21 Greenpoint – Guest Starring Bill Murray

When it comes to making appearances at random places, no actor does it better than Bill Murray.  Starring in numerous films such as Groundhog Day and Ghostbusters, Bill Murray has been known for making random appearances in restaurants or bars.  Murray has been known for crashing birthday gatherings, karaoke parties, and even tended bar during SXSW to serve Tequila to everyone.  Even in recent years, Bill has really become a popular actor who really connects with his audience when he isn’t busy shooting movies for Hollywood.

Bill Murray mostly strolls around the streets of Brooklyn, hopping into a bar to drink with random fans in the area.  If you reside in New York now, there’s a good chance that he will be one of many celebrities you would run into within the Big Apple!  Bill’s son, Homer Murray, currently resides in Brooklyn where his father comes to visit.  The Murray clan will be making their appearance in Brooklyn for a special event: the opening of Homer Murray’s new restaurant.

Homer Murray will be opening a new restaurant called 21 Greenpoint on the building that was formerly known as River Styx.  21 Greenpoint will be opening this weekend on 21 Greenpoint Avenue.  The food will be seasonal and will come from local farms, with nachos and burgers being taken off the menu.  But the main highlight of opening weekend?  Bill Murray will be pouring drinks at the bar.  The Caddyshack star will be pouring various cocktails for all of the guests at 21 Greenpoint.  Anyone within the Brooklyn area should not miss out on this opportunity to have their drinks created by legendary actor Bill Murray!

It is so cool to see Bill Murray pulling another publicity stunt like this in Brooklyn!  I have heard about how Bill wanders around New York City and crashes parties with random fans.  This event just goes to show that celebrities are people just like us and they have a humorous side off-camera.  People know Bill Murray from his popular flicks during the 80s-90s as well as his popular skits on Saturday Night Live.

Even in the 21st century, Bill is popular among the Millennial generation that grew up watching his movies.  Murray’s brand as an actor continues to flourish with each stunt completes for his audience.  Besides, how can you be upset about your party being crashed by Bill Murray?  You can’t be pissed about having a hilarious comedian swing by your event.  Personally, I wouldn’t mind if Bill crashed an event or two that I was hosting.  He would just make my event much more interesting.  Here’s to Bill Murray and whatever other party he crashes this year!


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