Last night I watched the latest episode of American Horror Story: My Roanoke Nightmare and all I have to say right now is: HOLY…SHITBALLS.  Episode 6 hit me with a HUGE twist that spun me into a story I never saw coming.  Just when I thought I understood the season’s theme, the surprise hit me like a ton of bricks leaving asking so many questions.  It was a twist so big that left me going like…

And also like…

As well as this…

Before I discuss the big surprise that was revealed, let’s back up to episode 5 of the season.  We last saw Matt and Shelby locked in the house, with no way of escaping the Roanoke spirits.  All hope was lost until Edward Phillippe Mott (Evan Peters!) led them down to the tunnel.  The couple follow Edward through the tunnel, only to be lost in the woods again and later kidnapped by the Polk family.  Mama Polk breaks Shelby’s leg when the Millers try to escape from the human sacrifice ritual.  Before Tomasyn starts to sacrifice the Miller family, Ambrose pushes her into the fire in penance for the colonies sins.  Lee shows up to the house and the Millers flee the property in her car.  All the characters are seen safe and sound…OR SO YOU THOUGHT!

The next episode starts off introducing Cheyenne Jackson’s character Sidney as the network executive at his office in California.  From this point on, the show is shot with found-footage style for the rest of the series.  We see Sidney discussing how much of a success My Roanoke Nightmare was during the run and how it attracted over 23 million viewers.  He then pitches this new idea titled Return to Roanoke: Three Days in Hell where the cast members are brought together under the Roanoke for three days during the blood moon.

While doing some work on the Roanoke house, we see a series of ‘accidents’ happen on set.  The Piggy Man makes his appearance by jumping from Diana’s car and killing her off instantly.  As the cast members settle into the Roanoke house, strange events occur within the rooms.  Rory Monahan (also played by Evan Peters) is murdered by the two nurses and Matt finds the word ‘MURDER’ written in blood on the walls.  We are left with the disclaimer that all but one participant died in the house and that the series never made it on air.

What was the big twist this season?  The past 5 episodes were ALL part of a reality show!  You heard me right – you have been watching a horror show that was made for a season of a horror show (talk about showception!).  That episode left me asking questions like, “WHAT IS GOING ON?!? IS THE SKY STILL BLUE?!? WHO’S PRESIDENT?!!”.  Seriously, this twist left my jaw dropping to the floor and wanting more answers about this season.

After this episode, I really needed a moment to digest what the hell actually happened.  These past five episodes have been a sub-story that is part of a bigger story for the season.  Just when I thought I understood this season of American Horror Story, a new twist pulls out from me and leaves me asking so many questions.  This is why American Horror Story makes for an amazing series: just when you thought you understand the storyline, a huge plot twist comes up randomly and spins it the other way.  Who knows what other plot twists will be revealed during these last few episodes.  Until then, we can only wait for more creepy surprises this season has in store for us!


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