Super Mario 64 Impossible Coin Glitch

Super Mario 64 was one of the best games around for the Nintendo 64.  There were colorful coins to collect, gold stars to grab after completing each mission, enemies to pummel within each world, and you had to fight Bowser three times during the game.  It was a classic game that I enjoyed playing for many years.  There were some frustrating stars to collect, but eventually I beat the whole game with all 120 stars.

While playing through the game, there were some funny glitches that occurred around some of the environment.  Some glitches involved seeing through the inside of the environment and there was even one where you can hop backwards into the final Bowser battle without collecting the required number of stars.  These glitches won’t affect the game too much, but they make for some funny incidents.  One glitch was found on Tiny Huge Island that involves an ‘Impossible Coin’ that is hard to reach.

YouTuber Scott ‘Pannenkoek2012’ Buchanan discovered a new unobtainable coin found on a section in Tiny Huge Island.  Throughout the game, there are 5 coins in each line of coins found within the gaming environment.  From Bob-omb Battlefield to Big Boo’s Haunt, every level has a line of five coins for Mario to collect.  The glitch in Tiny Huge Island is found on a line of four coins near where the bowling balls are being shot out, with one coin discovered underneath the environment.

Pannenkoek2012 released a video discussing the glitch and how there was a limited number of arrangements that the coins could spawn in.  When Mario enters a certain distance to a coin spawner (2000 units to be exact), it spawns 5 coins onto the screen.  The coins spawn 300 units above itself and are separated within 160 units.  Each coin checks how high the floor is, with the floor-checking function starting at 78 units above the coin and searching downward to find the floor.  A special failsafe comes into play where if the coin determines that it is below the floor, then it will immediately unload.  The failsafe ended up affecting the leftmost coin in the line.

So how is this wacky glitch happening?  The coin spawner is located UNDER the ground, thus being a programming glitch with the environment and coin.  Every coin spawner in each level are either on the ground or slightly above the ground.  This coin could’ve been grabbed if the coin spawner were 50 units higher.  Pannenkoek2012 hypothesized that if they changed the slope in order for the coin to spawn, then the bowling balls would’ve slid to the right instead of the left.  This is a surprising glitch that affects the floor, direction of the bowling balls, and number of coins spawning in the area.  What makes this story even more

Note that this isn’t the first ‘Impossible Coin’ that Pannenkoek2012 collected in Super Mario 64.  The first ‘impossible coin’ that he grabbed was on August 7th, 2014.  It was located within another section of Tiny Huge Island underneath the ground by a slope next to the bowling ball generator.  Using a tool-assisted run, Pannenkoek2012 exited the water from the side where he jumped and kicked in order to move himself towards the coin to collect.  Eighteen years later and the ‘impossible coin’ was finally collected.

This was a really cool glitch to hear about in the game!  I played Super Mario 64 for years and was shocked to hear about these ‘impossible coins’ that were hard to find.  Video games aren’t always perfect, but these surprising glitches are always funny to hear about.  Reading about the glitch makes me want to get the Nintendo 64 out and start playing Super Mario 64 all over again.  A few years ago, I collected all of the stars and beat the game with 100% completion.  It was a classic Mario game that featured one of the best soundtracks that I ever listened to.  While I don’t have my Nintendo 64 out with me, I am excited to hear about more interesting glitches that people discover.


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