Hail to the Kief: America’s Greatest 4/20-Friendly Presidents

Yesterday we took some time off of work/school to celebrate President’s Day.  President’s Day is a national holiday that falls on the 3rd Monday of February every year.  It was originally established as “Washington’s Birthday” back in 1885 to celebrate George Washington’s birthday and was renamed as Presidents’ Day when it was moved as part of the 1971 Uniform Monday Holiday Act, which was filed to create more 3-day weekends for workers.  George Washington may have been dead for centuries, but we still celebrate this holiday every February.

Nowadays Presidents’ Day is viewed as a day celebrating all U.S. presidents, both past and present.  It will be an interesting 4 years for our president now that recreational cannabis use is legal in 1/10 of the country.  With the cannabis community growing stronger each day, it will be harder for politicians to turn a deaf ear on what their goals are for America.  Interestingly enough, not all former presidents shunned down cannabis use during their terms.  Some members habitually smoked cannabis while others simply approved the plant.

Nevertheless, we should remember how our Founding Fathers first used to plant in order to shed the light on a brighter future for America.  Here are some noteworthy 4/20-friendly presidents that have been in the White House:

George Washington:  We had to start off our 4/20-friendly list right with our first president George Washington.  Washington didn’t really smoke cannabis, but he was well-known for growing hemp in his backyard.  He grew the hemp to use for fiber and other essential tools during the 18th century.  It was also noted that dealt with his toothaches through his hemp preparations.  Imagine that folks – our very first president of the U.S. grew hemp!

          John F. Kennedy:  Considered one of the greatest U.S. presidents of all time, John F. Kennedy smoked cannabis during his term in the 1960s.  Rather than openly smoking joints for recreational use, Kennedy used it to treat his severe back pain.  Even though the counter-culture movement didn’t take off until the late 60s, people openly smoked cannabis without the paranoia of getting caught by the authorities.

          Barack Obama:  It’s been months since he left the White House and people still miss Barack Obama…or what he was formerly known as ‘Barry’.  Our last president even admitted to using cannabis when he was a teenager in Hawaii.  His most famous statement was, “When I was a kid, I inhaled, frequently.  That was the point.”  What’s interesting to point out is that four states (Colorado, Alaska, Oregon, Washington) legalized recreational use during Obama’s term as president.  Kudos to Obama for becoming more liberal on the 4/20 issues here in America!

          Thomas Jefferson: Just like Washington, Thomas Jefferson farmed hemp during his presidency.  Other than farming the versatile crop, he was Ambassador to France during the Hashish era.  There’s no further research on whether or not he consumed recreationally, but it’s still great to have another president that grew hemp in his backyard!

          Bill Clinton:  Way before the rise of Hillary Clinton becoming a candidate for the 2016 elections, Bill Clinton took the stage from 1993-2001.  In the true Clintonian fashion, he claimed that he didn’t inhale and would not try it ever again (sure Clinton…just like you claimed to not have an “inappropriate relationship” with Monica Lewinsky!).  Cannabis was still heavily criminalized in the 90s era, but that didn’t stop Clinton from testing out this popular drug!

And there you have it – five of the most 4/20-friendly presidents that have graced their presence in the White House.  It’s ironic that we’ve had such strict cannabis laws in America when many of these presidents used the plant in the past.  As we become more educated about the cannabis industry, the path for cannabis legalization in America becomes clearer.  Who knows, we may have 4/20-friendly president that smokes reefers in the near future!  For now, let’s reflect on the 4/20-friendly presidents that have previously worked in the White House.


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