Santa Clarita Diet – A Horrific Suburban-Style Comedy!

It’s the middle of February and winter has brought us some cold days here in Massachusetts.  Yesterday we got quite a blizzard and hundreds of schools/offices closed down for the day.  Lucky for me, I didn’t have any obligations to attend to during the blizzard.  This was one of those perfect ‘Netflix and Chill’ kind of snow days to binge-watch your favorite series.

For me, the snow day became the perfect afternoon to finish up Netflix’s Santa Clarita Diet.  This horror-comedy series starred Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant as married couple Sheila/Joel Hammond who work as real estate agents in Santa Claritas, California.  Their lives take a twisted turn when Sheila transforms into a living zombie that dines on human flesh.  The single-camera comedy series premiered on February 3rd and consists of 10 episodes.

Before diving into this horrific comedy series, I never got into most of these comedies on basic cable that were set in the gated, suburban neighborhoods.  TV series like Suburgatory or The Neighbors had these mundane story-lines with bland characters and their “problems” they faced every day (your neighbor bought a new grill for the block party that’s better than yours…oh god, THE HORROR.  THE HORROR!).  Most of these sunny suburb shows made me want to gag over the shitty plot-lines for some of the episodes.  Showtime’s Weeds was set in the suburban town of Agrestic, but Nancy Botwin’s pot schemes are what kept me glued to the series.

What made Santa Clarita Diet so interesting was Drew Barrymore’s unique problem of transforming into a zombie.  Sheila wasn’t able to eat normal food, so she had to start eating flesh…human flesh, that is!  On the last scene of the first episode, Gary starts hitting on Sheila outside of her house.  To revolt against his demands, she bites off his fingers and starts devouring him raw.  That final scene of Sheila consuming Gary is what kept me hungry for more!  Things get really wacky in the series as Sheila and Joel search for more human flesh around their neighborhood.

Other than the actual show itself, the title screen provides some cool graphics.  The opening features a dinner plate set with all of the eating utensils and napkin.  Everything seems normal until a drop of blood hits the top of the ‘I’, spilling onto the font that reads “DIET” on the dinner plate.  It drops a subtle hint as to what the single-camera comedy series will be all about.

Overall, Santa Clarita Diet was a great comedy to watch on Netflix.  The series had some great cameos pop up every once in a while (including Nathan Fillion, Patton Oswalt, Thomas Lennon, and Andy Richter).  This was one of those suburban comedy series that I actually enjoyed watching because of its edgier content.  It provided the suburban-style atmosphere, but the story itself got much crazier after each episode.

Santa Clarita Diet isn’t just another cookie-cutter, family-friendly comedy series set with some bland suburban-setting storyline.  There was blood, there was gore, and lots of scheming with the neighbors to keep their secret hidden from everyone.  It’s a different kind of suburban story with a horrific twist where Sheila transforms into a zombie.  If you’re looking for a unique comedy series on Netflix on a cold winter day, you should definitely check out Santa Clarita Diet!


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