Painting Under the Influence at Breakaway

As an artist, my craft revolves around writing about news within the entertainment industry.  My technique involves putting the PR spin during the last few paragraphs of my work.  This PR spin involves utilizing a concept in marketing, advertising, or other fields of communications to best describe why the idea works or why it was a flop.  Gathering all of the information to craft my masterpieces is the easy part, but the real work happens in the end when I am taking my audiences back to the big picture.

Searching for ideas isn’t all that hard, but it can be tedious when I am looking for something different to write about.  There are times when I am forced to back away from the digital world only to discover an incredible topic come flying into me.  It’s always good to step back from writing a bit to try a new hobby that you are interested.  That is why last night I went into Breakaway in Danvers to try my hands on painting for Painting Under the Influence.




Painting Under the Influence is an event where a group of people come together with their choice of beer or wine to paint a picture.  Each painter is provided with their own brushes, cup of water, painting palette, easel board, and apron.  The painters follow with the artist instructor to paint the same pictures using various colors on their palette.  There are a few 8-10 minute breaks once in a while to grab another drink, use the restroom, or chat with your friends, or update your painting before the next part of the session.  At the end, participants gather together for group photos to show off their finished masterpieces.



Last night’s Painting Under the Influence event occurred at Breakaway on 225 Newbury Street in Danvers.  The donations for the event would go towards funding Salem State University’s Public Relations Student Society of America for their trip to the PRSSA National Conference.  Public Relations Student Society of America is a nationwide club for students who are passionate about public relations.  The Painting Under the Influence event was created by Chapter President Nikki Vergakes and Chapter Vice President Dominque Resendes. Every year members of PRSSA gather together to attend the national conference, a yearly event where PR students learn more about their career field.  This year’s national conference will take place in Indianapolis on October 21st-25th and the theme is about the ‘Crossroads of Public Relations’.


Attending the Painting Under the Influence was a lot of fun.  As a former member of PRSSA, I felt obligated to help my fellow members attend this year’s conference that is taking place a few weeks.  PRSSA was a great club I enjoyed being a part of during my years at Salem State University.  I attended the meetings to make new friends, gain more insights into the world of public relations, networked with guest speakers, and went to national conferences as well.  During my years at PRSSA, I have gained so much more knowledge about public relations and I became more enthusiastic about the kind of work I could do for a career.



As for the paint night event itself, I had a blast painting with my old friends!  Two things I learned after the event: I’m no Picasso and that pumpkin-spiced beer goes well with painting a picture.  I attended my first Painting Under the Influence event last summer at British Beer Company when I was still in PRSSA.  It felt good to take a small break from writing to do another artistic craft that I don’t do that often.



Painting the picture made me realize how we are all artists in this world, one way or another.  Whether it is writing blog posts or painting pictures or making music, we land on some art form that we passionate about.  Once we discover our art form, we work hard to create our unique designs we want to show off to the world.  Not all of us are writers, which is ok because it is a skill that comes with years of practice and hard work.  Anyone can put a pencil onto paper to write letters, but it takes a long while to re-arrange those letters to create a real masterpiece.  With that in mind, I think I’ll stick to writing more blog posts for MakeSandcastlesNotWar.



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