Leonardo DiCaprio Heading to Mars

Leonardo DiCaprio has had quite the adventure while on-screen – sailing on the Titanic with Rose Bikater, fighting off grizzly bears in the wild west, and even explored other people’s dreams.  He has played audacious characters and finally won an Oscar for portraying Hugh Glass in The Revenant.  When he isn’t making movies in Hollywood, DiCaprio shifts his gears to his charity work on environmental activism.

DiCaprio made a visit to the White House last night for the South by South Lawn event.  South by South Lawn is an all-day festival dedicated to art, ideas, and action.  President Obama established the festival after traveling to South by Southwest earlier this year, calling for all creative thinkers and entrepreneurs from across the country to tackle some of the hardest challenges we are facing today.  Leonardo DiCaprio joined President Obama and Dr. Katherine Hayhoe last night to discuss the issues of climate change.  At one point of the discussion, DiCaprio discussed his latest venture – Mars.

This is NO publicity stunt for a new movie, folks!  DiCaprio has revealed plans of traveling to Mars help colonize the infamous planet.  The subject of SpaceX and Mars came up when Hayhoe was talking about how essential it was for people to connect with the reality of climate change on a universal, human level.  Hayhoe made a joke about how it would be crazy for someone signing up for a trip to Mars, in which DiCaprio chimed in to say that he signed up for the trip.  It is unclear whether Leonardo DiCaprio was serious or not, but we do know that he his next project may involve heading to Mars soon.

Last week, Elon Musk announced his plans to get humans to Mars in as early as 2025.  The mission, titled “Heart of Gold”, intends to carry up to 100 people into Mars and there’s a chance that some participants could die during the trip.  Musk estimated that the cost of sending humans to Mars could be about $10 billion per person, but he plans to reduce the costs to $200,000 per person.  Anyone who has $200,000 will be able to take a trip to another planet for a while.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s future trip to Mars was surprising to read about.  I knew that he had a lot of passion about the environment, but it’s interesting that he is taking it a step further by traveling to another planet.  While there hasn’t been a plan set in stone, it would be interesting to read what DiCaprio and other participants will accomplish during the journey.  This could be an intriguing publicity stunt for DiCaprio if he sets forth with the idea.  All we can do know is wait to hear more word about the trip.

If I had $200,00 to shell out, I would definitely sign up for the trip to Mars.  I know I would be leaving my home planet for a while, but I would learn so much from the journey.  As an avid traveler, I love traveling to new places that I have never been to before.  Traveling to Mars would be a huge accomplishment to cross off on my bucket list.  I usually don’t get homesick because I am too excited about exploring what’s around the area.

Since I don’t have that kind of money with me, I will have to settle for short trips around Massachusetts for an adventure.  Like DiCaprio, I am environmentally conscious of what is going on in the world.  I work to reduce my carbon footprint by walking to places rather than taking short drives.  Walking to places not only reduces time using my car, but it is also great exercise that keeps me clear-headed.  Climate change is an issue that should not be taken so lightly.  If more people joined together to reduce their carbon footprints, we would have a cleaner and greener earth.


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