Super Mario’s Mobile World

Mario is one of the many star characters of Nintendo.  From video games to plush toys, Mario graced us with his presence since his first appearance in the 80s.  Shigeru Miyamoto originally created Mario as well as other hit characters from Nintendo such as Donkey Kong, Yoshi, Link, Captain Falcon, and other notable figures.  Before taking off with his best-selling games, Mario was first known as ‘Jumpman’ in the video game Donkey Kong in 1981.  Miyamoto took the ‘jumpman’ character to create Super Mario Brothers for the NES and the rest was history.

Even in the digital age, Mario is still relevant to the video game culture.  From the Nintendo Entertainment System to the Wii U, Mario still pops up on people’s TV screens.  His latest venture was traveling through the warp pipes from Tokyo to Rio for the Olympics closing ceremony on August 21st.  We just can’t get enough of our favorite Italian plumber!

With a new year on the horizon, Mario will be featured in some new projects planned by Nintendo.  He has always been popping up for a new video game that is coming out for the latest home console.  Sure Mario will probably get another game released, but fans will have another surprise in store for them.  On December, Mario will have his own app called Super Mario Run.

Shigeru Miyamoto announced Super Mario Run at Apple’s San Francisco event yesterday.  The auto-running game will first be released within the iOS market for the IPhone and Ipad with a possible release for the Android market next year.  Miyamoto remarked that the game will be at a set price so that gamers wouldn’t have to fret about continuing to pay for the game.

It will be the first Mario game that people can play one-handed because Super Mario runs endlessly to the right on the smartphone screen.  Players can tap the screen to jump and hold down the screen to perform bigger jumps.  While in mid-air, you can tap the screen to perform Mario’s spin-float move.  The overall sound direction and aesthetics largely resemble the New Super Mario Brothers 2.5D, taking the Mario franchise right into your smartphone!

No set price or release date information has been confirmed, but we do know that Mario will be jumping into the mobile market.  Another interesting feature is the ‘Toad Rally’ mode where players will be able to challenge friends or strangers in the ‘ghost’ challenges.  These ‘ghost’ challenges involve both players competing in the same level to gather the most coins and pull of crazy moves to impress the toads for winning individual challenges.  Players will be sure to take their Mario skills to the test to become the Super Mario champion.

Hearing that Mario is jumping his way into the mobile market was awesome news!  I have been a huge fan of the Mario series since I received the Super Nintendo at three years old and I look forward to continuing Mario’s adventures on my phone.  Nintendo has always shied away from the mobile market, pushing their titles only to the home consoles.  Branching out into the mobile market will be great for raising Mario’s awareness to gamers everywhere.  Not only will this captivate the original Nintendo audiences, but the game will also ring in new target audiences through smartphones.

Mario has always captivated children’s hearts since he appeared on the tube with Super Mario Brothers on 1985.  Generation X’s and Millennials will enjoy playing a Mario game on their phone while killing some time.  They’ve grown up with Mario hopping from one home console to another and now he will be jumping into their mobile phones.  Even with the world changing every day, Mario still remains relevant in the gaming industry.  We will always look forward to the next chapter of Super Mario’s adventures.  One thing is for sure: Princess Peach is still in another castle waiting to be saved.


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