Cannabis Legalization + Other Industries = WIN-WIN

We only have three weeks left until election day and Wednesday night is the final debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.  Not only will we be getting a new president this year, but we will have some interesting proposals to answer.  Last Friday I talked about question 1, which deals with a new hotel and gaming facility in Massachusetts.  Another unique proposal is question 4, the idea to legalize cannabis.

Cannabis legalization is an idea that is currently on the ballot for this year.  2016 could be the year where adults 21 and over will able to use cannabis for recreational purposes in the state of Massachusetts.  Other states that have similar proposals are California, Maine, Arizona, Florida, and Arkansas.  This could also be the pinnacle year where cannabis use is legal in 1/5 of the states in America.

When cannabis legalization would be set in motion, licenses are granted to start recreational dispensary shops around the area.  It will take a while for these regulations to be put in place, but the profits will start flowing soon.  Other than the cannabis industry, what other industries could benefit from cannabis legalization?  What kind of positive impact would be made for other industries for the state of Massachusetts?

To answer these burning questions, I decided to connect the dots between cannabis legalizations and specific industries of the United States.  Like tracing lines to the right path in The Witness, I traced paths in my mind when brainstorming this interesting question.  I challenged myself to look deeper in how more revenue could be generated through legalized cannabis.  Listed below are a few industries that could benefit from this idea:


Legalized cannabis would mean a new wave of tourists flocking to the Bay State to get a taste of some Boston Kush.  Boston is one of many popular cities in America and legalized cannabis would bring more publicity from all walks of life.  These tourists will want to stay at a hotel for a few nights will venturing around Beantown.  Since cannabis use would be prohibited in public, hotels would have to be 4/20-friendly to attract that niche audience.  With the competition rising, many hotels could be pressured to being 4/20-friendly in order to increase profits and gain better publicity as a business.

Other than registering hotels as being 4/20-friendly, 4/20 tours would be created for people who are new to this groundbreaking idea.  A 4/20 tour would take participants through a series of destinations to learn where to find cannabis, how it’s grown, and what products they can choose from.  It would be a pretty costly tour that could go for about $50-$200, but Boston attracts a handful of upper middle class/upper class citizens that would be able to pay for this tour. 4/20 tours and 4/20-friendly hotels would be the key to raking in profits for the lodging/tourism industry.

Restaurant/Drinking Establishment

After you and your friends finish off that joint, you will start to get the munchies soon.  Boston has plenty of restaurants for people looking to satisfy their munchies craving.  From fresh seafood to Thai noodle bowls, there’s some type of food for everyone to enjoy.  If you are in the mood for Italian, how about taking a stroll through the North End?  In the mood for some Chinese?  Wander around Boston’s Chinatown district for some Kung Pao Chicken.

For those looking to satisfy their munchies with some good-old fashion comfort food, I recommend grabbing a burger at Boston Burger Company.  Boston Burger Company currently has locations in Somerville, Cambridge, and Boston.  One entrée that is sure to satisfy your munchies craving is the 420 Burger.  The 420 Burger consists of mozzarella sticks, onion rings, fried mac & cheese, fries, bacon, golden bbq sauce, and American cheese.  It’s one big order that’ll be sure to fill you up!

Wedding Industry

It’s that special day you have been waiting for your whole life – you’re about to marry the one person you love so much.  From the color flowers for the table to where your uncle Larry will be sitting during the reception, weddings take up a lot of time in order to plan your special moment with your partner.  Wedding planners come in handy when you’re having a big celebration and you have too much on your plate.

Since weddings involve lots of flowers, why not provide flowers for guests to smoke?  4/20 weddings have become a popular trend since cannabis legalization happened in other states.  If you and your partner want to have a 4/20-themed wedding, your wedding planner would be more than happy to accommodate you on your ideas for the event.  Whether it is pre-rolled joints or cannabis-infused edibles with low THC content, you get to decide how your theme will play out on your special.

Oh, did I happen to mention that gay marriage has been legal since 2004?  Massachusetts became the first state in the United State to recognize same-sex marriages.  Men and women have flocked to Massachusetts to marry their partner because their state didn’t allow for it (fyi, same-sex marriage has been legalized at the federal level since June 2015).  Provincetown is not only a popular summer vacation spot, but it’s also a popular wedding destination.  What could be better than marrying the partner that you love so much? A 4/20-themed wedding on the beautiful beach of Provincetown.  Wedding bells are ringing and the atmosphere will be clouded with a haze of cannabis smoke.

Advertising/Public Relations

The public relations professionals, advertisers, and marketers would be most responsible for raising awareness of the cannabis industry and keep audiences up to date with the latest 420 trends.  It isn’t enough to just open a dispensary in Boston and expect a huge line out the door; we need the brightest and most innovative people to get the word out through all media platforms.  We will need all of our Don Drapers, Olivia Popes, and Samantha Joneses of Boston to rally up our niche customers who would be interested in the product.  Agencies would work hard to snag clients within the cannabis industry to be the best of the best in their fields.  These figures are going to be the real pros in raising full awareness of the cannabis industry.


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