Nobel Prize in Literature 2016: Bob Dylan

Every year we announce the Nobel Peace Prize to someone who completed incredible work in promoting peace within a nation.  Now that the months of 2016 are winding down, it was time to reveal the winner.  This year’s winner was Juan Manuel Santos, the current President of Columbia.  Juan Manuel Santos was named the winner for negotiating a peace treaty with the guerrillas in the country.  It was one small step for a giant leap into the right direction for Columbia.

Juan Manuel Santos may have been a Nobel Prize winner for this year, but another contender won for the Nobel Prize in literature.  The Nobel Prize in Literature is awarded to someone who produced amazing work in literature that has people thinking in the right direction.  Usually the prize is awarded to someone who fits the literary canon of novels, short stories, and poetry work.  This year’s prize winner was awarded to…Bob Dylan!

Singer and song-writer Bob Dylan was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature.  Dylan was the first American since 1993 to win the prize after famed novelist Toni Morrison.  At 75 years old, Dylan had a shot at winning the award even though his line of work didn’t meet the typical criteria.  With music signaling a broader definition on the concept of literature, it seems that the times they are a changin.

Bob Dylan is a talented singer and song-writer, releasing 37 studio albums during his career.  He released his first album Bob Dylan in 1962 and his most recent album Fallen Angels was released on May 20th, 2016.  Other than winning the Nobel Prize in Literature, Bob Dylan has won numerous awards for his songwriting and performances.  Over four decades later and his legacy still lives on as one of the greatest musicians of all time.

Kudos to Bob Dylan for winning the Nobel Prize in Literature!  Bob has written incredible music over the years and he continues on his work to this day.  I have heard a few songs from Bob Dylan like Blowin in the Wind and The Times They Are a-Changin, which were both great to hear.

What’s also interesting to note is how literature is extending towards music as written work.  Music has always composed of lyrics, but now Bob Dylan’s poetic songs have been recognized for the Nobel Prize in Literature this year.  Lyrics can be written works, since they are words written within the tunes created for a song.  Rock, hip-hop, metal, jazz, and other music genres have lyrics incorporated into songs to provide a more meaningful experience.  Music plays a huge part in literature, even when there are no lyrics to a specific song.  Sometimes all it takes is an instrumental song to captivate an underlying story you are presenting to your audience.  Just like Bob Dylan’s poetic lyrics, we will see many works of music blowin in the wind each day.


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