Question 1 -Yes for Revere

This year there are two candidates to choose for President and four questions to decide for the state of Massachusetts.  Question one would allow the gaming commission to issue Massachusetts an additional slots license in the future.  This slots license, also known as a category 2 license, would allow an establishment or proposed establishment that could happen in Suffolk Downs.  If question 1 were to pass, we could see a proposed hotel and limited electronic gaming facility heading into the city of Revere.  I attended a few events this week that supported question 1 to better understand what the future would hold for Revere if the question passes.

The proposed gaming partner that would be working alongside with the city of Revere is Navegante.  Navegante is a full-service gaming company based in Las Vegas that handles a multitude of projects within the gaming and hospitality industry.  It is comprised of elite gaming professionals that focus on casino/resort development, consulting, and management that they believe can offer value-added service.  Some of their well-known clients include MGM Grand, Caesar’s Tahoe Resort, Casino Niagara, Santa Ana Star Casino, Sahara Hotel & Casino, and other companies.  Other than Las Vegas, Navegante has worked with companies in Toronto and Elko.

Question 1 would revitalize a struggling neighborhood with the establishment of a new gaming facility and hotel for its citizens.  The project itself could generate about $88 million in new state tax revenue once it’s open for business.  Over thousands of jobs would be created for the city of Revere, especially when the facilities start being built.  Citizens of Revere must vote on October 18th for whether or not question 1 should pass for the state of Massachusetts.

Suffolk Downs is a thoroughbred race track in East Boston that provided live horse racing.  It is also one of many MBTA stops on the blue line heading into Bowdoin station in Boston.  Participants would come down to Suffolk Downs to place their bets on which horse would win the race.  With Wynn’s proposal approved in September 2014, Suffolk Downs closed their doors to prepare construction for the new hotel and gaming facility.  Construction would start as soon as question 1 passes and would be taking place around Lee’s Trailer Park.

Image result for Suffolk Downs Revere

Lee’s Trailer Park is a facility sitting around Suffolk Down.  It is situated between Revere Beach/Winthrop Parkway and Route 1A (note: Route 1A takes you up to Seabrook, New Hampshire).  Question 1 would revitalize what is now a struggling neighborhood in Suffolk Downs area.  Re-constructing Lee’s Trailer Park would require a lot of help from thousands of employees working in construction.

What’s interesting to note is the proximity of MBTA’s Beachmont stop to Suffolk Downs.  Beachmont is one of many stops that will take you all the way to Bowdoin station in Boston.  Four other stops that will take you into Boston include Aquarium, State, Government Center, and Airport.  Why is it so important to mention Boston?  Boston happens to be the popular hotspot for young adults looking for work.

Young adults flock to Boston, as well as the surrounding neighborhoods, to search for a career after graduating from college.  Some of Boston’s hottest neighborhoods for young adults include Cambridge, Somerville, Arlington, Brighton, Allston, Newton, and Jamaica Plains.  It’s also interesting to point out that the MBTA provides various lines for people traveling to these areas.  The MBTA, as well as buses, could be one of many ways of transporting people into Suffolk Downs for the resort/gaming facility.  Young adults also use ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft to head home from a long night in the city.  We could be tapping into flourishing audience all with the help of the MBTA.

Thousands of new jobs would be created with the passing of question 1.  Constructing the actual hotel and gaming facility would require help from potential employees who specialize in carpentry, painting, landscaping, management, welding, and many other specialties that would complete the project.  It may take about 1 ½ years until the facility will officially open, but there will always be help needed in setting it up before the grand opening.  All of these jobs would be created before the doors even open for Revere’s new hotel and gaming facility.

More jobs would be available once the project is near completion.  People working in various fields would be able to work for the gaming facility or hotel based on their experience and expertise.  Accountants/financers are needed to keep count of the finances coming in and out of the industry.  Marketers are most important in raising awareness of the facility and connecting audiences to the very best of their abilities.  Social media would play a huge role in getting the word out on the grand opening and release any interesting information for the audience.  Those interesting in working for the food/restaurant aspect would be involved in cooking food and serving drinks for the customers in either the restaurant or gaming facility.  Other facilities that are in need of employee include HR, security, and retail.

In the end, there could be potential growth for the city of Revere.  A proposed resort and gaming facility could bring in more jobs, millions of dollars in tax revenue, and better publicity with more people visiting the city.  The proposal could be completed within 18 months if question 1 passes.  Nothing has been set in stone, but question 1 would play a key role in revitalizing a struggling neighborhood in Suffolk Downs.  It’s up to the citizens of Revere to decide the future of Suffolk Downs.  For now, we will all have to wait for what Revere votes for on October 18th.


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