10 Memorable TV Fathers

Happy Father’s Day!  Father’s Day is that special time for sons and daughters to spend some quality time with their father.  It’s the day where fathers receive ties, tool boxes, and other fun gifts from their families.  Everyone has that crazy father in their lives, but Hollywood has proven that there are much wackier fathers on the silver screen.  Television has given us some of the most extraordinary fathers that make us thankful for the dad we have now.  MakeSandcastlesNotWar is here to count down ten memorable fathers we watched throughout the seasons.  Here are our picks for the most astonishing dads on television:

Don Draper – Mad Men: He’s an alcoholic, chain smoker, and one of the most infamous creative directors of Sterling Cooper at Madison Avenue.  Mad Men gave us Don Draper, the ‘family man’ that everyone thought he was.  Played by Jon Hamm, Don Draper was the father of Sally, Bobby, and Eugene Scott.  Even though his relationship with Betty strained due to his web of lies, Don still made an effort to reach out to his children to prove what a great father he still was.  Thank you AMC for providing us with a father who was a ‘mad man’ in the advertising agency.

Walter White – Breaking Bad: Another notorious father AMC showed us was Walter White, the high school chemistry teacher who turned into the crystal meth manufacturer on Breaking Bad.  As the father of Walt Jr., Walt did anything he could to support his family.  Even though it meant peddling crystal meth and nearly getting killed from gangs, he wanted to provide a lot for his family ever since he felt unappreciated from his job.  After receiving news of catching lung cancer, his motivation kicked into high gears and threw himself into the drug ring.

Dexter Morgan – Dexter:  This serial killer on Showtime lives by his code that his father Harry brought down to him since his childhood.  Michael C. Hall played Dexter Morgan, the blood splatter analyst/serial killer on the streets of Miami.  Dexter still provided some quality father time for Rita’s kids Aster and Cody as well as his son Harrison.  Even though he was out on the streets luring criminals into his ‘kill room’, Dexter helped his kids any way he could.

Phil Dunphy – Modern Family:  ABC’s Modern Family gave us Phil Dunphy, the crazy father of the Dunphy family.  Acting as the modern ‘dumb dad’ persona of the 21st century, Phil works hard as a real estate agent to set his place in the Dunphy family tree. Even though he is constantly belittled by Claire’s father Jay, he continues to prove that he can be a real man and provide for his family.  He is still the loving and caring father for his children Haley, Alex, and Luke.

Burt Hummel – Glee: Ryan Murphy’s teen drama Glee gave us Burt Hummel, the father of Kurt Hummel.  Working as a car mechanic in Ohio, he did whatever he could to support his talented son.  One memorable moment on the series was when Kurt finally came out to him, only to say that he knew Kurt was gay since he was a child.  Another memorable father-son moment was when Burt performed Beyonce’s ‘All the Single Ladies’ before Kurt headed off to NYADA on the season 3 finale

Sean McNamara – Niptuck:  Before Ryan Murphy introduced us to his twisted stories of American Horror Story, Niptuck was the first drama series that started in 2003.  Niptuck starred Sean McNamara, a controversial plastic surgeon who owned McNamara/Troy plastic surgery center.  As the father of Matt McNamara, Sean worked hard to try to keep him out of trouble.  After revealing that Christian Troy was Matt’s biological father, the duo still looked out for him while operating their plastic surgery center.

Hank Moody – Californication: Hank Moody was Showtime’s notorious womanizer who lead a life of sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll.  As the father of Rebecca Moody, Hank tried his best to stray his daughter away from his promiscuous lifestyle.  His complicated on/off relationship with Karen caused him to chase after more gorgeous women on the streets of Los Angeles.  Even through his inhibited partying life, he spared some time for his novels.

Detective John Lowe – American Horror Story: Hotel:  The latest chapter of American Horror Story gave us Detective John Lowe, a man who lost his mind in the Hotel Cortez.  After losing his son Holden in Santa Monica, his relationship with his wife and daughter went spiraling out of control.  While doing some investigative work at the Hotel Cortez, he slowly lost sight of what was happening in his life.  John visited a few characters at the Hotel Cortez, including the notorious addiction demon.

Peter Griffin – Family Guy:  Seth McFarlane starred as Peter Griffin, the bumbling father of the Griffin family on Family Guy.  Peter’s wacky antics gets him into trouble with his friends and family, but he does have a soft spot for when things go terribly wrong.  He teaches his life lessons to his children Chris, Meg, and Stewie for whenever there were in need of help.  As stupid as he can be, he never stops showing his love for his wife Lois.  Peter Griffin is one of TV’s famous dad in the animated sitcom on FOX.   

Homer Simpsons – The Simpsons:  D’oh!  It seems like Homer Simpsons is always ending up in his usual charade in The Simpsons.  Being a loving husband and caring father for his children, Homer always provides his quirky and memorable lessons for life.  His three children Bart, Lisa, and Maggie come up to him with random advices/questions while he sits on the ragged couch with his Duff Beer at hand.  He may be the bumbling father who snoozes during his work hours at the Nuclear Power Plant, but he always knows how to ring the Simpsons family out of trouble.  Kudos to FOX for giving us the hilarious father in America’s most popular animated sitcoms.


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