Bill Nye the Talk-Show Guy

My favorite moments from science class were learning lessons from the infamous science educator Bill Nye the Science Guy.  Whether it was about magnets attracting to each other or how volcanoes explode, Bill Nye always made science much more enjoyable.  I would sit in my desk at Doyon School as the teachers rolled the TV into the classroom.  The TV turned on and I shouted with excitement as I heard the phrase, “Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill Nye the Science Guy!”.  It was then that Bill Nye would take over as my science teacher for an hour, showing me fun experiments that made me love science even more.

Bill Nye is an acclaimed science educator who taught American children all they needed to know about how life works.  His famous series Bill Nye the Science Guy aired on PBS from September 10, 1993 to June 20, 1998.  The show discussed numerous topics of science such as electricity, fossils, air, water, animals, and other lessons about science.  Years after his show was cancelled, Bill Nye is still popular among social media in the digital age, educating more people about why science matters in this world.  Along with his popularity on social media, Bill Nye will be hosting another series: his own talk show.

No this is NOT a drill! Bill Nye will be having his own talk show series.  The talk show series, titled Bill Nye Saves the World, will launch on Netflix starting in Spring 2017.  Netflix’s original synopsis reveals that Bill will tackle a certain topic from a scientific point of view and aims to dispel any myths and refute any anti-scientific claims coming from politics, religious leaders, or titans of the industry.  Fans of the notorious ‘Science Guy’ will be able to catch his talk show series this Spring.

Netflix will promise to deliver Bill Nye’s experiments, demonstrations, and various special guests that will appear on the show.  Hopefully the series will appeal to adults as well as kids in the long run.  Other than his usual stunts stemming from Bill Nye the Science Guy, Bill Nye will take on controversial ideas like climate change and evolution.  This educational science series won’t hold back on any topics and aims to show real scientific ideas that could help the world.

Bill Nye Saves the World is just one of many projects that extends Netflix’s content strategy.  Other than speaking to the service’s new engagement with talk-show series like Chelsea, it also taps into the Millennial generation that grew up watching Bill Nye the Science Guy in their classrooms.  The Millennials grew up watching multi-camera sitcoms like Full House, so Bill Nye’s talk show series will be a win-win for Netflix and their audiences.  It will be a nostalgic blast from the past as Bill Nye returns to the silver screen to educate more people about the world of science.

Hearing that Bill Nye is resurfacing the silver screen with another series is fantastic!  I loved watching Bill Nye the Science Guy when I was in Doyon School and I look forward to more of his lessons next year.  Bill Nye isn’t just another famed educator who had his own series back in the 90s.  His goal is to prove his audience that science plays a huge role in how life works and what we can do to help the earth.  He is an aggressive ally in preventing climate change from destroying the earth and he constantly teaches us that evolution is how we evolved as human beings.

Science is my favorite subject because it is always fascinating to learn about how life works and what causes it to happen.  From electricity lighting up a light bulb to anerosion changing the earthly landscape, science always had me asking more questions about life.  I was always asking more questions and receiving less simple answers, which made me more curious to seek out those answers.  Even as adults, we still don’t understand how life works no matter how hard we try.  We THINK we know the answers we were taught in school, but Mother Nature proves us that we are simple-minded human beings who are naïve about how life works.  It’s shows like Bill Nye the Science Guy that helps us gain the answers we seek, yet still ask more questions about the complications of science.  Other than seeing Bill Nye on the silver screen again, I look forward to hearing about more topics on science and asking even more questions.


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