Sony’s Visually Appealing Patches for The Witness

Even after being released almost a year ago, the one game I am still playing is The WitnessThe Witness is a 3D open-world puzzle game released by Jonathan Blow; it was released for Steam and PS4 on January 26th.  With over 500+ puzzles scattered around the island, this game made me want to look harder for each puzzle in the area.  Hundreds of environmental puzzles are found within different sections of the island as well.

The Witness was released for the PS4 back in January and was released for the Xbox One on September 13th.  Even on the Xbox One, the gameplay has the exact same game format.  Playstation 4 Pro is set to release on November 10th and certain PS4 titles will be receiving patches that would supply enhanced support for the console.  No bonus puzzles have been announced within the downloadable content market yet, but a special patch will be offered for The Witness when the PS4 Pro hits the shelves later this month.

Jonathan Blow, creator of The Witness and Braid, announced that the game will provide two mode to choose from when playing the game on 4K display.  One option will allow the game to run at 60 frames per second at a resolution of 1440p that is upscaled to 4K.  Texts and user interface would still be rendered at 4K, but the game world will be rendered with 2x MSAA (multisample anti-aliasing) enabled.  Multisample anti-aliasing is a technique used in computer graphics for improving image quality.

Another option players could choose from is rendering everything in the game at 4K with 2x MSAA enabled.  Only drawback to the mode would be that the frame rate limits to 30 frames per second, but the improved resolution could make the game worthwhile for many players.  Other than the two modes to choose from, HDR (high-dynamic-range imaging) is also set to be supported on the PS4 Pro and the PlayStation 4.  Players will surely be seeing lots of visual improvements of the game once the PS4 Pro hits the stores next week.

Consumers looking to purchase the hardware may be primarily interested in games that run with the demanding PlayStation VR content, but enhancing performance on older games would be an attractive selling point as well.  Tweaking the graphics to make them look better would make the game that much more appealing, targeting audiences that have played The Witness and those that haven’t.  Sony is updating the visuals for certain PS4 titles as their unique selling point to their audiences.  Popular titles like The Witness will continue to sell more with the updates installed in the PS4 Pro.

I really enjoy playing The Witness and it’s great that Sony will be providing some interesting patches for the game.  Kudos to Sony for their smart idea of utilizing enhanced visual interactions as their unique selling point for the release of the PlayStation 4 Pro.  Games don’t always have to provide hidden downloadable content in order to draw in more audiences.  Little things like improving the graphics of the games would make it that much more enjoyable to play.  In the end, it was a smart unique selling point of utilizing improved graphics as a patch for people to collect in order to progress their PlayStation 4 Pro experience.


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