Saugus Hilltop Community: Shop, Dine, Live!

One special landmark I’ve been to plenty of times was the Hilltop Steak House.  Located in Route 1 of Saugus, the Hilltop Steak House was a landmark restaurant in the Greater Boston area.  People came in to check out their steaks, chicken, and even seafood entrees that the restaurant served.  I remember coming into the Hilltop Steak House a few times with my family and the food was absolutely delicious!

Unfortunately, the Hilltop Steak House closed its doors in 2013.  The decline of their business was due to increased competition, a continued change of demographic in the town of Saugus, and increased costs to run the restaurant.  It was amazing restaurant while it lasted, but time and money became the main factors in its decline.  Everything within the landmark has been torn down, except the Hilltop cactus.

So what does the new chapter hold for the Hilltop Steak House area?  What kind of development will we see in the future?  Could this new entry improve the deserted area that used to be the infamous Hilltop Steak House restaurant?

Well there actually is going to be a restaurant developed in the designated area…multiple restaurants that is!  Senior vice president of Boston development for AvalonBay Communities Michael Roberts plans to transform the former restaurant into a housing and retail outlet.  The infamous cactus sign will continue to stay up, but new lighting and other renovations will be made to coincide with the brand’s new identity in Saugus.

AvalonBay Communities is looking to build about 24,000 square feet of retail space that would be built near the front of the 14-acre site, with 280 residential units placed towards the back.  Roberts remarked that retail space would fit between three and six retailers, depending on their size.  Their hoping to find tenants with background experience in both the restaurant and coffee shop industry.  These presentations were announced yesterday at a public meeting and it will still need town approvals to move ahead with the projects.

No other information has been spread about what kind of businesses will open, but they’re looking to add a few restaurants in the mix.  They should definitely consider opening a new steak house (to continue the Hilltop Steak House spirit that is!).  It’ll be interesting to see what type of restaurants will be opening that would appeal with the ever-changing demographic in Saugus.  If not restaurants, there’s definitely some opportunity to provide new businesses/services in the area (how about a recreational cannabis dispensary?  It wouldn’t be close to the schools and it would generate more foot traffic within that area again!).

Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see what’s in stores for the Hilltop Steak House area.  Restaurants are always great, but it would be nice to see some other businesses operating as well.  Hopefully we’ll see some attractions that will persuade people to roam around Saugus sometime.

I’m hoping for some great restaurants to operate in the Hilltop Steak House area.  The Hilltop Steak House was an amazing restaurant and it would be an insult to NOT provide any steakhouses there!  These plans won’t be kicking in anytime soon, but it is interesting to see what developers are thinking about to help the town of Saugus.

This is more than just about some historic steakhouse; it’s about developers brainstorming ways to transform a deserted landmark into a goldmine for Saugus.  Saugus took a pretty big hit with the Hilltop Steak House closing and now their new scenario deals with keeping the old audiences while staying on top of the latest trends to rake in the new demographics.  Could a new steakhouse be the solution to Saugus’s scenario?  Would the ever-changing demographics even be satisfied with the Avalon Bay Communities new plans?

We’ll have to wait and see if these development plans will be put into place in the near future.  For now, let’s take this moment to reminisce on an amazing steakhouse restaurant on Route 1 of Saugus that once was the Hilltop Steakhouse.


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