John Krasinski Ships Up to Boston

Los Angeles is where many aspiring stars flock to in order to get their big break and some of them come from Boston.  As I mentioned before in my post titled ‘Masshole Celebrities’ (which can be found here – Masshole Celebrities), many famous actors/actresses started their acting gigs in Beantown before making the big transition to LA.  Uzo Aduba attended Boston University to study classical voice before becoming Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren in Orange is the New Black.  Everyone gets their start somewhere before making it big in Tinseltown.

Even after making it as the next big actor/actress of our time, Boston celebrities still come back to their home city when they are taking a break from Hollywood.  For example, Denis Leary returns to Boston once in a while to catch a Red Sox or Bruins game every year.  Some celebrities even come back to Boston to promote a headlining event for their audience.  Last night I had the pleasure of seeing John Krasinski come to Boston for a special event.

Before I delve into the event itself, here’s a few tidbits about him.  John Krasinski grew up in Newton, Massachusetts with his older brothers Kevin and Paul.  He attended Brown University to study Theatre Arts where he was a member of a sketch-comedy group called Out of Bounds.  Once he graduated from Brown University as a playwright, John moved to NYC to pursue acting as a career.  After appearing in various commercials, John finally got his big break with the NBC sitcom series The Office in 2005 starring as Jim Halpert.  Since his success with The Office, John has starred in various films and even directed a few projects as well.  His latest was an American biographical war film titled 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi.

The event itself was an incredible opportunity to attend.  John Krasinski took time out of the office (from Hollywood, not The Office in Scranton!) to chat with other Boston natives.  He was moderated by brother Paul Krasinski at the Seaport’s Epicenter Stage in Boston.  Hundreds of fans gathered around the stage to hear John discuss his life in Boston, how he made his big break in Los Angeles, and his transition to the big screen with becoming a writer and director.



His latest film 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi was the focal point of the event and he described how challenging it was to workout 12 hours a day to look the part for the role.  John also discussed his involvement with the #22PushUpChallenge, a social media challenge where you complete 22 push-ups to raise awareness for veterans’ mental health initiatives.  Other than discussing his work in Hollywood, John gave inspiring advice to his fans about following your passions and how important it is to work on something you love.  He remarked that we all have a role to make Boston a better city to live in, whatever our specialty is in this world.  John wrapped up the event by taking a few questions from his audience.  With that ended an amazing conversation with John Krasinski.


Overall I thought the event was absolutely amazing.  It is always great to see Boston native celebrities come back to their home state to reconnect with their audiences.  While the event was very entertaining, I also thought it was inspiring for me as well.  John moved to Los Angeles, like millions of other aspiring dreamers, to make a life for himself.  He talked about he was waiting tables in Los Angeles until he finally landed his break with NBC’s The Office.

It’s underdog stories like these that opened my eyes to how hard it is to make it in the entertainment industry.  The entertainment industry is one like no other, with millions of aspiring dreamers wishing to become the next big name in Hollywood.  It’s hard enough to even get your foot in the door, let alone land a role in a big blockbuster film!  John’s story to landing his role for The Office inspired me to work harder on this blog.

While this blog is only about 6 months old, MakeSandcastlesNotWar is only in its beginning stage of being something incredible.  In the future, I promise to work harder on fueling my passions towards this blog to create something meaningful in my life.  There are always shocking stories happening in La-La Land and it’s never a dull moment in the world of entertainment.  At the end, attending this event made me realize how passionate I am about the entertainment industry.


4 thoughts on “John Krasinski Ships Up to Boston

    1. Jon Post author

      Hello Jacy,

      Thank you for the delightful comment! I’m glad you liked reading about John Krasinski shipping up to Boston last night. If you liked that post, check out some other stories here at And just remember: Make Sandcastles, not war!


      Jon Carey

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  1. John carey

    I think you’re writing is tremendous.
    Not because I am you’re father, although you do get points for that.
    Because of you’re passion and appreciation for not only actors but for people other than you’re self!

    I could not be prouder and more supportive of any body xcept of course Daniel. You both are the heart and soul of Me and you’re Mom.
    Keep it up Son, people are watchin and listening..

    I enjoy reading all of you’re writings!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. John carey

    I am so impressed of you’re insight to the entertainment industry as well as current events that are going on in this world. I enjoy reading you’re writings and I am so proud to be you’re father.
    Of course you get points for that!
    Keep writing Son!
    I can not wait to see you’re next endeavor.
    I will be watching and reading!
    With Love and admiration…Dad

    Liked by 1 person


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