Weedmaps Billboard Display on Beachmont


Over the past few weeks, I have seen more advertisements sprouting up pertaining to cannabis companies.  First there was the billboard on ocean avenue of Revere Beach that showcased Weedmaps.  Weedmaps is an online cannabis community where users can review and discuss various cannabis strains, as well as dispensaries, all around the country.  That was the first Weedmaps advertisement I spotted within the Greater Boston area.  Just a few weeks later, I spotted ANOTHER Weedmaps advertisement sitting on the Saugus Rumney Marsh Reservation.


This Weedmaps billboard lit up on a clear Monday night, nestled to the right of a billboard advertising Perkins School for the Blind.  It was set across the street from Wheelabrator Technologies, a building that converts business/residential waste into clean energy.  Both of these billboards sit just a few miles away from each other.  Even though recreational dispensaries haven’t opened up yet, we seem to be seeing more cannabis advertisements aimed to raise consumer’s awareness of the product.  And just when I thought I’ve seen them all within my neighborhood, another billboard caught my eye once again.

During one of my trips home from Boston, I remembered noticing another lit billboard on the Beachmont stop on the Blue line.  It took me a few minutes to ponder whether or not I was really seeing things.  “It couldn’t be!”, I thought to myself.  My pondering led me to the Beachmont train station area to check it out.  I parked near the Dimino’s Sub Sandwiches and walked across the street.  Nestled right on the Suffolk Downs racetrack was…ANOTHER Weedmaps sign!



My pondering was true!  Another Weedmaps advertisement was displayed on a billboard right on the old Suffolk Downs racetrack.  This Weedmaps advertisement can easily be found just a few blocks to the left from the Beachmont train station on Winthrop Avenue.  It was a glorious sight to behold, another Weedmaps billboard just off the Blue line.

Suffolk Downs was a former racecourse that opened in East Boston in 1935.  Joseph A. Tomasello built the infamous racetrack for $2 million, opening one of two live horse racing tracks in Massachusetts.  The racetrack may have closed down on October 4th, 2014, but the Massachusetts Gaming Commission approved funding for it to run on 6 days last year.  There is no word on whether or not the racetrack will open for the 2017 season.

Either way, the Weedmaps advertisement makes for a great display within the racetrack.  It would be interesting if the racetrack did open for a few days this year because it would increase the amount of foot traffic within the Beachmont area.  The billboard actually helps decrease the eyesore around Winthrop Avenue since they limited the horse racing over at Suffolk Downs.

It was so amazing to find yet ANOTHER Weedmaps advertisement nearby!  We don’t have any recreational dispensaries open in Massachusetts, yet cannabis is still widely advertised in the Bay State.  Providing outdoor advertising of cannabis companies is a great strategy to raise audience’s awareness of the product.  There’s still much work to be done for the cannabis industry on the legality scale, but it does help to promote cannabis companies to our audiences.

Seeing another Weedmaps billboard is like catching another glimpse of the future, a future where cannabis becomes a social norm in our society.  Cannabis is here to stay here America and it isn’t being pulled back into Pandora’s Box anytime soon.  With over a majority of Americans believing that recreational cannabis use should be legal, it comes as no surprise that cannabis companies have become the main attraction of many billboards here in the Greater Boston area. We’ve taken the product’s identity away from sketchy dealers in the black market and raised them high onto billboard displays.

Here’s to another Weedmaps billboard sitting proudly on American soil here in Massachusetts.  It’s looking to be a better year for the state of Massachusetts…or better yet, Grassachusetts!


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