Discovering a Hidden Gem with A Trip to the Moon

Netflix always has some great content to watch at a low price.  At only $8.99/month, you can find the latest hit TV series/movie titles right at your fingertips.  The popular streaming service rolls out new content each month, so it’s always exciting to see what Netflix has to offer.  There’s always great selections that will cater towards your interest.

Every now and then you can find some hidden gems that you’ve never heard of.  The fun part is watching the film/TV show, only to discover something incredible.  Popular series are fun to watch, but there is better content out there to look for.  Last night I discovered a hidden gem titled A Trip to the Moon, a trippy silent film created more than a century ago.

A Trip to the Moon was a French silent film directed by Georges Méliès that was released on September 2, 1902.  The film follows a group of astronomers who travel to the moon through a cannon-propelled capsule.  Though this film disappeared after Méliès retirement, it was rediscovered around 1930.  An original hand-colored print was discovered in 1993 and restored in 2011.

Screenshot (10).png

In the first scene, we see a group of astronomers (that look like Wizards!) preparing for their journey.  They view the moon through the telescope to see what their journey looks like.  All of the astronomers/wizards band together to start their mission.

Screenshot (11).png

The next scene shows a group of workers constructing the cannon.  You can see a blacksmith working with an anvil while other workers are piecing the metal together.  Employees painted the cannon red and wrap metal to construct a cylinder-shaped cannon.  They are working quick to reach their destination.

Screenshot (12).png

Another scene shows the leader (the one wearing the emerald green jacket) looking out at the rooftop.  White clouds of smoke shoot from the chimney in the surrounding area at night.  We don’t know what the leader’s name is, but he seems well prepared for what he must do.  It is almost time to start loading up that cannon!

Screenshot (13).png

Now that the cannon is ready, it is time to load everyone in for the journey.  Groups of women watch through the stands as the leader enters into the cannon.  Notice the amount of female skin they’re showing off in the film (keep in mind that it was filmed in the early 20th century, before women could even vote!).  A guard dressed in black keeps watch to make sure the mission stays on track.

Screenshot (14).png

Alas, the men start entering the cannon for the trip to the moon.  Horns are blown as everyone watches the spectacular performance.  Hopefully they will make a safe landing!

Screenshot (15).png

Ah yes, the most infamous scene of all time is here.  The cannon lands right into the moon’s eye, bleeding from the eye socket.  This was the memorable scene that people remember from this movie.  Anyone who has seen the movie knows that this scene was the image for the film poster.

Screenshot (16).png

Everyone exits the cannon to explore the moon.  We see the characters walking along a rough surface painted in tan brown color.  The backdrop is black with little stars popping out underneath the clouds.  Our heroes have made it to the moon!

Screenshot (17).png

It was now time for the heroes to get some rest.  Random extras dressed as stars appeared for a few seconds before more extras dressed as a moon and what appears to be Saturn.  I’d also like to moment to notices how simple/strange the costumes looked back in the 1900s.  There wasn’t even sound in film yet, let alone any camera tricks!  These costumes were just flat-out weird for me to look at.

Screenshot (18).png

Our heroes wake up to snow falling.  They brush the snow off and view their surrounding area.  After a quick nap, they are ready to explore more areas of the moon.

Screenshot (19).png

We see the group walking into an area…full of mushrooms?  Huge dark red mushrooms sprout over the setting on a reddish-brown rocky surface.  A small waterfall spills down in the middle of the mushroom world we are in now.  I really don’t know how we entered Alice in Wonderland, but I guess it’s part of the journey!

Screenshot (20).png

Some weird light-green reptile figures appear in the next scene.  These creepy reptiles carried long spears with golden-yellow arrow tips at the end.  We don’t anything about the colony, but they established their habitat on the moon before they did.  Again, more strange costumes that were created in the 1900s!

Screenshot (21).png

These green reptile creatures were disturbed by their presence.  Only thing left to do is…RUN!  Run away from the reptiles!  Who knows what deadly disease you could pick up on your way back to Earth?

Screenshot (22).png

After running from the reptiles, our leader made it back to the cannon.  He keeps on a lookout for his employees who are heading back as well.  All of them must return back to the cannon to launch out of the moon.

Screenshot (23).png

With one big push, the cannon fires down into the ocean.  It looked like a bright orange soda bottle hurling into the water.  Out of the moon and into the waters we go!

Screenshot (24).png

When the cannon lands into the water, we see a sun rising into the sky.  Ships and boats are pulling into the harbor to let people off.  It is a brand-new day and we are waiting to hear from our heroes.

Screenshot (25).png

Once the cannon was brought out of the water, they pulled it back into the original spot.  It was time to let the heroes out of the cannon.  This has been a long journey and it was time to celebrate.

Screenshot (26).png

What better way to celebrate an exciting journey than with a statue?  A gold statue depicting the astronomer/wizard leader was constructed for everyone to see.  The leader successfully completed the mission.  Hip Hip Hooray!  And that was the end for A Trip to the Moon.

I ran into this title a few times on Netflix and was glad to finally check it out!  It was a strange, yet silly story of a group of men taking a trip to the moon with their cannon.  This was one of the most ground-breaking sci-fi films that waves in the 1900s.  Finding hidden gems like this one is always entertaining.  Popular blockbuster films are always fun, but there are better movies right around the corner.  If you’re looking for some strange silent film, I highly recommend checking out A Trip to the Moon.


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