Friday the 13th Part 13: The Game

Friday the 13th is one of the most popular horror series franchise that debuted in the 1980s.  The horror franchise revolves around Jason Voorhees, a boy who drowned at Camp Crystal Lake due to the camp staff neglecting to save him.  Crystal Lake was considered to be ‘cursed’ and a series of mass murders took place after Jason’s death.  This popular hack-and-slash horror franchise spanned 12 movies, comic books, a TV series, and other miscellaneous products.  While the Friday the 13th series didn’t receive a lot of positive reviews from the box office, the films are still considered popular amongst horror movie fans.

Even though the films were released over 30 years ago, Friday the 13th still remains relevant as a cult following within the horror film fanatics.  The notorious hockey mask worn by Jason Voorhees himself is a popular icon seen in TV shows and movies today.  With all of the popularity surrounding Friday the 13th, horror film buffs are waiting for more content released by the series.  No new films are being planned, but fans have something even better to look forward to: A Friday the 13th video game.

Currently titled as Friday the 13th: The Game, this survival horror game will be released on October.  The game will be an asymmetrical 1v7 multiplayer game where one player controls Jason Voorhees while the other seven characters portray as the camp counselors.  Players will be able to choose as Jason Voorhees where the object will be to kill the seven players who are running from you.  Another option will be to play as one of the camp counselors to work with your team to plan an “epic win condition” where you defeat Jason before being killed.  Best part about this game?  It’s just as violent and bloodier than ever!  Gamers can pick up the game for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or Microsoft PC.

The game’s success spans from the Kickstarter campaign created last year.  Randy Greenback of Gun Media initiated the Kickstarter campaign with a goal to raise $700,000 to create the game.  Greenback would’ve created the game whether or not the goal was met, but the additional funding would’ve added a variety of features for the title.  To this day, the Kickstarter met with huge success with a total of $823,704 from over 12,000 backers (coincidentally, by Friday the 13th of November last year!)

While I haven’t seen much of the Friday the 13th films, I was intrigued to see that it will become another game for October!  I have seen Jason make his cameo in various TV shows and movies, including being created as a Halloween costume.  It’s great to see more nostalgic series get their reboots into something better for their audiences.  Reboots don’t always turn out so well these days, but this hack-and-slash survival horror game will certainly become a success.

            Friday the 13th’s brand continues to flourish among the horror film fanatics, both young and old.  Kickstarter is always a great online tool to receive funding for a special project you want to make happen.  Ideas have the power to change the way we think in society, so it’s upsetting to see many of them burst due to a lack of funding.  This isn’t just about another survival horror hack-and-slash game spanning from the Friday the 13th series; it’s about an infamous horror franchise branching out its brand identity through a video game.  The Friday the 13th series was always notorious for their films and releasing the video game will extend a new product line to raise brand awareness.

Kudos to Friday the 13th for making their comeback on October!  It will surely be an exciting and spooky Halloween with the game and the release of American Horror Story in September.  What other surprising horror franchise will we see released in October?  Could Freddie Krueger claw his way into the spotlight this Halloween?  Who knows what creepy horror brands will be sprawling from the vault this year.  All we can look forward to is playing as Jason Voorhees once Friday the 13th: The Game is released in October for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.



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