All About That #VanLife

Millennials like me are a unique generation of people to hear about.  We strive for individual expression, push for more equal rights among everyone, binge-watch shows on Netflix, use ride-sharing apps like Lyft to get home, and most of our news we get comes from Buzzfeed.  Many people are perplexed by our behavior, scratching their heads on the dramatic technological changes we’ve created for this new world we live in.  Some ideas have broken ground on a solving a complex problem while others have just created a new fad for people dive into.  One unique fad that has taken storm lately is the van life movement.

Van Life, known as #VanLife on social media, is a movement where young adults are redesigning their vans to create their new homes.  More young adults are transforming their vans into a mobile home rather than saving up for a larger house.  The main objective is to create their mobile home they can travel around with to save money on expenses like mortgages, bills, repairs, and other unfortunate costs.  Once their mobile home is complete, the only expenses they deal with are food and gas for the car.

It’s like something out of On the Road where young adults have been cruising around in their new home for a year or so now.  People showcase their vans through Instagram or Twitter with other fans of this movement.  Cross-country trips are nothing new, but the #vanlife movement has taken the adventure to new heights.  Now you won’t have to go back home after your adventures because you already live in it!

This is a fascinating concept that I have heard about a few times.  I read On the Road by Jack Kerouac a month ago and the novel inspired me to take a cross-country trip of my own.  Just the thought of getting into a car and driving all across the country would be the most amazing experience ever.  While I don’t have a van around, I have had thoughts of just taking my things into my Toyota Camry and starting my own adventure.

Millennials didn’t conjure up this idea of cross-country traveling, but they certainly elevated the idea in the digital world.  We utilized social media to revolutionize how we watch TV or how to purchase products online and at the store.  Van life is just another example of millennials transforming the On the Road experience into a greater cause.  With the summer still in full swing, now is a great time to hop into a vehicle for a cross-country adventure with your friends or family.


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