American Horror Story’s Mysterious New Chapter

If I had to choose one TV series that is my favorite, it would have to be American Horror Story.  Created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, this twisted anthology horror series brings a new level of fear for the audience.  From entering into the Murder House to checking out of Hotel Cortez, I have watched the most wretched and tragic stories come to life on the silver screen.  American Horror Story is one of those series that keeps pulling me back for another chapter in this anthology series on FX every Wednesday night.

Each season of the show invites viewers into a new theme every year.  Past settings of American Horror Story include a Coven, a freak show, a haunted murder house, and even an insane asylum for the mentally ill.  There are new characters appearing in each chapter and familiar faces resurface from the former seasons.  What also makes the series interesting is that each chapter is connected in one form or another.  With very few clues provided for what the next season will be, this year may be the most intriguing chapter of American Horror Story yet.

Recent photos surfaced on the internet that could reveal a possible colonial theme for season six of American Horror Story.  One photo shows a tree with the word ‘CROATOAN’ etched on the surface.  If you actually paid attention in history class, you would remember that Croatoan was a reference to the mystery of Roanoke.  Roanoke was a North Carolina colony established in 1590 where 117 people mysteriously vanished.  So based on the newest clues revealed by Ryan Murphy, we could be in for a taste of pre-American history this year!

The set pictures weren’t the only hint that has been dropped this year.  A few teaser trailers have been released a week before the set pictures came up.  Here are the details of the teasers that have been revealed:

Milli Crossing:  A millipede crosses through Lady Gaga’s head, slithering near her nose and mouth.  The teaser ends with a black backdrop with the phrase ‘?6’ and the date of when the season will air.  Does the millipede have any significance to Lady Gaga’s newest character?  Are bugs going to be prevalent in Roanoke?

Post Op:  Here we see a naked bald man tied down while another figure staples what reveals to be ‘?6’ on the top of his head.  Will we see more forms of torture in the next season?  Is the bald man one of the serial killers of the next season?  Who was that strange figure stapling ‘?6’ onto his head?

Lullaby:  This trailer shows a baby crib surrounded by a white veiling in a darkly lit room near a window.  The camera pans in to reveal a mobile with a knife, a claw, a hook, and the phrase ‘?6’ as metal tools.  At the end, a demon hand latches onto the knife and pulls it down.  We then see the ‘?6’ phrase in a film-screen type backdrop in the end.  Could the tools be the weapons the serial killer uses in the season?  Was that the baby from season one on American Horror Story: Murder House?

Sunset Stroll: We see the sun setting in this deserted land as three mysterious figures walk by.  The figures walk closer, with their eyes lit and their bodies cast as silhouettes in front of the sun.  This trailer ends with the ‘?6’ phrase on another black backdrop.  Who were those mysterious figures lurking by?  Why were their eyes lit up?

Descent:  The trailer is set in a flight of metal stairs shown within a darkly lit room.  A young woman runs down as hand try to grab her, with one of them grabbing her ankle and causing her to scream in terror.  It ends with the ‘?6’ phrase written in chalk on a black board.  Are the demon hands part of the monster theme for the newest season?  Will children become the main focus just like last season in the Hotel Cortez?

After viewing the teaser trailers, we are left with more questions than answers.  This year’s season of American Horror Story is sure to become a monstrous hit among the fans!  What can we expect for this year’s various themes within the land of Roanoke?  Aliens? Devils? Haunted children of the past?  We will have to be patient while more clues are dropped between now and September 14th.

I am really looking forward to the next season of American Horror Story!  The series always drops the best hints that keep me guessing as to what the next chapter will be.  It wasn’t until I started watching Nip/Tuck that I really got into Ryan Murphy’s work on Television.  After binge-watching each season of Nip/Tuck, I started watching the 1st season of American Horror Story and I absolutely loved it.

Ryan Murphy has this twisted concept of human psychological horror that you would never even think about.  It is this concept of horror that make you gasp of fear at the mere thought of what happens to the characters on screen.  Horrific acts such as abortion, murder, mutilation, and rape are common throughout both of those shows.  From what I have seen from his work, I can definitely anticipate a twisted tale behind the mysteries of the Roanoke colony.


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