American Horror Story: Spooky Maze

A few weeks ago, the new teasers for the latest installment of American Horror Story were released on FXThese vague clips gave us very few information about the next season of the horror series.  As baffling as the teaser trailers were, watching these clips made me realize that fall was just around the corner.  But these teasers are not the only surprise for this year’s Halloween celebration.

Other than the new season being released in September, American Horror Story will be featured as the main attraction for Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights!  Fans of the acclaimed horror series can visit the Universal Studios in Hollywood or Orlando to enter the American Story Horror maze.  The maze will pull in stories from season 1, season 4, and season 5 of the show.  Fan-favorite monsters such as Rubber Man, Twisty the Clown, and even the Addiction Demon will make their appearance to spook guests who enter this daring maze.

All three monsters are what made American Horror Story such an incredibly twisted horror series to watch.  The Rubber Man made his appearance in episode 1 of American Horror Story: Murder House.  His most notorious scene was when he took advantage of Vivien in her bedroom, setting the stage for what would be the most disturbing tale ever seen.

Twisty the Clown gathered his bag of death-defying tricks for season 4 on American Horror Story: Freak Show.  He scared millions of audiences when he appeared on episode one, making Pennywise look like child’s play compared to what Twisty has done to his victims.

But it’s the latest monster, the addiction demon, that will be sure to scare everyone who enters the Hotel Cortez.  It was the first episode of American Horror Story: Hotel where the addiction demon took its first victim Gabriel, who was played by Max Greenfield.  Gabriel was the first to check into Hotel Cortez, setting up what would be the most disturbing event ever played out on the episode.

It’s really exciting to see American Horror Story being used for other marketing strategies!  The popular anthropology series took off after the first season and became a hit for the fall season.  Each season had a monster and disturbing tale to tell to its audience.  Whether it is a haunted house or a freak show, creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk really know how to put true fear into a story.

This would be an amazing exhibit to enter for this year’s Halloween celebration in October.  Universal Studios is famous for switching around various exhibits for their park attendances, but this will attraction will definitely be popular for the crowd.  Both American Horror Story and Universal Studios will gain major publicity points for shelling out this attraction for the fall.  September and October are going to be amazing months for American Horror Story this year.



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