American Horror Story: My Roanoke Nightmare Premiere

After MONTHS of watching teasers and trailers, FX aired the first episode of American Horror Story last night.  These trailers had me thinking for weeks about what the story will revolve around, what characters will be appearing, what kind of creepy monster will pop up in the episodes, and what kind of backstory each of the characters will have.  I sat down to watch the hour-long premiere last night and it was JUST as mysterious as the teasers that were put out.  Some characters were revealed in the beginning and I ended up having more questions than answers about the newest season.  Here are some highlights of what went down during the premiere episode:


           So we start out with an interview format where present day Shelby and Matt (Lily Rabe and André Holland) discuss their tragic story of how they moved from Los Angeles to a rural farmhouse in North Carolina due to Shelby losing her baby.  Shelby and Matt during the actual story were played by Sarah Paulson and Cuba Gooding Jr (notice the irony that they play as a married couple for American Horror Story when they starred as adversaries for The People vs. OJ: American Crime Story!).  Angela Basset plays as Lee, Matt’s sister during the past and Adina Porter portrays her during the present.  Lee comes in halfway through the episode, revealing that she was an ex-cop who lost her job due to her addiction with painkillers.  After the first few minutes of revealing the storyline, it cuts to the card with the show name.  No actual intro was created like the past seasons, only the card as a backdrop.  Interesting…


            One of the cards shown reveals the season’s story as ‘My Roanoke Nightmare’, centralizing around the idea about Roanoke.  Remember back in August when those photos surfaced on social media of the tree with ‘CROATOAN’ written on the back?  Looks like THAT will be the central mystery we will be watching during the season!  This season will revolve around Roanoke, that lost colony in North Carolina where 117 people mysteriously vanished back in 1590.  What’s also interesting to point out is that Billie Jean from American Horror Story: Murder House tells Violet to yell ‘CROATOAN!’ to make the ghosts disappear.  ALL of the seasons are intertwining with each other folks!

Bloody Pig

          There seems to be bloody pigs popping up around the episode.  In one scene, Matt opens the door to see a dead bloody pig right on his ‘Welcome’ mat.  Matt believed it was those annoying rednecks that put it there to scare them away, but Shelby believes it came from something much worse.  Another scene involves Lee and Shelby walking down to the basement to see a video playing on the TV set.  The video shows a ‘found-footage’ reel of a man filming a human-pig monster in the forest.  What the hell was that pig monster?  Could he be the central monster for this season?  We want more answers!

Stick Figures

            Little stick figures also make an appearance around the farmhouse.  Near the end, Shelby walks into the stairwell to see little child and adult figures made of sticks hung around the stairs.  The stick figures appear again when Shelby runs out into the deserted area of the forest.  Shelby is then shocked as the ground shakes, with people appearing from the words.  This episode ends with more figures surrounding Shelby and one man appears looking beaten with his brain torn off.


            What an incredible first episode of American Horror Story!  Not all questions were answered, but now we have a solid point of what to expect this season.  Lost colony of Roanoke, farm house, bloody pigs, and other disturbing ideas will make their way into this My Roanoke Nightmare concept.  The documentary past-present concept is entirely different from the past seasons of the series.  Some of the theme has been revealed, but there is so much that will be discovered later on.  Ryan Murphy remarked that the season would involve the present and the past times, which seems to play out with the whole documentary interview idea.  It’s only been one episode and there are still so much questions that need to be answered.  What lies ahead for Matt and Shelby?  We’ll have to find out next Wednesday at 10 pm!



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