MakeSandcastlesNotWar’s Cannabis Christmas Guide 2016

Image result for American Weed joint

Image result for American Weed joint

It’s been a week since cannabis prohibition ended in MA and people are STILL celebrating the triumphant victory.  Recreational cannabis use was made legal for Massachusetts, Nevada, Maine, and California during this year’s election (read more on the cannabis victory here).  The country’s opposition to the idea has gone up in smoke, with over 2/3rd of Americans agreeing that cannabis should be made legal just like alcohol and tobacco.  Now that the cannabis industry will be booming over the next few years, it’s time to add some cannabis products into people’s stockings (FYI it’s legal in MA to send cannabis as a gift to someone, but remember that dispensaries WON’T be opening until January 2018!).  To continue with the Christmas-themed posts this week, today’s Christmas guide is cannabis products/services.

Image result for American Weed joint

Image result for American Weed joint

Christmas is just 3 days away, meaning you have limited time left to snag the perfect gifts for your friends/family.  It’s also important to grab the perfect gift for that cannabis connoisseur in your life.  Whether it was a new friend or your current boyfriend/girlfriend, that person deserves some special flowers for the Holidays.  He/she has become a special person in your life, introducing you into the cannabis culture that is flourishing in America.  Joint paper or pipes would be nice, but you’re probably searching for something more unique than that.

Image result for Santa Claus Weed

Here at MakeSandcastlesNotWar, we’ve discovered some unique gifts that’ll be sure to make for one joyous holiday.  There will surely be some baking going on (and I’m not just talking about cookies!) after opening your presents on Christmas Day.  Listed below are some gift ideas that will make the cannabis connoisseur in your life very happy:

Image result for triple barrel joint holder

Triple Barrel Joint Holder:  Have any of you tried to roll the infamous cross-joint from Pineapple Express, but failed to do so?  Well now there’s something even better!  The Triple Barrel Joint Holder will enable you to smoke three joints…at the same time!  What do think Bradley Nowell of Sublime meant when he sang, “Smoke Two Joints”?  At under $20, you can send the gift of this special joint holder for someone looking to expand their joint-smoking experience.  Triple Barrel Joint Holder: triple the joints, triple the power!

Image result for The Flameless Lighter

The Flameless Lighter:  This is a nifty gift that uses electric heat instead of fire to heat up your cannabis.  It’s USB rechargeable, so you can charge it through a USB outlet or on your laptop when you run out of battery.  Give the gift of the flameless lighter for someone that needs a new lighter in their life (because regular flame lighters were SO 20th century!).

Image result for PAX 3

PAX 3:  Pax is one of the hottest vaporizer companies here in America and their newest product is the PAX 3 model.  This sleek portable vaporizer vapes both leaf and extract.  It’s the perfect vaporizers for those vaping on the go to their destination.  Special features include charging cable/dock, maintenance kit, 2 mouthpieces, 3 different screens, Bluetooth, and a 10-year warranty.

Image result for Cannador

Cannador:  For those cannabis connoisseurs that want to keep their flowers as fresh as possible, you can’t go wrong with the Cannador!  Similar to a cigar/tobacco humidor, the Cannador is a humidor for your flowers and other products.  It comes with 2 large ½ oz. glass cups, 2 rewritable strain labels, 2 keys, and a small Humidity Bead System.  Each glass cup has a ventilated lid, sliding open to allow moist air from humidity system to keep your bud fresh.  The Cannador provides models for 4-strain or 6-strain options as well.

Image result for The Cannabis Manifesto

The Cannabis Manifesto by Steven DeAngelo:  Written by Steven DeAngelo, founder of Harborside Health Center dispensary in California, The Cannabis Manifesto is a must read for any cannabis enthusiast.  It helps answer any essential question about the plant through extensive research to fuel a thoughtful discussion on cannabis.  DeAngelo provides insightful explanations on how cannabis prohibition warped our most precious institutions.  This is definitely a great book to pick up for anyone interested in learning more about cannabis’s role in America.

Image result for Brick Pipe and Triangle Ashtray

Brick Pipe and Triangle Ashtray:  Is there a cannabis connoisseur living large and making some serious bank these days?  Get them this classy Brick Pipe and Triangle Ashtray.  The Brick Pipe and Triangle Ashtray is handmade with ceramic & gold luster design.  This classy pipe will cost you a pretty penny with $250 for the pipe and $300 for the ashtray, coming to a total of $550 ($250 for a gold brick pipe…HOLY SHITBALLS).

Image result for nintendo classic edition

Nintendo Classic Edition:  I mentioned this gift idea for my earlier post on a gift guide for 2016 (read about that gift guide here!), but this gift definitely fits this topic as well.  There’s nothing better in life than getting baked and playing some video games.  It still holds true that video games and cannabis go together like peanut butter and jelly.  If you’re a millennial cannabis enthusiast, you should definitely skip the latest consoles and go for the Nintendo Classic Edition.  This nostalgic gift will help you play your favorite NES games, all while smoking some incredible weed!

Image result for Boost eRig

Boost eRig:  Got a friend who’s all about that dab life?  The Boost eRig is the way to go.  The battery-powered potable device will offer the full dabbing experience on the go.  Now you can get your dab on while heading over to your event.  #AllAboutThatDABLife.

Image result for PufferBox

PufferBox:  If you’re looking for the cannabis service that keeps on giving, the PufferBox is the way to go.  PufferBox is the smoking subscription box jam-packed with your favorite smoking accessories that is delivered right to your door!  The service is legal in all 50 states (not just the 4/20-friendly states!) and provides different membership options to choose from.  Why spend the money on just one pipe when you can give them a myriad of smoking accessories right to their door!

Image result for the cannabis kitchen cookbook

The Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook:  As mentioned earlier, there will definitely be some BAKING done during the Christmas season (not just baking cookies!).  The Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook is perfect for the cannabis chef looking to cook some delicious dishes.  It’s for all enthusiasts of any skill level that utilizes cannabis as their ingredients for their main courses.  These aren’t the pot recipes you discovered at college parties anymore!

Image result for Wick Lighter

Wick Light:  The Wick Light utilizes organic hemp flames for lighting your bud, eliminating the taste of lighter butane fluid.  Not everyone is too crazy over the butane fluid taste, so this wick lighter is a healthier alternative.  You can find this unique lighter for under $10, making it a perfect stocking staple.

Image result for Marijuana Resin Necklace

Marijuana Resin Necklace:  Nothing says, “I Love You” than a Marijuana Resin Necklace.  This gorgeous gold-chained necklace has a gold pendant with cannabis resin tucked inside.  Give this necklace to that special woman/man in your life to show much you truly love them.  You can’t really reach for the weed inside the pendant, but you can wear it while you smoke a romantic joint between you and your significant other!


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