugi’s main enemy was an alcoholic.  Pegasus may have been a great duelist, but his alcoholism became his major downfall when facing Yugi.

Image result for yugioh pegasus drinking wine

For the record, the Duelist Kingdom Tournament went on for only 48 hours.  During that time span, Pegasus drank multiple glasses of wine while the tournament was happening.  It’s surprising to see that Pegasus could actually stand up right during the show (let alone duel anyone!).  His drinking caused him to be sloppy and he lost his title as world champion of duel monsters.

It was interesting to notice Pegasus drinking wine in almost every episode of season 1!  I couldn’t believe that they got away with him drinking alcohol on an anime targeted for kids.  Japan surely has some strange rules when it comes to appropriate content on their series.  Yu-Gi-Oh isn’t really a violent series, but the random drinking scenes did nudge us towards some adult content.

To conclude, Pegasus alcoholism cost him his match against Yugi Moto.  Maybe if Pegasus put down the bottle once in a while, he would not have lost his match!


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