Weedmaps Billboard Display in Saugus

Ok, so remember a few weeks ago how I lost my shit over the Weedmaps billboard on Revere Beach?  Here’s a recap of the story:  I was on the Blue line train to Wonderland going back home from work.  At one point, I noticed a lit sign that said ‘Weed’ on the billboard.  With my curiosity getting the better of me, I grabbed my messenger bag and rushed over to where the sign was.  I looked up towards the sign to see an advertisement for Weedmaps on a billboard.  There it was, a billboard advertising a company catering to the cannabis industry.  What a victory for the cannabis industry here in Massachusetts!


This was the beginning of a beautiful future for cannabis advertisements here within the Boston area.  To see a billboard advertising Weedmaps just a few blocks from my apartment was absolutely breathtaking.  After viewing the billboard, I didn’t think I would find any other advertisements for Weedmaps around my area…and boy was I wrong!

Our next story starts during the drive home to Lynn after another busy day at work.  I was driving down the Saugus/Lynn exit of the rotary in Revere.  Traffic wasn’t so bad and I left work feeling great about tackling the next assignment.  Just a few minutes before the bridge to Lynn, I spotted something SO incredible that I had to pullover.  That amazing thing I spotted…was ANOTHER WEEDMAPS ADVERTISEMENT!


That’s right, folks!  I spotted yet ANOTHER Weedmaps advertisement on a billboard on the drive home to Lynn.  Once I spotted the billboard, I pulled into the Fox Hill Yacht Club to get a closer look.  A few minutes into my walk and I stared the Weedmaps billboard, its message glowing bright among the Salem Turnpike.


After making the turn to Salem Turnpike, you can spot this Weedmaps sign across from the Wheelabrator waste management service in Saugus.  It currently sits within the Saugus Rumney Marsh Reservation, a salt marsh habitat that stretches between Saugus and Revere.  This marks one of two Weedmaps advertisements spotted within the Greater Boston area.

The Weedmaps billboard is settled in an ironic area when you think about.  Here is a billboard advertising cannabis, a natural plant that human beings enjoy consuming for recreational use.  It’s currently nestled on a Salt marsh reservation that is home to migrant birds that fly back when the weather is warmer.  Across the street is Wheelabrator Technologies, an industry that converts residential and business waste into clean energy.  Here we have a billboard advertising one of the most natural/safest plants that is currently nestled within a salt marsh reservation and a company that turns waste into clean energy.  It’s almost like Massachusetts is pushing out this subtle sign that cannabis is welcome here in the Bay State!

Spotting this Weedmaps billboard advertisement was truly an incredible sign!  To see ANOTHER billboard advertising Weedmaps shows that we are slowly adapting the cannabis industry into our social culture.  What was once a dangerous drug that was rumored to kill your brain cells is now being advertised on a billboard in Saugus.  We have come so far since Nixon’s War on Drugs procedures that more and more Americans believe cannabis really does have a place here in the United States (FYI, over 2/3rd of Americans believe cannabis should be legal!).

Recreational dispensaries may not roll out for another year or so, but seeing Weedmaps advertised on billboards gives us a glimpse to a brighter future for the cannabis industry.  It’ll be exciting to know that one day adults in Massachusetts will be able to purchase legal cannabis from a dispensary.  For now, let’s take in the glory that is Weedmaps being advertised on a billboard in Saugus.


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