Pamela Adlon/David Duchovny TV Criss-Cross

So I haven’t been watching any of the new shows lately (mostly because Netflix has ALL of the coolest hit series!).  American Horror Story: Roanoke was the only hit series I followed since September.  The series concluded last week, so it was time to find something else intriguing to watch.  That was when I started diving into another show on FX called Better Things.

I was on episode 3 titled ‘Brown’ when noticed something peculiar about one of the guest stars for the series.  Pamela was on the set with an actor named Teak for an upcoming project.  It took me a mere second to realize that David Duchovny was playing Teak.  David Duchovny and Pamela Adlon used to be together on the former Showtime series Californication!  The best part?  BOTH shows are set in Los Angeles .  TV Criss-Cross!

Better Things is a comedy series created by Pamela Adlon and Louis C.K. (who also star in FX’s Louie).  The show itself stars Pamela Adlon as a divorced actress who raises three daughters on her own.  It was created as a semi-autobiographical story of Adlon’s life in Los Angeles.  Adlon’s Better Things aired its first season finale on November 10th and was picked up for another season next year.

Before Better Things hit the airwaves on FX, Pamela Adlon starred in the Showtime series CalifornicationCalifornication starred David Duchovny as Hank Moody, alcoholic writer in Los Angeles.  His drinking, womanizing, and habitual drug use complicated his relationship with his wife Karen and daughter Becca.  Pamela Adlon starred as Charlie Runkle’s wife Marcy in the series.  Marcy was referred as ‘cokey smurf’ by Hank throughout the series due to her cocaine stint in the earlier seasons.

Just a few years after Californication ended, Pamela and David appeared onscreen in another series.  Only this time it was Pamela’s major project and not David.  What makes the criss-cross even MORE interesting is that Lenny Kravitz guest stars as Mel Trueblood in the episode.  Californication featured a lot of Rock N’ Roll references in the series, so the special guest star made the criss-cross that much more enjoyable!

This was an awesome TV criss-cross to spot!  So far I enjoy watching Better Things and the guest stars are really great in the 1st season.  I have a few episodes left to catch up on for the show.  With TV series becoming less original, finding some amazing content has been hard lately.  Kudos to FX for bringing David and Pamela back on the air together!


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